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The Truth and Theory

Posted on: 9 Jan 2017

January 9, 2017

The Catholics did buy the views of the big bang theory in 1951 as other scientist such as Stephen Hawking and his companion did buy the view of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and they come up with their own version that this universe has some time a beginning in far past and it will also have an end to sometime in the future too. And later on they come up with an idea that every theory can be considered as true and correct when it explains and satisfies two things; the first one is that there should be abundant and accurate observations in matters related to the claim people make and the other one is that there must be precise prediction to the claim people make.

Others claim that every theory can be considered as true and correct, when the concept that is entertained in the claim is convincing and persuasive and the other one is that there must also be observable fact that is seen and translated into the objective plane of existence. Both kinds of people’s perception and understanding tell one thing in common in which theories that come out of observation and such observation should be translated into reality and such kinds of claims are objectified and presented in systematized and persuasive manner so that it can be considered as accurate and true.

Accordingly, there are many theories that do exist, but yet unborn, since eyes are not seeing in precise manner and minds do not realize and observe in correct way so that they are not delivered in systematized manner, and the world continue in way things are due to the fact that there are matters that do exist, but the way they are interpreted could be in wrong or false manner, or they have never been realized due to lack of true and correct way of perceiving realities and life in this world.

When any given theory is approved as true and accurate, it affects many people and societies such process of verification should not be simple and it should pass different and various evolving stages of development before it is realized and recognized as true and accurate. Time is one factor since it needs quite good time for meditation and reflection before any given claim is accepted as true and accurate since such time is used to test and check the claim is true and correct so that its accuracy and truthfulness should be checked and verified based on the available tools and instruments that are found at hand.

When any new theory is borne, there are many woes and cries since it could disturb certain balances or norms that do exist in this world. The concept of entropy—order comes out of disorder—is good view to mention and consider since it could destabilize and de-normalize current trends especially if the truth and perception entertained in the new theory is something new and different and such given theory could negate and invalidate those truths that govern and lead the world.

In order to make any given theory false, such falsification process can only done in one way that is to find any other observation that negates, discredit and invalidate such claim that such people do so that any given theory can be rejected or considered as false and inaccurate. And such fight and way of viewing theories are one of the processes human undertake since life in this world is no easy job and there is no free lunch anyone is provided in nay where or in any given society for many different reason particular to such given undertakings.

Basically, a new and different theory can do two things in this world. The first one is it voids and negates any current trend of thinking and way of understanding, depending on the nature of the subject matter it discusses and delivers; the second one is it gives new perception and it adds value to current thinking and perceptions of life. In such ways of thinking realm, when it voids any existing thinking and way of life, it faces its own opposition and resistance which is manly dependent upon the object of understanding and kinds of people that are affected and influenced by such new and different thinking and understanding that is enshrine in the theory.

When new theory delivers new and different perspective in way that it does not touch or affect any given society or people in negative manner, everyone accepts such theory with round of applause since life in this world is not about truthfulness and accuracy, but it is matter of living in conformity with norm and way things are as this world is already shaped by powerful people along with powerful thinking and ideology and such way of life is not even checked as it is compatible with reality or truth in general. In fact there are emerging people and society who give priority majority of votes instead of the truth.

The truth cannot be checked by majority votes or any given personal observations which people try to fabricate with sole intention of invalidating and falsifying,  but, it is something reality which people should accept than work hard, day and night, with bad intention of removing it due to the fact that the truth is a reality that does not need any given theory or majority vote, but it is a reality that shines like the day light sun and it will overshadowed the whole world since it is something truthful and it does not need cadres, scientists, followers, or philosophers or whatever to the promulgation of it in every land and territory.

Truth and life in this world is not relating one’s belief or thinking to any given theory or ideology, but it should be matter of researching, investigating and reaching to definitive conclusion about life in this world with sound and reliable thinking since the truth has no home and boundary which it should live in.


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