The V I P Thing

April 18, 2017

Is it possible to legitimatize things that are not legitimate in authentic manner? Is it possible to justify failures and mistakes by quoting books and other traditions which people practice since wrong is wrong even if it is already a practice in any given social dynamics or society undertaking? Is it appropriate to give more space to individuals or personalities than the truth or reality?

There is a common saying that goes like that none is above the law which indicates that everyone who belongs in any given social dynamics is equal in terms of rights and freedom they should exercise within any give social dynamics and this does not mean that every human being is equal and same in every aspect since everyone has one’s own unique talent and gifts, skills and experience, exposures and experiences of life which are different and they cannot be same.

In such given undertaking, when people override certain limits in terms of certain aspect of any given undertaking within any given social dynamics due to the that they are achieved and accomplished in certain scope of life, this does not mean that they are above everything and above the law due to the fact that such way of practice and perception of life, which is giving better and great rights to the elite and undermining and belittling other people rights and freedom which everyone should share do create chaos and frustration to the equilibrium and balance of society that could paralyze everything and the destiny of such kinds of societies into meaningless and useless lifestyle.

Wrong and failure is failure in whichever and whatever garment it comes since a person who is achieved and accomplished is equal to a person who is ignorant and unaccomplished though what could vary in here is on the potency and intensity of such failures and the impact and consequences of such failures deliver in such people lives.  In this case, ego plays tremendous role in shaping and justifying any given failure since those people with less ego less do accept their given failure than those people who are ego centered due to fact that they feel they are achieved and accomplished and they could think to the point and idea to the extent of infallibility in their own realms and empires and kingdom as many failures and mistakes are there in their given lives.

For example, the term VIP-very important people is coined in every society and system since every society and system have its own important people to protect and preserve in their own way and realm. However, such importance is directly related to the integrity and honesty of any given system since when any given system state that it has its own important people to preserve and protect, such importance is directly related to the integrity of such system. When such system is truthful and honest, those people who are considered as important are likewise.

In such case, the idea of VIP should be treated to the type and nature of system and society which everyone belongs as there is stupid system is already going on, those people who are considered as very important people could be considered as very ignorant people which could tell how they are stupid and foolish than how they are important and necessary since their station of importance is directly related to the existence and survival of such systems as well.

On the way, what is funny and quite interesting in here is that the VIP kind treatment that is found in the night club in which people are just given high value and respect due to the fact that have paid higher amount of entrance fee as money for that given night. In such case, anyone can be vip since one can get it at least in the night club, which is quite comical.

Even if a person is VIP in any given domain, any given failure and mistake such people commit cannot be true and correct due to the fact they have hold such kinds of position any given status in any given social dynamics. The crimes and indecency they commit with any given social dynamics cannot be converted to saintly act and thinking due to the fact that they are big people in that given social dynamics since any given act and thinking cannot be changed into something else since the people are big or small in terms of status they hold within any given social dynamics. Such way of perceiving people do put the integrity of any given system under question and danger too.

When any given system and society is fake, the VIP thing is connected to such kinds of way of perceiving due to the fact that the nature and character of such given system is fake. And thus, the vip thing in such given system and society is fake as well. Most of the things in this world start with genuine and clean intent but they lose their meaning and value in due course of time as people divert the intent of such given undertaking. This is one of the funny theatrical dramas that is going on the earth.

When people are important, they should be important not only to the system but also to the society at large with genuine and truthful ground. As they are important, their relevance and degree of integrity should be checked not only to the kind of relationship they establish with the system but also to the point of truth and reality so that they keep being VIP in every system and time.


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