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Modest to Multifaceted

Posted on: 30 Mar 2017

March 30, 2017

Every things in this world and life originates from simple matter then grows and enlarges up to higher and complex and complexity depending on the type and level of understanding people have in viewing such matters and with what type of eye glass people put on their given eyes that make such matters to be complex or not since such kinds of actions and reactions requires its own mindset and way of perceiving. Life in this world is like that.

Most of the cause that exist in the present day human society originate by the mouth piece of one person and they get extended to other people and society as they start influencing other people in which such extension comes as result of the nature and character of thought and concept they entertain due to the fact they answer the quest people have in life.

Accordingly, one can click such perception into human biological make up and look at the human metabolisms functions and works. The biological levels of organization of living things arranged from the simplest to most complexities are: organelle, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystem, and biosphere. And from cells to tissue to organs to organ systems, there are many kinds of cells in the human body, such as muscle cells, bone cells, skin cells, blood cells, etc.

Similarly, in human communication and interaction, language is key factor which unlocks gates of such interaction and communication. In such realm, such language starts from letter, then whose orderly combination of words lead to higher level of phrases, which can cause to formation and construction of meaningful and powerful sentences and whose greater level of integration and meaningful combination do bring about to the construction of valuable essays and articles whose fruit and result is reflected and manifested in form of books.

In all of such undertakings, every great causes and matters that exist to date do have humble and simple beginnings whose formation and construction are higher level of forms and causes, but they originate from simple beings and matters. The road from simple to complexity require time, energy, thinking and perspective, discipline, virtues and other related aspects since anything and everything cannot be found out as something without contribution and make up of different elements and ingredients of such life that make such given causes to be in certain form or shape.

Although, people can see and read a book in today in terms of thinking and perception since they forget that the foundation of such given book are paragraphs, sentences, phrases, words and letters, but the idea and concepts that are delivered by the instrumentality of such differing and hierarchical cause of the book. One cannot live without the other since one does obtain meaning and value with the help and coordination of the other.

Likewise, the quality of any given cause is mainly dependent upon the quality of simple elements that constitute the common cause which they formulate although such complexity cannot go beyond the simple elements. As the book cannot go beyond the basic fundamentals of words such letters or alphabets, but what matters is on how such constitution is constructed and built.

All great causes that exist in today are based upon foundations, but what vary in here is on the quality of foundations or basements they are founded upon in which such basements are constructed and they are mainly dependent upon constituent elements. For instance, when the basement is founded upon lie and deception, it is very hard to expect that constituent elements are truthful, which do have an impact on the cause they formulate and establish as they say everything that shines is gold.

And it is not possible in here to say that any cause that has many members and beautiful building complex is truthful and genuine since the very fundamental character and nature of such cause is not the truth, but they accommodate the thinking space and vacuum that was already created by past belief before them that put many people to be suspicious on existing systems and ways of life and make them to live in searching for meaning for life. Although such given causes have some partial truth, they quench the thirst of such many numbers of people as result of their thoughts and concepts they entertain within that given domain and they accommodate numerous people as result of past actions and reactions.

It is not their ideals and ideologies that balances in here, but rather people search and quest for meaning in life since people live looking for some kind of meaning to their given existence and when they get opinions that could be answers in way that they cannot have by their own, they belong to particular group or society and they keep on hitting be giving some kind of identity to their reality and personality since one of the means and methods people employ in obtaining some kind of meaningful life is making them belong to some kind of society or group so that they deliver some kind of understanding and thoughts to their existence as result of belonging to some kind of ideology too.

As many people join them in and many people left them out and such process of their given like force such given causes to deduce such process of life as “garbage in and garbage out”, without checking t fundamental of their given ideals is since such people resign and left them out due to the fact they have found out mischiefs, deceptions and lies in such causes. Hence such kinds of process tell the nature and character of such causes and even life in this world as well since trick, lie and deceptions are the becoming nature of life in this world and many people live and stay in such causes without realizing the type of personalities and identities they develop as they join such cause, but keep on justifying their given failures with all kinds of plastic surgeries they make that help them to stay for longer periods.

When people join any given cause, they could have perception tantamount to alphabet in the beginning of their given journey and as they keep going further, they start having higher level of grasp in that given cause in terms of word or phrase level, meaning in better level and when they like that given understanding they keep on searching for another level of meaning and understanding and if they like it, they stay in it, but if they do not like it, they remove themselves from being part and parcels of such undertakings too. So, the momentum that make such people to be inside such given domain is the level of their given understanding towards such undertakings of such given causes, not the beautiful building complex and ideals they entertain. Here, divorce comes into place between people and such given causes.

Considering that given book parallel to cause that exist in today, many people do perceive such given book based on their given perception and understanding level of that given book. Hence, few people give critics on the intent of the book—idea and concepts; few people comment on the phrase construction and word combinations; few people comment on spelling and letters and letter combination; while others comment on sentence construction.

Such given perceptions and views in terms of understanding do tell peoples perception that what the book delivers since the book is in terms of idea and concepts, not about paragraph, words, letters and the like. And those people who do give comment in terms of idea and concept do sound more genuine or in genuine than those people who give comments on other area of that given book; people vary on their given capacity of such life.

This is to mean that there exists hierarchy of ideas that are found in one book which are tantamount to level of combination and coordination between letter or alphabet, words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs in which ideas do have some kind of magnitude based on their given hierarchy in one given book in which as there are top ideas, there are also lower ones and the bottom lines idea that are entertained in one given book. The way people understand matter on how the perceive that given book based on what they pick from that given book.

The same is true to any given cause in which there are also hierarchy of perceptions and interpretations which vary on how people relate such views which are mainly dependent upon their given understanding and interpretation level in which there are many kinds of ideas that do exist in any given cause, but the way and what people understand and perceive such given cause vary based on peoples experience and exposures in life too. Understanding is personal and contextual too!!


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