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Road—Head to Heart

Posted on: 28 Sep 2016

September 28, 2016

80 years of age is quite something to the existence of an individual since it can be culmination of one’s life on the earth depending on the GDP and life expectancy of any given society to which the individual respectively belongs. However, 80 years can be quite small to formation and existence of any given society span of existence and life since society’s and individual performance in life has different parameters in existence due to the  fact that society is combination of many individuals where ass the individual is just an individual. Hence, they have different ways of formulating and application in making their recipes as to their survival, existence and better performance in life.

In such given interaction of life, there are people who communicate and understand in head to heart realities of life with nicer and smoother way of life as there are people who never communicate with their own realities of life, given head to heart and they live with misunderstanding within their own reality, forget about understanding others. In this given aspect of life, listening to what the head says is a challenge to the heart since both communicate in different aspect and features of life as per their given nature since head has different mechanism and approaches towards life where heart also uses a its own mechanism for its own sake and survival.

Most people say, listen to your heart than to your head in which the human heart is mostly associated to the natural and instinctual feelings and thought that contain more elements of truth than to that of the head since head is mostly connected with reason and rational which is always subjected to err.  Consequently, when people listen to their heart, there is no need to justify for such listening and understanding which they come about as result of their given personal exposures in their given life although they are asked to justify anything they come about as result of the power of reason since it is assumed that there is some kind of rational behind any given thing they have come about from their given head.

Head to heart has both physical and emotional or psychological spaces in which one is seen and the other is unseen, and such space can be integrated and filled out, not only by the pumping of blood, but also by harmonious and coordinated interaction and communication of thinking and feelings too. When such physical and non-physical interactions and communications between head to heart is nicely done, life becomes smooth and things will be in safe manner. Otherwise, as the opposite is on stage, life will always be struggling and things will not be simple to undertake.

Both materials and non materials aspects of life are important to coordinate and harmonize the movement and interactions between head to heart since they are imperative and useful elements of life. But, the point is to maintain the right balance so as to derive the harmony which can create to melodious life style than that of the noise. Head is about thinking where as heart is about feelings. Thinking and feelings are part of human reality and nature and they have their own truthful elements of life. There are certain truths that are derived by thinking and as there are certain truths which are governed by feelings too. There are also certain truths that are derived out of combination and harmonious interactions of both thinking and feelings too.

The road from heart to head is wide and narrow, in which the same is also true from society’s head to society’s heart, which can be narrowed depending on the harmony and integration process individuals make in their process of life since both head and heart are communicating based on thoughts and feeling in which there are time what the head says cannot be accepted by the heart since heart is in cases slow in most cases interaction and communication that it makes with the head and with what the head dictate, and such conflict and contradiction in such given aspect of the human life is customary to any given individuals’ and society’s existence of life at universal basis.

In society where the road to heart has big gap and is wider, it is challenging task to individuals to derive their given head to heart communications to go smoother since the bigger circle is in chaos. Although, individuals can create their own balance within their own given setting, as far as the outer and bigger circle is under chaos, their given individual and other mini-circles are also affected and disturbed by the imbalance and chaos of the outer bigger circle as well.  Though, there are claims that are going in most societies that are trying to develop their own life standards and way of life while living within such chaotic world and society, such claim is their own their own ego-centered and self-centered outlook in which such claim is just mere claim that can satisfy their own personal which cannot escape from being an outburst of their given ignorant emotions and thinking which is derived out of denying the whole and general truth.

Accordingly, there are individuals, societies and institutions that have wider gap in their communication from head to heart in which such interaction and communication is noticed and observed in what is outwardly communicated and expressed actions and reactions they make in life. When people and societies are from and into the heart, it is more of emotions. When society and people are into the mind, they are about into rational and thinking. Hence, when head to heart communication gets closer is done when the power of reason is in harmony with the power of emotions too.

Emotions are spontaneous feelings that come to happen as result and reaction to certain actions which individuals, societies and institutions face in life. And the way any given individual, society and institution react to any given incident in life could be similar since the nature of emotions cannot change as result of the actions which any given incident hit in one’s life. For example, when any individual, society, or institutions is hurt or damaged by any other party, anger comes out. They could differ on how they reflect and handle such anger since it depends on the maturity and experiences on how any give individual or society or institutions handle that given anger.

The war between head to heart is historical one which is inherited from past which vary as per the nature and character of individuals and societies. The peace between head and heart is also historical one which generations inherit from past way of life. In such peace and war situations and conditions of the human affairs and life, the world is shaped by different ideologies and thinking and feelings and emotions that put the world we live now under such shape and way of life. The point in here is that, are such ideologies and beliefs helpful to narrow the gap between head to heart is till question left unanswered as there are conflicts and contradictions going on, the gap between head to heart is getting wider.

In world and societies where the road between head to heart is getting wide at any given individual level and most individuals have such wider gap which is reflected in their given daily undertaking—confusions and contradictions are the becoming natural characteristics of their life—it is chimera to expect that such given space can be narrowed down at society and institutional levels, due to the fact that both societies and institutions should work hard in order to narrow such gaps at individual level. Such wider in gap  individual level is at least a reflection and an indicator that societies and institutions are not working hard to narrow the gap that individuals have while discharging their given undertakings too.

The point about life is not only narrowing the gap that exist between head to heart, not by suppressing those challenges that can widen such gap, but it is about diminishing them forever thru providing necessary and lasting solutions to those challenges that can widen such gaps, not only by new and different ideologies and beliefs but also by observable and noticed deeds that can ably culminate such oppressions between both cities of life, the city of the head and the city of the hearts too. Any given thinking can be overcome by another thinking and any given feeling can be overcome by another feelings too. In such process of overcoming thinking and feeling, both can meet at the juncture where  they can be integrated and harmonized well so that nicely orchestrated melody of life can be on stage within such process of life.


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