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The Special Person

Posted on: 22 Feb 2017

February 22, 2017

Who are you? What makes you special or someone who is out of the ordinary? For some people, this can be a big and higher cause of unease and hassle. Such feeling and thinking do in fact bring about some kind of confusion and contradiction in life. However, being special does not only just mean being incomparable, or being better than others at some task or ability or skill. Being special means being valued. Being valued is an effect that comes out as result of what people think and do.

When people are special, they have in fact something unique in their given life. They do not think in normal or regular way since they have unique perceptions in life. They are not like ordinary people and they do not think in ordinary manner. They think in very exceptional way. They deliver special or extraordinary views to the world at large. They solve complicated and complex problem in unusual way. They have different perspectives in viewing the world and their surrounding environment as well.  They are different.

Such uniqueness may not be noticeable for them, but it could be noticed and recognized by others since such people could make other people think that they are special as result of their given thinking or experiences of life. And other people have perceived and understood something exceptional in such people’s life or personality and thinking. Hence, they could make other people think that they are indeed special since others have never faced and experienced such human drama in their given life.

What such kinds of special people do trigger on the peoples undertaking is two folds. The first one is they make one segment of society or community or people to make them appreciate and admire life in this world. As they say, in one book, O Lord, increase my astonishment in thee. Contrary to such segments of society and people, such people do also trigger envy and jealousy on the other side. Both are natural human dramas of life in this world.

When we live in arena of life where few people are special, there are three different scenarios in such regard.  The first ones are those few people who are special on the eyes of others. In the second scenario, there are few people who think that they are special. In the third scenario, there are few people who are indeed special.  Every scenario of such life has its own way of looking at things and thinking in one’s undertaking. Hence such given aspect do affect on what people think and do in life as well.

George Bernard Shaw famously said, “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it. Such way of thinking being special is in every nation and country in which most people think that are special since they belong to certain nation. This is one of the interesting human dramas that is operating in the theatrical stage of our world in which everyone thinks that one is special since one has some kind of passport or citizen or one thinks that one is better than others in some regards.

Some people instantly make other people to feel and think that they are special by virtue of their thinking or whatever virtues they deliver on others. Such people could perform or do make others to think, whether deliberately or unintentionally. But they have some kind of impact on other people which make other people think about them that they are special.

This happens for two reasons. The first one is that what such people think or do something is special; the other scenario is that most people are shaped in way they think in such way and manner due to the social make up of their given life in which the moment they face or find out something different on other people, they automatically think that such people are special. Such way of perceiving realities of life is one given aspect of life in this world.

People cannot be special by copycatting other people thinking and cat since being special means having unique way of thinking and doing things in life. People are special since they have something special which is noticeable and recognized by others otherwise such given aspect would not happen. Other people think that few people are special since they have observed something unusual and way far from the routine and regular activities of life.

In another scenario, the term special is coined in different angle in which in the United States, special needs is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological. In this case, the word special is coined not in way that one is special in the world of extraordinary realm, but rather, one is below the ordinary and thus people need some kind of special assistance to cope up the normal circumstances and condition of the regular routine activities of life in this world. In the United Kingdom, special needs often refers to special needs within an educational context. This is also referred to as special educational needs (SEN).

Human beings have very interesting nature since they want to express their thinking and feelings which they have for others in way which the find it convenient. Sometimes words are not sufficiently forceful to manage expressing people’s deepest feelings. Then, they call such people as loved ones or special ones since they have special or delightful feeling and thinking on them. They sing a song; they prose a poem; they make paints; they give gifts and other things which they think they deserve. They share their feelings and thinking in different mechanism and they express their feelings thru email, cell phones, and so on. They are also heard saying, a special person is someone who listens to me, makes me laugh and buys me nice presents. Do you have anyone in your life that does those things?



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