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The State of Tragedy

Posted on: 1 Dec 2016

December 1, 2016

A government or division of government may declare that their area is in a state of emergency. This means that the government can suspend and/or change some functions of the executive, the legislative and/or the judiciary during this period of time. It alerts citizens to change their normal behavior and orders government agencies to implement emergency plans. A government can declare a state of emergency during a time of natural or human-made disaster, during a period of civil unrest, or following a declaration of war or situation of international/internal armed conflict. It can also be used as a rationale (or pretext) for suspending rights and freedoms guaranteed under a country’s constitution or basic law.

Accordingly, an individual can also be in state of emergency in one’s own way for dual reasons, one is internal and the other is external too since one can be affected by others as many dots establish and build up a line and summation of many parts can create one whole too. However, it is just temporal. Everything has a beginning and an end as well since one thing commences at one point and completes at another point too. In this case, life gets a different meaning and taste in which such aspect of life has something to deliver due to the fact that things and circumstance change.

Circumstances shape one’s reality and personality since one’s reality is created by the ins and outs of life. Ins and outs are affected by the surrounding environment in which life is truly affected by social rules and laws, how other individuals think and behave, and other many factors as well. In such scenario of life, things change as reality too and many aspects of life due to the fact everything is made up of many other things that cause them to exist.

Any given state of emergency cause some kind of suspension in terms of outside right and freedom, which are entertained in outer plane of existence,  in which the internal ones are still going on as matter of fact life goes one as result of peoples choices and freedom they make in life too. People make certain choices as result of what they think and feel and such kinds of cases do have an impact on choices people make in life even if they are temporal, they have an impact on everyone’s life in that given domain. Thus, life goes on as things keep going.

However, when any given state of emergency is declared as result of public protests and mass demonstration which are caused by the anger society has burnt in its inside, such anger causes fear to the other part, to the state, and the state officially declares that its power and authority and power is under question, it should return back by legitimizing illegitimate acts an thinking as this indicates that the state is shaking and things are going beyond the control of power and the state can use excessive force to maintain the balance of its position and power.

Anger causes fear. Fear brings confusions and contradiction. Confusion and contradiction cause conflicts and divisions. Conflict and division cause disintegration and decomposition. Disintegration and decomposition cause death. Death brings another new chapter of life. This is just a way life goes on.

When any given anger comes and is reflected to the outside and within the public at large, such anger could have different and continuing phases since such given anger is an outburst of the many silent years and times society have been thru. In this case, anger is one good way of making significant changes in the society otherwise things do not change. Anger is huge energy that converts bad into good as result of it manifestation and reflection to the outside world since people do not change unless and otherwise they are pushed by an outside factor and causes.

But, fear is a danger since it can create catastrophe as result of frustration it induces by its very nature. Whatever thinking and action is caused by fear, it creates some sort of imbalance and spontaneous thinking and feeling that can destroy what has been built for centuries and ages due to the fact that it is anger that causes such given fear. Anger and fear can destroy anything and everything as result the action and reaction both have been doing and interacting by their very nature.

Anger goes to the public as result of its experience and exposures in life in which it is caused by the disappointment and dissatisfaction which the public has entertained in its daily undertaking while fear goes to the state as result of the anger it receives from the public. Anger and fear are managed in here by another law in order to maintain the balance of the state, not the future of the society in which the issue and question is about maintaining power and authority, but not necessarily determining the fate of society’s future or saving society from the future danger it is going to encounter, if corrections and adjustments are not made wisely and properly.

And it is always important, necessary and useful to separate and differentiate, and not to confuse the space and gap that exist between any given nation towards its respective state since nation is quite an entity which is by far way far from the state though the state currently addresses the issues of any given nation due to the fact that the state is time bound where as the nation is not; the state has its own limitation to represent any given nation as the way and things currently are telling for quite many different reasons. Any given state can represent any given nation for a time being, as what the nation needs is not properly addressed and managed by any given state, the state could no longer exist as history of the world testifies and unequivocally state and demonstrate in the life of this world too.

While such theatrical drama of life is going on, the state keeps maintaining its power and authority, by making another plastic surgery under the law of state of emergency, people keep on living their own life affected and influenced by it though such way of handling society and public affair is common in every land, but it is not warranty in creating safe and prosperous future and society without doing the proper things due to the fact that inducing fear to the minds of the public could aggravate the danger already is on stage since the point is not about making plastic surgery, but correcting past mistakes and faults so that the future can be free of such failures and catastrophes as well.


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