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Posted on: 3 Mar 2017

March 3, 2017

Well informed society is healthier and fairer than ever other society. Non informed society is better than misinformed society. Misinformed society is the worst of all types of society since it lives with confusion, contradiction and conflict in terms of thinking, belief, actions and reactions and other related human activities. Thus, it lives with confused and befuddled mentality and its undertaking is paralyzed in due course of time due to the fact that the fabric of such kinds of human society is made up of unfairness, bias and denial.

Medias play significant role shaping any given society since the dynamics of every society is mainly dependent upon the type of information society receives in every day. Truthful and genuine Media agencies play by far greater role than any other tool human can society can fabricate in today. Media agencies that are biased and disloyal to the Truth shape society in wrong way and manner, and their absence is better than their presence.

In every journalism course any given student takes as lesson, every news story should have four distinct characteristics before it is shared to the public at large and it is considered as something weighty that deserve worth mentioning. The first one is, it should be significant; the second one is, it should be unusual; the third one is, it should focus on people—people oriented; the fourth one is it should be timely. When any give story fulfills the above basic characteristics then, it should deserve to be share to the public and it is worth mentioning on the Media.

Otherwise, any given story does not fulfill such criterion and is shared on the Media, it tells the station and integrity of the Media than the story since every Media should have its own policy and standard and its policy and standard should be checked on what it is delivering on daily basis. When there is no such audit on Medias on daily basis, it is not possible to tell the integrity and accuracy of such Medias since what we see and hear on most Medias deserve further contemplation and checking due to the fact that they are profit oriented and business minded than socially accountable and responsible too.

When public services are mixed with profit making enterprises, the integrity of such institutions is put under jeopardy since money become the focal point than the quality of information they deliver. In such case, society is daily injected with information that put bias and wrongs on daily basis. The health and safety of any given social dynamics is infected with wrong vaccines that deliver erroneous and uncertified information which do have an impact on what type of society hey can create. Such given undertaking does lead with creation of chaos and disorder within the social make up of any given social dynamics. Hence, people cannot function properly as they receive information that are not true, and fair.

Other professions do state that the following are also requirements of any give story that should be share as news story before it is put on any given Media. These are:-

IMPACT—If it affects readers—physically or emotionally—it just might be news.

Reporters stress important information that has an impact on their audience: stories that affect, involve or interest thousands of readers or viewers. Tax increases that take money from my paycheck matter more than tax increases that don’t.

TIMELINESS—If it happened today—rather than yesterday—it just might be news.

Journalists stress current information—stories occurring today or yesterday, not several weeks ago—and try to report it ahead of their competitors. When reporting a story that occurred even hours earlier, journalists look for fresh angles and new details around which to build their stories.

PROMINENCE—If it happened to a recognizable person, it just might be news.

PROXIMITY—If it happened in a place that readers feel a connection to—someplace they feel allied with, rather than some “faraway” place—it just might be news.

SINGULARITY —If something has never happened before, it just might be news.

Deviations from the normal—unexpected or unusual events, conflicts or controversies, drama or

Change—are more newsworthy than the commonplace.

CONFLICT OR CONTROVERSY—If somebody is struggling with a problem, it just might be news. Two people arguing about a social issue is more newsworthy than two people who agree about that issue. The tension between the subjects creates the conflict that often makes a story dramatic and interesting to read. While conflict between groups can be viewed as negative news, it often provides readers and viewers with different opinions about policies and problems.

Whatever criterion is put, the point about any given new story is its truthfulness and accuracy so that whatever information is delivered is fair so that the integrity and safety of any given social dynamics s well preserved and maintained.




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