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Heart to Head

Posted on: 29 Sep 2016

September 29, 2016

Business owners who genuinely lead with their heart—not just their head—are also more equipped to connect with the emotional needs of employees. They understand that people have the need to be valued, respected, listened to and involved.

Academicians are people who believe on the power of reason and rational in order to believe on something. Hence, they require proofs and arguments in order to validate something as true. They seek justifications in order to judge on something. They use the power of head than the heart.

Religionists are considered as the people of the heart since they believe in something without seeing. They say, blesses are they who believes without seeing. This does mean that there are things which are truthful since they do not need to be justified as there are certain matters that need the power of faith which voids the power of rational.

Politicians are into the power of reasons since they want to think in systematic manner as they do not believe in anything without even seeing. They believe that things exist as they see, and touch due to the fact that they  have more of pragmatic approach in their thinking and methods and they do not accept anything as true without justifications and they are more into the power of the head than to the heart.

When further process of thinking and analysis is done on the end goals of those people who are into the city of the heart, business people are into money and wealth and religious people are into personal salvations which they think they derive out of the communion to the power of divinity that they assume, God. Both end goals are connected to seeking personal interest and selfish advantages than that of society or the world at large.

While further thinking is applied on the end goals of what those people who reside in the world of the head are considered, academicians are into seeking enlightenment and knowledge which serve their own best interest, but such knowledge can benefit the outsiders or the multitude beyond themselves otherwise it is just nothing; and the politicians are into ambition of seeking power monopoly or ambition to lead over others and they end up in seeking all kinds of authority within the society at large.

Hence, salivation and money are into the city of the hearts where as enlightenment or knowledge and power are into the city of the head. In such cases, it is quite interesting to note that any given individuals seeks all these four basic and fundamental aspects of life to visit in one’s given home since they can make life easier or simpler. Everyone can get whatever things they want in life since they think that these are the most important and useful features and elements of life.

The point is that few people are into salvation; others are into money and wealth; others are into city of enlightenment; others are into ambition or power.  They live fragmented in the life of human society since it is not only possible to have four of them reside in combined and integrated manner in one given individual life. They need quite opposite and contradictory processes and needs in order to have them in one person’s life due to their natural characteristics and processes of life they deliver.

Seeking salvation requires believing without seeing where as the power of knowledge requires believing in things with seeing in which such way of life at least cannot be integrated in one’s life since it is not only possible to have them in one’s life as they are opposite and contradictory too. How come fire and water can live without one ruining the other? How come oil and water can live mixed with each other? Both cannot live together since it is their given nature and character that make them to be in such state and condition of life.


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