An Aspect of Wealth

December 29, 2016

In eastern tradition, they say, in earthly rich, peril is concealed where as in western society and culture, there is common way of saying which goes like, behind every fortune there is crime. Both saying and expressions that exist in two different societies and cultures express one similar thing and matter in common pertaining to the world of wealth since wealth is a matter which cannot be possessed in simple way, but rather in cases in risky and bad manner.

This makes such people who live in such world or city of life to have a life which is not trouble-free since they are affected by ins and outs of the world and other people as well since they touch and affect others in very negative way. This makes such people to be seen in different eyes by the society which they respectively belong due to the fact they could become rich overnight as the very cause of their being wealthy is come as result of certain crime which they commit in their given life.

Such kinds of wealthy people are the kind of people who can shoot anyone with revolver pistol in order to protect their possession and they can use bullets as chewing gum to everyone since they are caused by crime; these kinds of people like to kill other people than put them to the court for seeking justice since they are fabricated by crime; these kinds of people are merciless since they protect their given wealth as there is nothing they love in this world other than what they possess; these kinds of people are fake and empty since their given wealth is like a house which is built on the foundation of ice basement.

The point about such kinds of wealth is based on short cuts and such people think that everything is possible out of short cuts. Such given thinking is derived out of their given personal experience of live. They are made out of short cuts and they manipulate the system to do things possible out of shortcuts. They know how to manipulate society at large and even the system since they are caused by tricks and manipulations as well.

In this regard, it is possible to see shot cuts in two aspects.  The first one is healthy short cuts; the second one is ill and bad one. In the first aspect, this can be related to escalator that it is in built on the building and instead of going to every floor by walk as people get tired of walking on foot; it is healthy, safe, time and energy saving, to use the escalator, which is good one. In the second aspect, gambling and corruptions are examples of such kinds since many people get rich out of corrupt way and crimes which do give bad signal to society at large as few people become rich out of the blue, most people question the integrity of the system at large and they make other think that it is possible to be rich at any given point without transparent causes and ways of being rich, hence they could become bad examples and signals to society at large.

In such scenarios of life, such kinds of people are not only bad signals and bad examples to society at large, they could mislead and deceive individuals, society and the system since most people think by economy, they measure success on the amount of money people put in their bank account, but not on how such economy or wealth Is derived. In this case, it is not the process that is taken into account, but the end result, which is money.

When healthy process is integrated with good end, life is fruitful where as bad process cannot end with good end even if the end result is money, such ends could lead to another bad end which is hard to accept. They say, the end justifies the means since most people could be wealthy, but they could be the most dissatisfied and disappointed people in their life, in which they could end up in bad or nothing due to the fact the method or process they have been thru in order to obtain such given wealth might not be healthy or productive and they could end up in bad shape even if they have money or whatever wealth they accumulate.

Wealth is a nice thing to have in this world. It is better than being poor. There is no question about such given aspect of life. The point is not on what people have in their given accumulation, but what they think and do with what they have which is the most important thing and aspect of their given life, which could make them lead good or bad life. In such case, it is not the millions and billions they have that matter, the outcome of such millions and billions in their given thinking and way of life that does matter and makes any given sense to anyone.

Wealth is a process which people derived out of their given way of life which they employ in this world and it cannot be an end goal for and to life. Wealth is a practice and course of action that comes as result of doing something in life, in good or bad way. Wealth is useful and essential tool which people utilize in order to achieve something higher and profound in life.


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