Questions and Life

March 14, 2017

Questions are an interesting aspect of human undertaking which make life on the earth simple and difficult as well depending on the kinds and character of questions people have which are directly connected to the type and nature of interactions and communications which people make with other people and the environment at large. In such connections, questions make life interesting and disinteresting as they have right answers or not.

Accordingly, the nature and characters of questions individuals and societies have greater impact on the kind of life style they establish within their given domain. They ask based on their given need and such need arise, people seek to find answers. Finding answers is satisfying their given need. As such cyclical way of life is going on, people establish some kind of way of life that shapes their given life and society’s undertaking in its own manner and conditions.  People keep on seeking better and best as they start asking questions too.

When people have some kind of questions in life and they get answered, their life start having its own meaning and fruit so that they live pleasant life. In this case, such people start obtaining interesting and quite astonishing life due to the fact they have cleared their given confusions which they face in life. In this given aspect, such people ask base on their given capacity and how far they can go and think since people cannot ask beyond their given reality as they are summation of all kinds of experiences they have in life and they cannot go beyond that. This does not mean that these are the only kinds of questions which people should entertain since different people have different experiences.

To the contrary, there are quite different people who ask different questions and their questions are not answered, in fact their answers could be replied and delivered in wrong and unacceptable manner due to the fact that the nature and character of such questions do have different impact and what such kinds of people do ask could shake the foundation of systems of thinking and belief too. In this given case, their life could be put in bad shape. When such people are put in chaos and jeopardy and their life is put under scrutiny since they question, it is possible to tell the integrity of such kinds of system and the type of hidden agenda they promote. Such complications and threats they deliver and throw over on others who question their integrity and honesty, they have answered their questions of such kinds of people although they do not say it verbally and reply to them in written, they send their answers indirectly and in hidden ways.

To believe and think that all questions humanity can raise are answered to date is tantamount to foolishness and stupidity. Besides, such way of thinking deny the progressive and dynamic aspect of human life and nature since questions are relative and progressive and they change as per the nature and character of experiences and thirsts people have for thinking and the need to know something in life.  People question since they are human. To deny questioning is to deny human nature. And one of the purposes of existence is to ask and investigate things in one’s own way.

Life as an individual and society is about installing and establishing best quality of life to one’s stay on the earth so that the well being of individuals and society are securely maintained and honored. The purpose of existence is not about having some kind of identity or personality or belonging to particular society or group, but rather what such belongingness or personality do deliver that truly matters. In such process of life, people strive to achieve better and best in their given undertaking.

What is quite interesting in here is that such quality of life is mainly dependent upon not only the types of clothes people wear, houses or homes they live in  or automobiles they drive, but also on the quality of questions that they have and they raise so that finding quality answers to such questions make them live quality life. Otherwise, life would not have any meaning and purpose which make people to be astonished in their life as well.

Why do we ask? What kind of questions do we ask? When do we ask? Where do we ask? Whom do we ask? How do we ask? These are basic matters that should be addressed and identified before one enters the valley of question since it is proper and appropriate to sort out things before one enters the valley of questions and contradictions too. Such questions vary as per their nature and character since it is the types of questions people have that truly tell their reality and identity too.

When one asks matters related to the war that arose between Eritrea and Ethiopia, but the President of Zimbabwe; when one asks on matters related to the purpose of an airplane and how it is made, but to medical doctor in Japan; when one asks the perfect democracy and democratic system in the world, but the president of Uganda and king of Saudi Arabia; when one asks with strong, angered and loud voice on TV broadcast; and the like do tell that such kinds of asking do lead to many wrongs, confusions and contradictions since no adequate and complete answers can be found out.  Everything and everyone is in mess.

Accordingly, while living in poverty stricken society, asking for an ice-cream bar can be a question though ice-cream is not an issue and even if opening an ice cream bar and delivering it to such society could result in another abdominal problem, but the issue is not about having an ice-cream bar, but looking for piece of bread too. People should especially know why, when, how, where, whom and what to ask since questions do add certain values to our lives and they deliver a perspective as well as they are also dangerous too.

In a society where democracy is illusion and imaginary—is an idea that can be considered as good holly wood movie actor in movie—asking for freedom and rights in democratic manner is tantamount to sheer stupidity and fake jokes of comedy at the theater places since it is useless and nonsense even if such kinds of people who struggle for the establishment of democracy in their given domain could claim that it is juts process, such process is equal to pushing mountain to different side even if they have the so called faith thing, such faith is good actor in their given novel book, in society where culture and religion are in cases bottle neck and their manifestations and reflection in every household is tuned in highly dictatorial manner, thinking and working for democracy is chimera.

Quest and questions have no home and they live as homeless ones where as homes and houses are crying for them to live in. Quest and questions are burdens to carry and none prefers to dwell in such valley of questions. Such way of life leads the mass to have been silenced by the sounds of bullets and noises of the guns that make everyone to be in state of anxiety and stress and live a life of confusion and contradiction. Depression is a king in every house.

While residing within such city of life, questions have no power since there is no answer. When there is no answer, there is no way that question makes a choice to perform any kind of marriage with answer. Otherwise, it is just fake marriage. Question and answers perform exciting marriage when there are true questions and true answers. In world where questions and answers are phony; life is boring and displeasing and life is problematic and confused as well. In such realm, everything is bogus and everyone lives with fake gesture and smile too.

In realm and society where fear is hidden in every house hold, the funeral ceremony of questions is performed by agreement, not by choice. In such society, choice is buried but agreement makes sense since people have agreed without even talking to each other. They know the consequences of their quests do deliver and they prefer to be in silence. Being in silence in such society is like a time bomb that can explode at any given time. Such explosion could result to shaking any given system up to removing it depending on the potency of such given explosions that come to happen in due course of time.

In this case, there are categorically different kinds of questions; the first ones are come are due to normal routine activities of life; the second ones are come due to sudden or unexpected things that come to happen; third ones are due to the power of imaginations which people exercise and they could be assumed as fantasy.

The first ones are related to human activities such as family affairs, work places, systems of administration, and other actions and reactions which people make with others. The second ones arise due to extraordinary things that come to happen and people ask extra ordinary questions. The third ones are those questions which are due to exercise of the power of human imagination which never existed or happen but people imagine with their given reality. Quality and nature of answers do vary as per the quality and nature of questions accordingly.


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