Modest to Multifaceted

March 30, 2017

Every things in this world and life originates from simple matter then grows and enlarges up to higher and complex and complexity depending on the type and level of understanding people have in viewing such matters and with what type of eye glass people put on their given eyes that make such matters to be complex or not since such kinds of actions and reactions requires its own mindset and way of perceiving. Life in this world is like that.

Most of the cause that exist in the present day human society originate by the mouth piece of one person and they get extended to other people and society as they start influencing other people in which such extension comes as result of the nature and character of thought and concept they entertain due to the fact they answer the quest people have in life.

Accordingly, one can click such perception into human biological make up and look at the human metabolisms functions and works. The biological levels of organization of living things arranged from the simplest to most complexities are: organelle, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystem, and biosphere. And from cells to tissue to organs to organ systems, there are many kinds of cells in the human body, such as muscle cells, bone cells, skin cells, blood cells, etc.

Similarly, in human communication and interaction, language is key factor which unlocks gates of such interaction and communication. In such realm, such language starts from letter, then whose orderly combination of words lead to higher level of phrases, which can cause to formation and construction of meaningful and powerful sentences and whose greater level of integration and meaningful combination do bring about to the construction of valuable essays and articles whose fruit and result is reflected and manifested in form of books.

In all of such undertakings, every great causes and matters that exist to date do have humble and simple beginnings whose formation and construction are higher level of forms and causes, but they originate from simple beings and matters. The road from simple to complexity require time, energy, thinking and perspective, discipline, virtues and other related aspects since anything and everything cannot be found out as something without contribution and make up of different elements and ingredients of such life that make such given causes to be in certain form or shape.

Although, people can see and read a book in today in terms of thinking and perception since they forget that the foundation of such given book are paragraphs, sentences, phrases, words and letters, but the idea and concepts that are delivered by the instrumentality of such differing and hierarchical cause of the book. One cannot live without the other since one does obtain meaning and value with the help and coordination of the other.

Likewise, the quality of any given cause is mainly dependent upon the quality of simple elements that constitute the common cause which they formulate although such complexity cannot go beyond the simple elements. As the book cannot go beyond the basic fundamentals of words such letters or alphabets, but what matters is on how such constitution is constructed and built.

All great causes that exist in today are based upon foundations, but what vary in here is on the quality of foundations or basements they are founded upon in which such basements are constructed and they are mainly dependent upon constituent elements. For instance, when the basement is founded upon lie and deception, it is very hard to expect that constituent elements are truthful, which do have an impact on the cause they formulate and establish as they say everything that shines is gold.

And it is not possible in here to say that any cause that has many members and beautiful building complex is truthful and genuine since the very fundamental character and nature of such cause is not the truth, but they accommodate the thinking space and vacuum that was already created by past belief before them that put many people to be suspicious on existing systems and ways of life and make them to live in searching for meaning for life. Although such given causes have some partial truth, they quench the thirst of such many numbers of people as result of their thoughts and concepts they entertain within that given domain and they accommodate numerous people as result of past actions and reactions.

It is not their ideals and ideologies that balances in here, but rather people search and quest for meaning in life since people live looking for some kind of meaning to their given existence and when they get opinions that could be answers in way that they cannot have by their own, they belong to particular group or society and they keep on hitting be giving some kind of identity to their reality and personality since one of the means and methods people employ in obtaining some kind of meaningful life is making them belong to some kind of society or group so that they deliver some kind of understanding and thoughts to their existence as result of belonging to some kind of ideology too.

As many people join them in and many people left them out and such process of their given like force such given causes to deduce such process of life as “garbage in and garbage out”, without checking t fundamental of their given ideals is since such people resign and left them out due to the fact they have found out mischiefs, deceptions and lies in such causes. Hence such kinds of process tell the nature and character of such causes and even life in this world as well since trick, lie and deceptions are the becoming nature of life in this world and many people live and stay in such causes without realizing the type of personalities and identities they develop as they join such cause, but keep on justifying their given failures with all kinds of plastic surgeries they make that help them to stay for longer periods.

When people join any given cause, they could have perception tantamount to alphabet in the beginning of their given journey and as they keep going further, they start having higher level of grasp in that given cause in terms of word or phrase level, meaning in better level and when they like that given understanding they keep on searching for another level of meaning and understanding and if they like it, they stay in it, but if they do not like it, they remove themselves from being part and parcels of such undertakings too. So, the momentum that make such people to be inside such given domain is the level of their given understanding towards such undertakings of such given causes, not the beautiful building complex and ideals they entertain. Here, divorce comes into place between people and such given causes.

Considering that given book parallel to cause that exist in today, many people do perceive such given book based on their given perception and understanding level of that given book. Hence, few people give critics on the intent of the book—idea and concepts; few people comment on the phrase construction and word combinations; few people comment on spelling and letters and letter combination; while others comment on sentence construction.

Such given perceptions and views in terms of understanding do tell peoples perception that what the book delivers since the book is in terms of idea and concepts, not about paragraph, words, letters and the like. And those people who do give comment in terms of idea and concept do sound more genuine or in genuine than those people who give comments on other area of that given book; people vary on their given capacity of such life.

This is to mean that there exists hierarchy of ideas that are found in one book which are tantamount to level of combination and coordination between letter or alphabet, words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs in which ideas do have some kind of magnitude based on their given hierarchy in one given book in which as there are top ideas, there are also lower ones and the bottom lines idea that are entertained in one given book. The way people understand matter on how the perceive that given book based on what they pick from that given book.

The same is true to any given cause in which there are also hierarchy of perceptions and interpretations which vary on how people relate such views which are mainly dependent upon their given understanding and interpretation level in which there are many kinds of ideas that do exist in any given cause, but the way and what people understand and perceive such given cause vary based on peoples experience and exposures in life too. Understanding is personal and contextual too!!


The national Days of Mourn

March 18, 2017

A national day of mourning is a day marked by mourning and memorial activities observed among the majority of a country’s populace. They are designated by the national government. Such days include those marking the death or funeral of a renowned individual or individuals from that country or elsewhere, or the anniversary of such a death or deaths. Flying a flag of that country and/or military flag at half-staff is a common symbol.

National mourn is beyond and more than the individual factor since it is of public and national concern and oriented matter. Nations declare national days of mourn as symbol of nation’s grief and sympathy, which they face within their given domain or outside that do have some kind of connection and relation within their own domain. In such state of being, government simply suggests everybody feel sad and be respectful.

And few people ask, is it possible to mourn for the death of a person whom you do not have any given direct personal connection? Is it possible to feel sad by order or law? Is it possible to laugh or mourn by whatever constitutional laws which nations formulate since such kinds of emotional actions and reactions are caused by incidents that come in the normal course of life that do have direct connection and relations with people and they are just automatic to come and they do not even require laws or rules to exercise or practice too.

Although there is no doubt that a good comes out of common grief is highly relevant for national unity and cause too, and such incidents are one way and means by which nations employ in order to create some kind of unified actions and thinking towards the common cause that they promote, but, if there are no genuine feelings and thinking towards such matter, they become artificial undertakings that do have no impact on the goals nations want to promote.

For instance, Cuba declared nine days of mourning following the death of its great leader, Fidel Castro. In such national days of mourn, alcohol sales were suspended, flags flew at half-staff and shows and concerts were cancelled. The India government has announced a seven-day state mourning in honour of former President APJ Abdul Kalam. Venezuela did hold seven days of national mourning following the death of President Hugo Chavez from cancer. These seven days of mourning have been echoed by three days of national mourning declared by regional allies including Cuba, Argentina and Ecuador

For the third time in eighteen months, president François Hollande has addressed the nation to declare a three days of national mourning. He did so following the terror attack last Thursday, when a man plowed through a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing more than 80 people. He did the same after the attacks in Paris last November, which was Europe’s worst terror attack in 10 years, where 130 were killed, and the Charlie Hebdo attacks that left 17 dead in January 2015.

The Ethiopian government declared such national days of mourns in four different occasions in two years time in which all of them are caused by human factors. The first one is 19th of April 2015 for ISIS slaughtered Ethiopians who were illegally migrating through Libya to Europe in search of better life. Ethiopia mourned for three days. Secondly, on the 15th of April 2016, gunmen from Murle tribe of South Sudan killed more than 200 people and kidnapped more than 100 women and children in Gambella. Ethiopia mourned for two days.

The third was October 2, 2016 – Stampede that was caused by panic reaction of mass following security officials’ attempt to crackdown peaceful protests at Irrecha festival killed several people in Bishoftu. Ethiopia mourned for three days. Ethiopia is mourning for three days following garbage land slide in Kolfe-Keraniyo Sub-city in an area usually called “Koshe” killed 113 people residing beneath the garbage landfill-hill on March 11, 2017 during the last week.

What does it mean by a nation declares national days of mourn for several times or more than four times in two years time? Does this show the compassionate aspect of the government or it shows its frustration and weakness? Does this show that the government and its people are suffering of natural catastrophes or other beyond human cause and reasons, which should make them to think differently and contemplate further on the way things and public affairs are handled or administered?

When any given nation declares such national days of mourn for disasters caused by natural factors and disasters that are caused by human factors, they are different ones; such mourning has its own impact on the nations’ undertaking and economic activities since the public is asked to be in sad condition which do have an impact on the productivity of the nation’s economy as well.  In such mourning period, the individual, society and institutions are asked to be in sympathy that do have an impact on their psychological behavior and makeup of the nation as well.

Disaster that are caused by natural factors are beyond the control of the government and its peoples where as those disasters that are caused by human factors are caused by public mismanagement, and failures of seeing the consequences of what the normal conditions and ways of life do deliver. Earth quake and heavy storms are natural factors. Terrorism, whatever stampede and other human dangers caused are human factors which should not happen as nations resolve such issues in whatever mechanism ahead of time.

Such mourning and style of mourning is originated from religious doctrines and way of life in which religion is one of the basics that contributed to national days of mourn, as it is obvious that people adopt many kinds of life style from religious doctrines which they belong and it is written in the book such as, it is written in the Bible that … And when the days of his mourning were past, Joseph spake unto the house …  and are often brought into these countries under the name of mummies. … lamentation : and he made a mourning for his father seven days…. mourning continued forty days ..

Nations declare state of days of mourn in order to remember all victims, which is very human. And this is one way of expressing peoples love and respect towards other people who happen to face dangers and losses in their given life. However such style of life should be supported by true and genuine thinking and feelings. In fact, people should be supported before hand, and it is appropriate to help them beforehand than declare national days of mourn and help them afterwards as they face dangers and losses. If it is possible to help them after they become victims of some kind of danger, why not same amount of help they should be given before hand?


Uncertainly —Expectation

March 17, 2017

People say, uncertainty and expectations are the joy and spices of life that make life on the earth quite interesting since things should not be known ahead and people should strive to know as they make their own efforts and choices in their given daily undertaking, they find out something. Such cyclical way of life makes many people to have quite pleasing stay since they always look for something in life.

Although, people plan in order to have well organized and systematized life which make their given life simple and nice, there are times which people think that unexpected things do happen, that make any given life to have its own taste and flavor that make the stay on earth quite unpredictable too. In such scenario of life, people look forward for events and happening that come to happen outside their given plan.

When one lives in places and societies where everything is uncertain, it gives some kind of stress that such kinds of life make such people to take desperate actions. However, there are quite few people who live with hope and expectation that things change as circumstances change and they expect and see the future with its brightness as they have developed some kind of trust in their given life, but out of many uncertain things that surround their given life.

For example, to whichever office one goes and whomever person one talks to, it has come to the attention of this person’s understanding that, it is not possible to be sure of many things and one lives with certainty that uncertainty is the drama that is going on one’s life. Everything is not certain and there is none one trusts and relies upon since as one goes further, there is a typical drama one finds in such theatrical display of such life.

However, in such given experiences of life one develops some kind of trust and faith in one’s own way since there is nothing that happen which endanger one’s life. In such diametrically opposite and contradictory dramas and events of life, one develops ones’ own faith in one’s own way which is not found out in any given religious doctrine or book since out of such given personal experiences of life, one hits on to the future with wonder and astonishment as one has passed many kind of hurdles of life in one’s own way.

In such world, to be suspicious is to be wise and to trust is tantamount to being foolish. Life is quite interesting as one finds many kinds of foolish drams going on many aspects of such life in which one could not understand why many people spend their time and energies for matters and issues that does not deserve due to the fact that there are many other things which people should given priority than dwell in such garbage theatrical display of life for no result can even be obtained as well.

In world and places where people cannot be certain, uncertainty is the king. There is no wrong that such people become suspicious that there are many unexpected things that visit them as surprise and many unexpected matters visit their given life which makes such kinds of people to be suspicious of many things and their give surrounding is encircled with those human dramas that can put them to wrong end. In such case, such kinds of people have every right to protect themselves and they devise their own mechanism and strategy on how to protect themselves and overcome those kinds of hurdles which they face. Such mechanism is very personal and contextual too. One respects everyone, but one does not trust anyone too.

Certainty is perfect knowledge that has total security from error, or the mental state of being without doubt. Objectively defined, certainty is total continuity and validity of all foundational inquiry, to the highest degree of precision. Something is certain only if no skepticism can occur. Philosophy (at least, historical Cartesian philosophy) seeks this state. It is widely held that certainty about the real world is a failed historical enterprise.

Uncertainty is a situation which involves imperfect and/or unknown information. However, uncertainty is an unintelligible expression without a straightforward description. It is the lack of certainty; it is a state of having limited knowledge where it is impossible to exactly describe the existing state, a future outcome, or more than one possible outcome; it is a set of possible states or outcomes where probabilities are assigned to each possible state or outcome – this also includes the application of a probability density function to continuous variables; it is a state of uncertainty where some possible outcomes have an undesired effect or significant loss.

Accordingly, while living in some societies, people can be certain in many things since the system, and way of life makes them to be sure in many activities and undertaking. In such societies, most things are performed by systems and rule of law so that everyone knows what to do and when to do; where to do, how to do and the like. And there is no such confusion that can come out of people communication and interaction and they know what to expect or not since most things are done in organized and systematized manner. Every citizen is shaped by respecting others and rule of law and the maturity of such citizen is pretty much advanced and people communicate in organized and civilized manner.

To the contrary, there are societies which are not systematized and civilized and they do not make anyone to be certain in many aspects since such societies have their own way of functioning and doing things that put them to be in such shape and form. Hence people are certain that they are not expecting anything to go in regular and normal way. Certainty is borne out of uncertainty. People are certain that there are many things that do happen out of the way since rule of law and other regular activities are going in irregular way and manner.

To be certain in world or realm of uncertainty is one of the way of life which such kinds of people do due to the fact that they are not sure in many things that whatever thing they do will be performed not in way they want and not on a time they expect to be. This makes such societies and people to live way of life that they develop certainty in way that there are many uncertain things which cannot be cleared away.

While such theatrical dram of life is going on, when people are not certain that their affairs can be performed as they expect such as by the rule of law and other unwritten law which they communicate, the system of life is under great danger due to the fact that such societies have established a mechanism of loophole that make many people to lead life of uncertainty in which such kinds of societies have life of anxiety and stresses on daily basis which make the shape and form of such kinds of societies to be in ugly shape.

Hence, people develop some kind of understanding and perspective within their own kingdom that experience is best teacher one can have in life and one lives with precaution. In such realm, to be uncertain is not only what such people develop but rather the system and way of life injects in every day, which make people to be in uncertain mentality even if they have something to do and change uncertain matters to certain matters in due course of time; one as the system of life changes and two as people who dwell in such system of life change by their own choice and other forced measures and circumstances too. Both will happen.

Questions and Life

March 14, 2017

Questions are an interesting aspect of human undertaking which make life on the earth simple and difficult as well depending on the kinds and character of questions people have which are directly connected to the type and nature of interactions and communications which people make with other people and the environment at large. In such connections, questions make life interesting and disinteresting as they have right answers or not.

Accordingly, the nature and characters of questions individuals and societies have greater impact on the kind of life style they establish within their given domain. They ask based on their given need and such need arise, people seek to find answers. Finding answers is satisfying their given need. As such cyclical way of life is going on, people establish some kind of way of life that shapes their given life and society’s undertaking in its own manner and conditions.  People keep on seeking better and best as they start asking questions too.

When people have some kind of questions in life and they get answered, their life start having its own meaning and fruit so that they live pleasant life. In this case, such people start obtaining interesting and quite astonishing life due to the fact they have cleared their given confusions which they face in life. In this given aspect, such people ask base on their given capacity and how far they can go and think since people cannot ask beyond their given reality as they are summation of all kinds of experiences they have in life and they cannot go beyond that. This does not mean that these are the only kinds of questions which people should entertain since different people have different experiences.

To the contrary, there are quite different people who ask different questions and their questions are not answered, in fact their answers could be replied and delivered in wrong and unacceptable manner due to the fact that the nature and character of such questions do have different impact and what such kinds of people do ask could shake the foundation of systems of thinking and belief too. In this given case, their life could be put in bad shape. When such people are put in chaos and jeopardy and their life is put under scrutiny since they question, it is possible to tell the integrity of such kinds of system and the type of hidden agenda they promote. Such complications and threats they deliver and throw over on others who question their integrity and honesty, they have answered their questions of such kinds of people although they do not say it verbally and reply to them in written, they send their answers indirectly and in hidden ways.

To believe and think that all questions humanity can raise are answered to date is tantamount to foolishness and stupidity. Besides, such way of thinking deny the progressive and dynamic aspect of human life and nature since questions are relative and progressive and they change as per the nature and character of experiences and thirsts people have for thinking and the need to know something in life.  People question since they are human. To deny questioning is to deny human nature. And one of the purposes of existence is to ask and investigate things in one’s own way.

Life as an individual and society is about installing and establishing best quality of life to one’s stay on the earth so that the well being of individuals and society are securely maintained and honored. The purpose of existence is not about having some kind of identity or personality or belonging to particular society or group, but rather what such belongingness or personality do deliver that truly matters. In such process of life, people strive to achieve better and best in their given undertaking.

What is quite interesting in here is that such quality of life is mainly dependent upon not only the types of clothes people wear, houses or homes they live in  or automobiles they drive, but also on the quality of questions that they have and they raise so that finding quality answers to such questions make them live quality life. Otherwise, life would not have any meaning and purpose which make people to be astonished in their life as well.

Why do we ask? What kind of questions do we ask? When do we ask? Where do we ask? Whom do we ask? How do we ask? These are basic matters that should be addressed and identified before one enters the valley of question since it is proper and appropriate to sort out things before one enters the valley of questions and contradictions too. Such questions vary as per their nature and character since it is the types of questions people have that truly tell their reality and identity too.

When one asks matters related to the war that arose between Eritrea and Ethiopia, but the President of Zimbabwe; when one asks on matters related to the purpose of an airplane and how it is made, but to medical doctor in Japan; when one asks the perfect democracy and democratic system in the world, but the president of Uganda and king of Saudi Arabia; when one asks with strong, angered and loud voice on TV broadcast; and the like do tell that such kinds of asking do lead to many wrongs, confusions and contradictions since no adequate and complete answers can be found out.  Everything and everyone is in mess.

Accordingly, while living in poverty stricken society, asking for an ice-cream bar can be a question though ice-cream is not an issue and even if opening an ice cream bar and delivering it to such society could result in another abdominal problem, but the issue is not about having an ice-cream bar, but looking for piece of bread too. People should especially know why, when, how, where, whom and what to ask since questions do add certain values to our lives and they deliver a perspective as well as they are also dangerous too.

In a society where democracy is illusion and imaginary—is an idea that can be considered as good holly wood movie actor in movie—asking for freedom and rights in democratic manner is tantamount to sheer stupidity and fake jokes of comedy at the theater places since it is useless and nonsense even if such kinds of people who struggle for the establishment of democracy in their given domain could claim that it is juts process, such process is equal to pushing mountain to different side even if they have the so called faith thing, such faith is good actor in their given novel book, in society where culture and religion are in cases bottle neck and their manifestations and reflection in every household is tuned in highly dictatorial manner, thinking and working for democracy is chimera.

Quest and questions have no home and they live as homeless ones where as homes and houses are crying for them to live in. Quest and questions are burdens to carry and none prefers to dwell in such valley of questions. Such way of life leads the mass to have been silenced by the sounds of bullets and noises of the guns that make everyone to be in state of anxiety and stress and live a life of confusion and contradiction. Depression is a king in every house.

While residing within such city of life, questions have no power since there is no answer. When there is no answer, there is no way that question makes a choice to perform any kind of marriage with answer. Otherwise, it is just fake marriage. Question and answers perform exciting marriage when there are true questions and true answers. In world where questions and answers are phony; life is boring and displeasing and life is problematic and confused as well. In such realm, everything is bogus and everyone lives with fake gesture and smile too.

In realm and society where fear is hidden in every house hold, the funeral ceremony of questions is performed by agreement, not by choice. In such society, choice is buried but agreement makes sense since people have agreed without even talking to each other. They know the consequences of their quests do deliver and they prefer to be in silence. Being in silence in such society is like a time bomb that can explode at any given time. Such explosion could result to shaking any given system up to removing it depending on the potency of such given explosions that come to happen in due course of time.

In this case, there are categorically different kinds of questions; the first ones are come are due to normal routine activities of life; the second ones are come due to sudden or unexpected things that come to happen; third ones are due to the power of imaginations which people exercise and they could be assumed as fantasy.

The first ones are related to human activities such as family affairs, work places, systems of administration, and other actions and reactions which people make with others. The second ones arise due to extraordinary things that come to happen and people ask extra ordinary questions. The third ones are those questions which are due to exercise of the power of human imagination which never existed or happen but people imagine with their given reality. Quality and nature of answers do vary as per the quality and nature of questions accordingly.

Colors of Pain

March 6, 2017

In one of the days in past, I had conversation with a person who had suffered of pain due to wrong choices one made in life in which the person got into divorce. The cause of person’s pain was not going into divorce, but rather, on the decision one originally made, which was having marriage with wrong person. Though one already knew that one was into wrong person, the pain comes as result of such wrong decision that arose due to the failure originally anticipated.

Most people got into disappointment and such disappointment make them stay in the world of pains as they got into divorce and such break up has its own pain to deliver. They suffer with such kinds of pain. While this person enjoyed such pain since it was not the divorce matter that made such person into such state of pain, but rather the original decision of getting into marriage that make such person to live and stay in the world of pain.  This is one drama of life.

While such theatrical drama of human life is going on, one wonders on the other scenario of human life in which people enter city of pain as they got into divorce since they lose their loved ones, they decide to break up due to those circumstances that visit their given life as they are beyond their control and they cannot stand to overcome those mistakes or failure they commit and they end up in deciding into divorce.

In this case, it is not the divorce matter that make them calmed since it is not their primal intention to go into divorce due to the fact that they assumed they have contracted their marriage with right person, but as the process of time goes on, things got into wrong direction, and they start to suffer as result of such failures do make them stay in the world of pain, as they got into divorce, though it is painful, they are also relieved from the pain that comes as result of such failures in life.

This would be worse when both kinds of pains come to happen in one person’s life due to the fact that such kinds of peoples’ personal experience could tell many things. Though there could be varied range of experience of peoples life in everywhere, such kinds of people do tell many things since they are heard of getting into divorce not only for one time, but for multiples and they keep going towards looking for their perfect match in life or they could stop looking any kinds of partner in life too.

In both scenarios of life, pain has different color in which it was not the original decision that make them suffer or got into pain since in the first scenario, it was the start up decision of getting into marriage that made such person to suffer where as in the second scenario is the divorce matter that make such person to suffer since one would love to stay in the world of marriage till the rest of one’s life to the person whom one went to the city of marriage too.

Most people refer pain as unpleasant felling that people suffer on their physical body as the dictionary defines it Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli, such as stubbing a toe, burning a finger, putting alcohol on a cut, or bumping the funny bone. Because it is a complex, subjective phenomenon, defining pain has been a challenge. Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage. In medical diagnosis, pain is regarded as a symptom of an underlying condition.

However, pain according to the above mentioned peoples’ experience has something to do with their emotional state of being in which it has also emotional components that require different perspective and remedy, since pain has something that is connected to emotional state of being that require to perceive it in its own nature and character. In this case, pain is state of being that can be converted into state of joy thru different mechanism which people employ that make them stay out from such given state of being since it can be overcome and removed.

In order to remove the physical pain which people suffer due to any kinds of unpleasant matter has affect their given body, people take an analgesic or painkiller, which is any member of the group of drugs used to achieve analgesia, relief from pain. They remove the pain, but they do not remove the root cause of the pain. This is one of the diagnostic which people make use of in order to remove such unpleasant feelings that affect our body.

However, when people suffer the kind of emotional pain, it is not any kind of pain killer that even have an impact to make them relieve such emotional pain in which such kinds of pain needs emotional pain killers. In this case, people go into movies, theater places, religious places, psychiatrist, and other entertaining places where as other people go into drugs, alcoholic places so that they could remove the kinds of pain they suffer in their given life. This is one of the dramatic human activities that is going in every land and place by the people who suffer such kinds of pain.

According to those people experience, which is the cross-cross type and kind, when one person suffers out of wrong decision one makes to lead the right way of life, the other person suffers one made the right decision to lead the right way of life but suffer due to wrongs and failures one commit in the process of life; such people vary on the color of pain but they live in the city of pains since they have pains out of wrongs and failures they commit in life.

In both scenarios of life, such kinds of pains cannot be removed by those remedies which could put them into chaos and frustration such as revenge or other related mechanism, but rather, with further contemplation and mediation on life that can put them lead a life to better status and state of being, which are dependent upon individuals maturity and understanding and perceptions of life. Life has no specific recipe!!


March 3, 2017

Well informed society is healthier and fairer than ever other society. Non informed society is better than misinformed society. Misinformed society is the worst of all types of society since it lives with confusion, contradiction and conflict in terms of thinking, belief, actions and reactions and other related human activities. Thus, it lives with confused and befuddled mentality and its undertaking is paralyzed in due course of time due to the fact that the fabric of such kinds of human society is made up of unfairness, bias and denial.

Medias play significant role shaping any given society since the dynamics of every society is mainly dependent upon the type of information society receives in every day. Truthful and genuine Media agencies play by far greater role than any other tool human can society can fabricate in today. Media agencies that are biased and disloyal to the Truth shape society in wrong way and manner, and their absence is better than their presence.

In every journalism course any given student takes as lesson, every news story should have four distinct characteristics before it is shared to the public at large and it is considered as something weighty that deserve worth mentioning. The first one is, it should be significant; the second one is, it should be unusual; the third one is, it should focus on people—people oriented; the fourth one is it should be timely. When any give story fulfills the above basic characteristics then, it should deserve to be share to the public and it is worth mentioning on the Media.

Otherwise, any given story does not fulfill such criterion and is shared on the Media, it tells the station and integrity of the Media than the story since every Media should have its own policy and standard and its policy and standard should be checked on what it is delivering on daily basis. When there is no such audit on Medias on daily basis, it is not possible to tell the integrity and accuracy of such Medias since what we see and hear on most Medias deserve further contemplation and checking due to the fact that they are profit oriented and business minded than socially accountable and responsible too.

When public services are mixed with profit making enterprises, the integrity of such institutions is put under jeopardy since money become the focal point than the quality of information they deliver. In such case, society is daily injected with information that put bias and wrongs on daily basis. The health and safety of any given social dynamics is infected with wrong vaccines that deliver erroneous and uncertified information which do have an impact on what type of society hey can create. Such given undertaking does lead with creation of chaos and disorder within the social make up of any given social dynamics. Hence, people cannot function properly as they receive information that are not true, and fair.

Other professions do state that the following are also requirements of any give story that should be share as news story before it is put on any given Media. These are:-

IMPACT—If it affects readers—physically or emotionally—it just might be news.

Reporters stress important information that has an impact on their audience: stories that affect, involve or interest thousands of readers or viewers. Tax increases that take money from my paycheck matter more than tax increases that don’t.

TIMELINESS—If it happened today—rather than yesterday—it just might be news.

Journalists stress current information—stories occurring today or yesterday, not several weeks ago—and try to report it ahead of their competitors. When reporting a story that occurred even hours earlier, journalists look for fresh angles and new details around which to build their stories.

PROMINENCE—If it happened to a recognizable person, it just might be news.

PROXIMITY—If it happened in a place that readers feel a connection to—someplace they feel allied with, rather than some “faraway” place—it just might be news.

SINGULARITY —If something has never happened before, it just might be news.

Deviations from the normal—unexpected or unusual events, conflicts or controversies, drama or

Change—are more newsworthy than the commonplace.

CONFLICT OR CONTROVERSY—If somebody is struggling with a problem, it just might be news. Two people arguing about a social issue is more newsworthy than two people who agree about that issue. The tension between the subjects creates the conflict that often makes a story dramatic and interesting to read. While conflict between groups can be viewed as negative news, it often provides readers and viewers with different opinions about policies and problems.

Whatever criterion is put, the point about any given new story is its truthfulness and accuracy so that whatever information is delivered is fair so that the integrity and safety of any given social dynamics s well preserved and maintained.