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The Hues of God

Posted on: 23 Feb 2017

February 23, 2017

In the present day human society, there are different conceptions of God, and contending claims as to God’s characteristics, vision and plans, aims, and actions, that do have led to the development of many ideas of different philosophies and understanding of God, which put the color and height of God to be multiple and varied, in cases, quite contradicting and confusing too. Such thinking and beliefs are originated with intention of delivering due reverence and respect to the power beyond which do result in magnifying it, but such way of life could result in delivering unnecessary exaggeration and quite novelistic perceptions.

When people try to magnify and give whatever respect they want to deliver to God, they are observed and found talking on behalf of it, which they live with contradictory mindset and conflicting perceptions since they claim in one aspect of their given understanding, God is unknowable, but in another aspect and features of their life, they are seen and found lecturing, explaining and talking to others the on the color and height of God in very knowable and human way and manner.

Hence, conflicts and contradictions become the very nature of life in this given aspect since this matter is not resolved to date. This matter is not something that can be solved by collective agreement. This matter is not something that can be resolved by religious and political means and methods. This matter is not something than be finalized by concordance of whatever assemblage or congregations or prominent figures or personalities. This matter is not something that can be resolved with the approach this world demonstrates to date since failure is one of the hobbies of this world in such regard.

Although the claims underway do make life and peoples stay on earth interesting since such given way of life make many people to develop some kind of quest for meaning and existence for life on the earth, such unresolved matter is still one of the controversial matters. Discussions and arguments are still going on which make the world we live in with such shape and content of competition, making our life and stay on earth like the life of rats and cats. Instead of trusting each other, people are tagged under one group that alienates others which does not belong to such groups, that result in way that people are divided with different claims, which become sign of identity to their reality. Trust becomes an expensive commodity where as suspicion become king in every society and land.

In matters pertaining to an idea and sense of God, there are basically three broader classes or categories of people who have derived certain conception in matters related to God. The first ones are those people who think that God or gods exist which are known as theists; the second ones are those people who think that God does not exist which are known as atheists; the third ones are those people who think that God may exist, but it is not possible to prove it which are known as agnostics’.

While such theatrical drama of God is going on our world, there are different conceptions and misconceptions that could be arrived due to the nature of the matter related to God since none has proved or disproved it in way everyone can agree so that they can come up with some kind of universal and agreed truth to date. Everyone lives by dictates of their given thinking and wishes and they go by their given thinking or belief which they think appropriate due to the fact that God has no particular home or place or whatever category or class which people could claim.

Due to such and other causes, the secret of human existence is still a mystery and few people could come up with their idea on the purpose of their given existence and how they are created, besides the choices and plans of their given parents, they do claim that they have some kind of plan and purpose behind their existence and they simply justify their given claims by different theories and ideologies they fabricate with sole intention of convincing their own human existence and they justify such claims by their own perceptions of viewing life in this world as well.

Few people think that God does not have a plan to throw us into here on earth since we come to here by our own choices. Such idea is derived from the perspective of our human experiences in life since we do everything by our own choices and decisions on various arenas of life as human create this world by the result of their intellectual elements of life. They have created this world out of their given intellectual endeavor. And they have come up with an idea that God has no power and authority on the things we do in here.

Others claim that we are here on the earth by the plan and choices of God.  Such claim is connected to an idea that everything that is going on the earth has plan and order and there is a power beyond us which design for our living and activities in which every of our breath is designed and done by the free will of God. This is just an idea that people could entertain, but it is something that could deserve further contemplation.

These two quite different and diametrically opposite ideas are entertained on the earth in which the former one could lead to the idea of pragmatic approaches for life in which seeing is believing is the agenda of such life where as the later one is an idea that could lead to  the way of human life to be in superstitious thinking and belief that paralyses human choices and efforts which is contrary to what is going in our world since there is clear human drama that is going on our world due to the fact that human civilization is a good example to support such given perception.

Our lives and activities in this world is mainly affected by two given factors; the first one is that things happen by our own choices and efforts we make in life; the second one are those activities and happenings that come to happen without our plans and choices. Based on such human experiences in life, life in this world is mainly affected by such dual factors that make anyone to deduce that there is something going on which is beyond our own volition and thinking.

Although there is some kind of thing or matter exist which is beyond or outside the control of human conception, naming such matter to any kind of combination letters should not be confused or connected with the idea of knowing it since such given aspect is related to mere speculations and assumption which people derive in life. Identifying or relating any given matter which is unknowable in essence to combinations of letters,  such as God or Allah or Jehovah or whatever, is not warranty that people know such matter since none of them claim that God is knowable, which still needs to be proven that whether God is knowable or unknowable too.


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