The Human Right Realm

January 25, 2017

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its Article 2, 3 and 5 state that Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

In Article 7, it is stated that all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination. Accordingly anyone has the right to think and practice any given ideology and way of life based on one’s preference and choices one makes in the process of life.

Every individual has every right to belong to particular belief system or thinking group in addition to the ideology people can come up with their own so that everyone can add something to the ever advancing civilization.Hence, everyone has every right to create a thinking and belief system so as to contribute something to the world. And one has every right to be part and parcel of such system. One has also every right to remove any particular system one belong as well.

And when any given individual walks away from any given cause or way of life which one used to belong, there are basic views which different people could entertain in terms of such an act an individual makes since such views depend on the type of curiosity level and potency of their given thinking capacity people have in terms of their given exposure and experiences in life that truly tell who they are and what they truly think in terms of life and the way of life which they promote or belong as well. The action and reaction could come from ordinary individual up to government level depending on the magnitude of the circumstance an individual makes and type of societies one touches and affects.

These people express their views and concerns since they are affected by decisions such individuals make as result of their moral choices and decision they make in relation to the way of life which they respectively belong as they have every right to approve any given system of life as they also have every right to reject or remove their given membership status in relation to the way of life they do belong. However, their decision should be respected and their given human right should be protected even if they deviate or remove themselves from any given social group or circle. Though they have every right to share their disappointment, but such disappointments should not be reflected in way the rights and freedoms of others are violated.

The first type of people could not even bother or ask and they keep on hitting their own without even asking or further inquiring why an individual walks way; the second ones are the type of people who try to bring back that given person to the former way of life since they think that the individual is deceived or tricked so that they could try in way that they are very paternalistic in attitude and thinking since they are the kind of people who think that person must have done something wrong so that they ask and answer the person act in their own fashion and way of thinking; the third ones are those type of people who think further and ask, why does the person walk away and they try to be understanding.

Whatever curiosity level and thinking people could have, any given person has the right and freedom and freewill to practice, follow and remove any given way of life and thinking in way one likes and at whatever time and place where one resides since such given aspect of life is mainly based on any given individual choices and decisions one makes first to one’s life. The interesting point in here is that most people are highly concerned not on when one joins the way of life, but they are highly irritated and disturbed when one leaves that given way of life which makes such people to be more of self centered and selfish since they think much to the way of life which directly concern their given well being than on why such people deviate or remove themselves.

Hence, they could spend their money, time and energies in order to protect their given way of life which is directly connected to their given survival and they could possibly do whatever thing they need to do to remove such people who deviate from their given norm so as to secure their given protectionism agenda even if such people who deviate are correct and truthful. Life is here more about personality and status than the truth and reality since such people protect their own fame, rank, status and other personal advantage they gain in the process of life.

In such theatrical drama of life, those people who do not even bother about on why other people walk away from their given way of life are for two reasons; the first reason is that they are they are the kind of people who have no adequate grasp on the way of life they respectively belong and they do not even both on why they by their own practice and follow; and the second reasons is out of blind obedience they show to the system which they respectively belong.

The second ones are the type of people who try to bring back that given person to the former way of life since they think that the individual is deceived or tricked so that they could try in way that they are very paternalistic in attitude and thinking. They are the kind of people who think that person must have done something wrong so that they ask and answer the person act in their own fashion and way of thinking. These people think that the way of life which they respectively belong is infallible and nothing bad can be found in the system which they belong. These kinds of people are very fanatic and fundamental and they are one sided and they do not maintain the balance of reality and life as well.

The third ones are those types of people who think further and ask, why does the person walk away and they try to be understanding. These kinds of people are at least better since they want to share something on what the person decides as they realize that there is something wrong going on within the system and they also share the decision of the person since they try to balance things and they try to be fair minded.

Beyond such kinds of people who belong to such particular way of life, the most funny part and aspect in here is that those people who support or oppose the person, since they interfere in such drama of life as they do not even belong and they do not even have clue on what that given way of life delivers. In such kinds of people, ignorance is the common factor they share, and out of ignorance, they love or hate the person in which both groups of people are completely wrong since everything should be done with rational and knowledge if they really are fair minded and if they are wise, they should observe silence.




The World and Its Hangover

January 16, 2017

Wealth inequality can be described as the unequal distribution of assets within a population. The United States exhibits wider disparities of wealth between rich and poor than any other major developed nation. Researches state that over the past century, the share of America’s wealth held by the nation’s wealthiest has changed markedly. That share peaked in the late 1920s, right before the Great Depression, then fell by more than half over the next three decades. But the equalizing trends of the mid 20th century have now been almost completely undone. At the top of the American economic summit, the richest of the nation’s rich now hold as large a wealth share as they did in the 1920s.

These changes in economic grown and unfair income distribution are not created and made by the natural laws. They are the result of political and economic systems made by human beings that differentiate and merit different groups in the society. The bottom line is that the considerable amount of economic growth which every society has registered has gone into the pockets of a small percent of the population. And such petite percent of population are somehow linked to the governing political system and they are obedient to the system which they respectively belong and they are in certain cases are in one or other way directly and indirectly linked to the people or leadership who regulate that given political system in illegitimate manner.

Just eight individuals, all men, own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world’s population, Oxfam said on Monday in a report calling for action to curtail rewards for those at the top. Oxfam, which described the gap as “obscene”, said if the new data had been available before, it would have shown that in 2016 nine people owned the same as the 3.6 billion who make up the poorest half of humanity, rather than 62 estimated at the time.

An obscenity is defined as any utterance or act that strongly offends the prevalent morality of the time, which means that if the world allows such few people to be rich in way that they take the free will and freedom of the mass and they are also defended in way that these people are untouchable; others questions that there must be something wrong in this prevalent society in which the system and these people have some kind of conspiracy theory that make their marriage to live for centuries and ages though few people claim and think this is the one of the natural characteristics of the world. This is not peculiar to one society, but this is something and every society has in common.

What does it mean by that? This means that the way policies or strategies which this world has demonstrated to date is still under question and do lead to today’s time controversy, since one of the purpose of social existence—which is to mean that having leadership and many other social and spiritual causes— is to bring happiness and security, justice and righteousness—to the social system, and to the mass, not to the few. Though the world sounds that it enjoys such unfair and unjust way and methods of life that create and causes stress and anxiety in the way of life such world is undergoing, it tries to balance with other methods and approaches of life, mainly religious and other charitable organizations as methods due to the fact such given way of life is invented with intention of creating balance and norm within this world.

This is to mean that politics, business and religion have performed polygamous marriage in every society and land since they are the ones that govern and dictate every choices society and individuals make in this world. Most people think that they are free, but they are not. They are free until they do not pass the red lines which are set by such leaders of society. The moment they pass certain limit, they understand that they are not free. Life in here is more of experience and exposures than what they call objective reality of what the mass understands and realizes since there are certain realities that exists, but they are realized and understood when certain experience and experience are faced. This does not mean that certain experiences and realities which few people face and tell do not exist.

Such process of life makes the people of the world to be under two camps and groups. The first ones are those people who know and understand certain matter and aspects of the process of life that is going on behind the stage and such knowledge is considered as ignorance, madness and abnormality. The second ones are those people know and understand things as they take everything on the face value as they presume and perceive that this world is fine in way it is and everything is going at normal condition of life. Both kinds of people are true and correct based on the direction they stand and look, and they differ on the mindsets and perspectives they develop in life. But, both kinds of people are wrong and inexact if they claim that what they think and understand is solely true, and one claim that the other one is wrong.

In this case, they should think further before they reach to any given conclusion. They are here required to maintain the balance of thinking and understanding too. When one group thinks that it knows better than the other, this is sign of failure which such people are undertaking on daily basis due to the fact that what they claim and think should have encompass the world and things would have gone in way they think and understand. They fail to understand what is missing besides the claim they do. And they could have achieved their given claim if they are correct and truthful in few years than wait for centuries and ages and blame others for their given failures; they keep living tricking themselves and others with other silly and cheap justifications which they deliver without realizing their wrongs and failures they fail to realize.

And one group cannot go in conformity with the other group and it is not possible to expect like that since this world is shaped by such groups of people otherwise progress and betterment in this world will not be possible. When two opposing forces are on stage, care and excellence, tact and wisdom, are borne and such state of being do give birth to true and significant changes to come otherwise things will not be better and nicer. In such process of actions and reactions of positive and negative forces, this will make the world yield stronger and better fruits and grounds of interaction and communication to the continuing and ever advancing civilization and world as well.

While such theatrical process of life, it is noteworthy to mention in here that this world, in one aspect of its undertaking, is leading a life of person who is struggling to remove the state of being of in hangover mood. This is to mean that the person is drunk and one wants to remove such state of hangover, by using both traditional and modern ways of treating such woozy mood. In such way of life, the person could suffer strange and abnormal conditions of life due to the consequences of unpleasant feeling and thinking such hangover mood delivers. In such state of being, many things could go wrong and many displeasing things could happen.

This is like as one takes all kinds drinks and alcohol and one at the same time tries to stabilize the hangover effect of such drunken effect has caused so that one could come to the point of norm and balance. The world is like instate of hangover and is taking all kind of things to stabilize and regulate at normal conditions and state of being. Instead of taking all kinds of anti-hangover treatments and methods, it is wiser not to have any excessive amount of suck drinks in terms of content and volume, so that life could be moving at normal temperature without going and incurring further handling—energies, time and costs too.

Based on the above cause and effect aspects of life in this world, one can correlate such matter in way that business and politics are the alcohols and drugs which people take in every day and time since they are the ones that make such world to be in such state of confusion and contradiction though they have useful and good effects as well, and religion is serving as anti-hangover matter which people use in every morning and anti-depressant drug in order to remove the stresses and anxiety which society and people suffer out of the effects and consequences of politics and business have made on the look of every society and the world at large too.

They say, the only way to avoid a hangover effect, pounding head and queasiness the morning after, is to drink in moderation, or to stay away from alcohol entirely. In order to remove the hangover effect, people employ two kinds of methods. The first one is traditional. The second one is modern one. However, traditional hangover remedies are often ineffective, and some of them may actually make you feel worse. The same is true to modern kinds of remedies due to the fact that the root cause of hangover is taking in excessive amount of alcohol which Is not even advised by modern science too.

Economy is the center of existence and life. It is not possible to think outside economy forget about the buying and selling things that affect the dynamics of life. People live in and with economy but they cannot do certain things in life such as the emotional and intellectual aspects as to be dull or intelligent , or loyal or disloyal, are not cause by money, but other choices which people make in their given daily undertaking. The good news in here is that it is possible to create economy, but it is not possible to possess it without those three couples which this world has accepted as legitimate marriage unless the fourth one is come and live by its own.

Mistake—Failure or Virtue

January 12, 2017

Mistake is generally defined as an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, and insufficient knowledge. In other words, mistakes are wrong deviations from norm or standards which people have devised to perform their given undertaking under normal condition and processed of life.

However, there are twofold aspects of mistakes which one want to consider since there are certain aspects or matters which are considered as mistakes due to in adequate or wrong norm or standards which people and society have in its own undertaking, but such given mistakes could be found out as being right and virtue as time goes by and such wrongs are later accepted as true and correct. In this case, the failure goes to the standard or norm which society considers.

The other aspect of mistakes is those mistakes that wrongly deviate from the norm and they are naturally unacceptable due to the way human nature and mind is shaped in the process of life. Such mistakes or failure are failures in every society, not by the insufficiency or inadequacy of standards or norm, but those acts or thinking are unacceptable and they are mistakes. In such case, the failure goes to the act or thinking than the standard or the norm which people and society design.

Accordingly, people make four kinds of mistakes in life. The first one is deliberate one in which people make it intentionally even if they have adequate information about the matter. The second one is due to lack of adequate information in which people are forced to commit such mistakes out of insufficient information they obtain. The third one is due to absence of information. The fourth one is due to misinformation and distorted information they obtain from other sources.

The mistakes which people commit out of misinformation and on deliberate basis are considered as equal, but worse than those mistakes which people commit out of ignorance and lack of sufficient information on the matters which people are forced to commit though they say ignorance is not fortune. But, there is always human side that makes people to judge on things out of fairness and rightness. When people commit mistakes out of bad intentions, it tells that there is some kind of personal interest and advantages which people want to have and they tend to attack others based on their own personal interest even if others are doing things in right manner.

Hence, people make such kinds of mistakes in their given life. Such mistakes could be related to the work they are assigned to perform, mission they are given to undertake, on how they understand and interpret other people behavior and thinking, along with their own undertakings. Mistakes are in cases torching light to the next ones not to come again while the foolish keep on making similar mistakes in the process of life without even noticing and realizing that they are committing it.

The consequences of mistakes are two folds; the first ones are punishable by law, which are in other words known as crime; the second ones are stored in human consciousness, which are widely known as failures, which are further processed in human way of thinking in which such given failure give birth to sense of guilt. The mistakes which people commit and are punishable by law are due to objective evidences which are found though there are mistakes that are committed by people and are not punished by law since substantive evidences are not found on such mistakes which people make.

Whatever mistakes, which are known as crimes, people commit, the integrity of the judiciary system is one factor in which wrong systems and societies do not punish every criminal for every crime which wrong doers commit since the system is corrupt and law and order within that given social dynamics is under big question. Even if there is peace and stability on the outside look of society and system, but the inside could be in chaos and the integrity of such system is fake and wrong since everything is founded upon wrong standards or virtues.

However, the mistake any given athlete or artist makes and the mistake any given prime minister or president make are very different due to the nature and character of responsibility and authority they have and the nature of job they perform. The effects and consequences of mistakes are mainly dependent upon on their given natural characteristics, but also who is committing it since the magnitude of mistake is mainly affected by the nature of responsibility and authority people have within their respective social dynamics, which is the crucial aspect of any given mistake.

Few mistakes can be turned into virtues as per the nature and character of object of interactions where as other mistakes could cause grievous consequences to the future of any given social dynamics, not only with those people who commit them, but also with the entire social dynamics as well. In this case, people assume that there is wisdom in every failure they face in life in which the mistakes and failures they assume in life could turn out being right or correct in the future as things and circumstances change due to varied and other unseen reasons and causes.

People make mistakes since they are doing something in life otherwise they do not. When people interact and communicate with other people and object of interaction, it is obvious that they make mistake which is indeed very human. It is not possible to make any given mistake without making certain efforts and tasks in doing something in the process of life, which makes such people to be in better position and status than those people who are not trying something or performing any given undertaking.  And that is why they say, making mistake is wrong, but admitting it is virtue.

Intelligent virtue begins by making mistakes. Few scientists come to right and definitive conclusions on the discoveries they come about by the trial and error methods which they employ in their experimentation process in which tolerance and perseverance are the keys that unlocks the gates for their successes and inventions they have come about, and they deliver profound gifts to such continuing and ever advancing civilization and world at large as well.

Mistakes, in cases, are causes of knowledge. If mistakes do not happen, people would not know something better and higher since it is out of their given failure people learn something in life and they come up with better and different insight they derive out of their given failures.  Mistakes in other case are cause of destruction of lives and properties. In such cases, such mistakes are rectified by laws and instrumentality of justice system.

Both aspects of life do go hand in hand in this world since this world is shaped by both good and bad thinking and acts that people and society undertake. In societies and people where the good are taking in excess of the bad ones, the world and its societies continue prospering and flourishing too.

Time—Concept Vs Reality

January 11, 2017

Customer: I would like a watch that tells time. Clerk: Don’t you have a watch that tells time? Customer: No, you have to look at it. Is time something which people should tell, look at it or watch it, it is something which people should understand beyond such aspects? Is it possible to know time even if people are watching their given watch without understanding it or people go about and thru time since everything is fore-granted and there is no point of further processing and quest to know about it? When you ask someone, what time it is now and the person replied it is 1:55, does it mean that what the person tell is correct and true; how, and why?

They say before the big bang, there was no time and space. Such way of perception of time and space is connected since there is a belief and understanding that the universe has some point as its beginning and such beginning did indicate two things such as space and time. Any given matter in this world is dictated and confined by these general laws of the universe. Although, it is hard to imagine time without space, both are the governing factors to any given activity in this world.

Time is one of the greatest gift of nature and life to the world since time is not something that can be experimented and checked in the laboratory, but it is not something that should be utilized and make use of depending on how society and people perceive and understand it. Is time something people can manage it or make use of it, is another argument since there are claims which goes like as time management and time utilizations too.

Is time something that can be created or it is something that should be accepted? Is time a reality that can be seen, touched or heard or it is something beyond what the human senses can perceive and tell? Is time a reality that society systematically organize and administer or it is just reality that can be utilized in efficient manner? Is time something that can be measured in the movement of sun, moon and stars, or it is just beyond the motion and movement of such matters? Is time a reality that can be measured by changes or events or it is something beyond such process of life?

People manage natural and tangible resources since such kinds of resources have ownership and title, but, is it possible to say here that people manage time since time is not their given resource, but it is gift of nature which they have no control over due to the fact that they cannot take any given time back to the past or forward to the future as time goes by its own natural momentum and no one can make any given 24 hours to 23 or 26 hours, but it is the perception of people they have towards time that do change which they have for one big day they are provided by nature.

People manage time since they can deal with it depending on the schedule they set, not by having power or authority they have over time since time management is not about making decision on stopping it or making continue such process of time, but it is how they can control and administer their own objectives and goals in relation to the time they are provided by nature unlike in conditions as people manage resources they have full authority and power to multiply exponentially or destroy it since resources are controlled and made by people too.

People utilize time since this is the only way and thing they can do towards any given time, be it day time or night time, weeks, months or years, they are provided by nature. It is utilization than management which makes more sense which people should make towards time in which people can do something which is the most important than they can possess time. Time is a resource which is provided by nature, but it not resources which they can individually possess due to the fact the time is collective resources people are delivered by nature. Time has no singular or collective ownership since it is not affected by anyone and anything in this world.

There are two types of natural resources. The first ones are those resources that are delivered by nature, but it is not something which people or society should have control over; the second one is resources which are provided by nature but society and people can claim ownership and title of ownership to such resources. For example, gold in Congo cannot be claimed any kind of authority and control over by any other society and people other than Congo since such given matter is related to an aspect of space and place and its monetary value too. But a day in Brazil is same as day in Japan since in both days, the number of hours that are contained in both places is equal and there is no any given sense that makes any given day differ to another day within two different societies.

Society and people differ not on how they claim ownership or title towards any given time they are provided by nature, but on how they utilize such resources which they are delivered by nature. In time society is borne and perishes; but in society, time is utilized and implemented. Both live with interdependent and mutual way of connection and relation with each other. Such process of life do have its own natural characteristics based on the type of connection and relation they establish and they perceive time based on the process of life they establish as few say, time is money and in another society time is perceived as nothing and people spend time with idleness.

Science, Religion and Philosophy understand time in varied ground since time in philosophy time is not considered as reality, but a concept where as science goes far beyond sensing and making it a reality and it measures time based on the movement of motion as religion state and understand time in its relative sense based on conditions and events in which time is considered and treated in different way of perception such as one day can be treated as one thousand days as the vice versa is true. Hence, different religious systems have different counting methods since they base their counting of time as per their own birth and process of life which they make in their given way of life.

Time is one of the universal realities which this world is delivered by nature and it cannot be broken down into pieces of systems and cultures since there is one common point and agreement to state in here that time has no specific culture, society, religion and other groups due to the fact it is just a reality that all share in common, but it is something has been categorized and compartmentalized under different systems of thinking and belief systems too. Such compartmentalization could make communication and interaction within those particular and given domains suitable for their given way of life, but it cannot change the verities and fundamentals of the reality of time since time was borne as this universe come to exist and it will continue same too.

The one day in the religion of Christianity is equal to the one day in Islam religion; but the one month in Islam is not equal to the one day in Christianity or Maya calendar. Such variation of days that are contained in one given month is matter of conceptual understanding and interpretations but they cannot deny or change the fundamentals of a day which is 24 hours. People and society differ not on the power and control over they have on the fundamentals and verities of time, but on their given understanding and interpretation they create which do have an impact on their time utilization capacity and determination towards achieving their own desired goals and objective which they set to their own system and way of life.




The Truth and Theory

January 9, 2017

The Catholics did buy the views of the big bang theory in 1951 as other scientist such as Stephen Hawking and his companion did buy the view of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and they come up with their own version that this universe has some time a beginning in far past and it will also have an end to sometime in the future too. And later on they come up with an idea that every theory can be considered as true and correct when it explains and satisfies two things; the first one is that there should be abundant and accurate observations in matters related to the claim people make and the other one is that there must be precise prediction to the claim people make.

Others claim that every theory can be considered as true and correct, when the concept that is entertained in the claim is convincing and persuasive and the other one is that there must also be observable fact that is seen and translated into the objective plane of existence. Both kinds of people’s perception and understanding tell one thing in common in which theories that come out of observation and such observation should be translated into reality and such kinds of claims are objectified and presented in systematized and persuasive manner so that it can be considered as accurate and true.

Accordingly, there are many theories that do exist, but yet unborn, since eyes are not seeing in precise manner and minds do not realize and observe in correct way so that they are not delivered in systematized manner, and the world continue in way things are due to the fact that there are matters that do exist, but the way they are interpreted could be in wrong or false manner, or they have never been realized due to lack of true and correct way of perceiving realities and life in this world.

When any given theory is approved as true and accurate, it affects many people and societies such process of verification should not be simple and it should pass different and various evolving stages of development before it is realized and recognized as true and accurate. Time is one factor since it needs quite good time for meditation and reflection before any given claim is accepted as true and accurate since such time is used to test and check the claim is true and correct so that its accuracy and truthfulness should be checked and verified based on the available tools and instruments that are found at hand.

When any new theory is borne, there are many woes and cries since it could disturb certain balances or norms that do exist in this world. The concept of entropy—order comes out of disorder—is good view to mention and consider since it could destabilize and de-normalize current trends especially if the truth and perception entertained in the new theory is something new and different and such given theory could negate and invalidate those truths that govern and lead the world.

In order to make any given theory false, such falsification process can only done in one way that is to find any other observation that negates, discredit and invalidate such claim that such people do so that any given theory can be rejected or considered as false and inaccurate. And such fight and way of viewing theories are one of the processes human undertake since life in this world is no easy job and there is no free lunch anyone is provided in nay where or in any given society for many different reason particular to such given undertakings.

Basically, a new and different theory can do two things in this world. The first one is it voids and negates any current trend of thinking and way of understanding, depending on the nature of the subject matter it discusses and delivers; the second one is it gives new perception and it adds value to current thinking and perceptions of life. In such ways of thinking realm, when it voids any existing thinking and way of life, it faces its own opposition and resistance which is manly dependent upon the object of understanding and kinds of people that are affected and influenced by such new and different thinking and understanding that is enshrine in the theory.

When new theory delivers new and different perspective in way that it does not touch or affect any given society or people in negative manner, everyone accepts such theory with round of applause since life in this world is not about truthfulness and accuracy, but it is matter of living in conformity with norm and way things are as this world is already shaped by powerful people along with powerful thinking and ideology and such way of life is not even checked as it is compatible with reality or truth in general. In fact there are emerging people and society who give priority majority of votes instead of the truth.

The truth cannot be checked by majority votes or any given personal observations which people try to fabricate with sole intention of invalidating and falsifying,  but, it is something reality which people should accept than work hard, day and night, with bad intention of removing it due to the fact that the truth is a reality that does not need any given theory or majority vote, but it is a reality that shines like the day light sun and it will overshadowed the whole world since it is something truthful and it does not need cadres, scientists, followers, or philosophers or whatever to the promulgation of it in every land and territory.

Truth and life in this world is not relating one’s belief or thinking to any given theory or ideology, but it should be matter of researching, investigating and reaching to definitive conclusion about life in this world with sound and reliable thinking since the truth has no home and boundary which it should live in.

The Poverty of Wealth

January 2, 2017

A couple wants a divorce, but first they must decide who will be the main guardian of their child. The jury asks both the man and woman for a reason why they should be the one to keep the child. So the jury asks the woman first. She says, “Well I carried this child around in my stomach for nine months and I had to go through a painful birth process, this is my child and apart of me.” The jury is impressed and then turns to ask the man the same question. The man replies, “OK, I take a coin and put it in the drink machine and a drink comes out, now tell me who does the drink belong to me or the machine”

The point is who makes people to be rich or wealthy, by themselves or by the instrumentality of those people who work under and for them.  Few people forget many things as they become rich since they could think they become rich due to the fact that they are doing everything by their own and they could neglect the help and efforts of other people who back them. Although there are people who are close to such wealthy people as the seemly good ones, they could destroy them due to the malicious attack they secretly do to such rich people even if they could outwardly look seen as friends and close allies. Such people are heard saying, make my enemies closer but my friends close.

They say that God shows his feeling of worthless for wealth by the kind of person he selects to receive it. This is one of an interesting remarks which few people make since wealth has in cases some kind of unpleasant consequences in the life of those people who accumulate it even if wealth is one of the treasures which people have since it is one of hardest task to make in life due to the fact that there are only few individuals who possess the most part of wealth this world has possessed to date.

When few people become wealthy, they start having mind belly and they could think that the whole world is in their given belly and hand and they can decide the fate of this world from its beginning towards its end. This is one of the deceiving attitudes and feelings which such kinds of people and societies germinate and own as they become rich since they think that money can buy everything such as free ill of individuals, freedoms and rights which could be true in the world of those people who live under them, but could be wrong to other people who could think differently and to those people who do not think in monetary terms too.

Belly is of different kinds; the first one is the seen and the other one is unseen. The seen is the one which people carry with their abdomen, which makes the human body and its framework look ugly and distributing and science does not even advice people to have or carry such belly thing on the human framework too. The other one is the unseen one which is found in the minds of those people who think quite contrary to certain laws of nature and this world too as result of their personal achievement and accomplishment in their given life and they come out with fake gestures and vain thinking.

Adolf Hitler has come up with his ambitious vision of controlling the world since power is one of the opium that still currently exist in this world along with fames, wealth, names and ranks which people make in the process of life. Such kinds of ambitions do control the world in many ways and affect life in this world in different occasions and times of human way of life in this world. Such kinds of ambitions do resemble to the other kind of unseen bellies which humans develop in the process of life as result of certain achievement they make in life, but they ruin many peoples’ lives and their own lives at last.

When certain societies start to achieve with certain amount of accumulation of wealth as their given economy grows, they try to think that they can do everything in this world and they could forget many things in their given life. One of the few things they could come up as the economy grows is they try to develop certain pseudo sciences and they try to come with fake ideological thinking with intention of removing certain group of society which they do not like, and also with ruling part of the world, but the good news is that they fail since many of  current developed countries passed thru such stage of growing and ideological thinking which make them believe with their pseudo sciences or philosophical thinking though they finally end up in coming back to the right point of life as failure becomes their given fate in this regard.

Wealthy people and societies do not always do the right thing, but they learn from those mistakes and failures that cost them in millions and billions.  What makes them learn from their failures is their level and intensity of ego and ambition factors they possess within their own realm than any other thing since they always want to win even if they lose, they pretend as if they win and get success. The good ones learn but the bad ones stick to their ego and ambition until they finally are broken down into pieces and nothingness like kinds of people do in before times.