Flag and Ideology

February 17, 2017

Flag of the United States, popularly called the American flag, the official national flag of the United States. It consists of 13 horizontal stripes, 7 red alternating with 6 white, and in the upper corner near the staff, a rectangular blue field, or canton, containing 50 five-pointed white stars. The stripes symbolize the 13 colonies that originally constituted the United States of America. The stars represent the 50 states of the Union. In the language of the Continental Congress, which defined the symbolic meanings of the colors red, white, and blue, as used in the flag, “White signifies Purity and Innocence; Red, Hardiness and Valor; and Blue, Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.”

The social, intellectual and emotional spaces that exist between individuals are accommodated by social identity with the instrumentality of such causes as one of them is the flag. And such flag exists in today’s form and content after passing different stages of development as it is by now. It was germinated in few peoples’ mind and it gets manufactured to the outside and objective world by taking its evolutionary shape until it gets its content and shape in the way it is now. Everything has its own humble beginning and gets its relative final form and content after passing different evolving stages of development and processes of its life. In this case, the original form and content could get diverted to different end as time goes by since many things and people change in due course of time, which do have an impact on such given aspect of life.

When certain flag changes from one color to another, from one form to another, it is not only the content and form of that given flag changes, but the ideology and belief behind such given flag change. In this case, such process of change reflects the types of process and undertaking any given flag undertakes. Such process of change also reflects the type of vision and goals such people and their respective change wants to bring about. Hence, new people are borne and other people are dead in such causes of life since flag is not only about the garment and color of garment, but it is about the philosophy and belief which are enshrined behind such flags.

Accordingly, behind such given flag, there is process which was undertaken to reach at this latest point since there are always few people who are at the core and behind such thoughts that are enveloped in such flag. These are the first level or upper classes who define the integrity and constitution of such flag. The second ones are those who make a round of applause to such meaning and interpretation of what such flag delivers and they widely propagate the importance and significance of such flag. The third ones are those people who accept without questioning and they represent the majority of the population. The fourth types of people are those people who question the meaning and deliberation of what such flag delivers. The fifth types of people are those people who make and sell such flag to entire population since they make something out of it.

While taking one single point on the meaning and deliberation of the color of any given flag, for example, blue is in here considered and understood to express vigilance, perseverance and justice. While other people understand blue as deceiver and they mention the case of the color of blue sky thing as people go upward to touch and get close to the blue sky which they see in here on the ground to what is on the air, there is no such a thing as blue on the upward and they understand and consider the color blue as something illusory as they interpret and understand such matter as symbol of deception too. In such instance, the color blue is treated and understood as a deceiver.

People understand any given matter based on their given exposure and experience in life in which their given understanding and interpretations of their given life experience is derived out of what they know and they can know as there are people who understand and interpret the color blue as symbol of perseverance and justice as there are people who understand the color blue to the contrary to what other people perceive in which such people consider it as deceiver. Both experiences and exposures of life do exist as part and parcel of experience and exposures of peoples’ life. This is one drama and aspect of the human way of life that is going on past, present and future too.

The other drama and theater of such flag is the color related to green, yellow and red which many countries share in today in which the original ideology behind choosing such color as flag was the color of the rainbow which is understood as the sign of victory. In the olden times people understand and know the rainbow as three colored thing, where as people in today understand by the help of scientific study that rainbow has at least seven colors. They associate the color of rainbow with the power of divinity and they assume that they are powered and guided by the grace of the divine power since they have rainbow colored flag.

Japanese used to think that their emperors were the divines until they were invaded by America and faced horrible destruction at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Such massacre and horrible demolition made Japanese people to change the way they think and believe before. Good people learn from ideas and insights where as other people learn after destruction and the take lesson by hard means and ways.  They do not understand few things unless they have experienced and faced which will eventually happen.

Fire exists since it is one of the objective realities on this world. People do not have to touch and face fire in order to proof that fire exists. Fire is a reality that comes in this world as result of certain actions and reaction of chemicals or matters of interaction that do make any given conflagration to happen. In this case, it is not possible to claim that there is no such a thing called fire without seeing it since fire is reality that comes in its own good time by the result of certain transactions of matters that do cause it to happen.

There are certain theories that could make certain societies believe it as something true and correct since they have never been disproved wrong by any other circumstances or they have been proven wrong by certain incidents that they are wrong, but with unbending characters and thinking which they are made up with their given system, they are found dead even if they are physically alive since they do not want to face objective reality and the truth, they live with rigid mindset and mentality even if time and reality proves them wrong, they get attached with their own old fashioned ideologies and mentalities which past centuries and ages have delivered.

Flags are about collective and social identity even if they do not tell peoples given individuality and personality. Social identity is made upon collective agreement which is subjected to change since anything and any matter which people do agree in today could change in tomorrow as the need and questions of tomorrow are different. Life in this aspect is connected to subjective aspects which do have an impact on people’s judgment and life by what people think, choose and decide.

The color of any given flag does not tell the integrity and sovereignty of any given nation since every nation has its own given flag and it is one means of differentiating one given nation from another since it is one way of separating and telling that any given nation and society has its own respective identity. Every color has its own peculiar characteristics and nature and the meaning and understanding every color can vary from people to people depending on their given cultural context and way of perception of realities. Delivering special significance and importance to few colors does not warranty that given nations is going and heading in way it is put in there and managing its affairs accordingly though wishes and hopes are there in.

By doing so, giving special importance to the specific colors of the flags does not mean and refer that any given nation should only be referred, linked and associated to the colors put on the flag since every color has its own interconnection and interrelation with every nation if they make further research and study on colors. Delivering special significance to few colors, and neglecting others do imply on peoples’ constricted understanding and way of perceiving realities of life and colors that do make them narrow-minded than being open-minded. Such narrow minded and boarder oriented thinking and feeling are also reflection and result of such given understanding of life too which should be widened and opened to wider perspective and areas of life that should augment peoples understanding and appreciation of life in this world too.


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