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Posted on: 19 Sep 2016

September 19, 2016

People have life in this world due to the fact that they belong to certain groups and they have some kind of group identity even if they do not check the truthful and genuine aspect of the foundations of such groups, which they respectively belong. Although it is good to have group identity since it delivers some kind of emotional satisfactions towards their given reality, such inclination of having group interest, such way of life could lead to wrong ends due to the fact that people are bonded with each other with wrong and fake wire and networks that could be lost at any given time since they are vain and empty.

People follow and belong to certain group and way of life since they want to belong to certain group identity than they have full or much grasp of what their give group claim. They have no clear grasp of what that given group belong claims and will claim in the future due to the fact they have no adequate capacity to have such grasp. Most number of population in any given group or way of life are just followers, people who go where the wind blows, and they have no enough grasp to question and investigate further. Hence, they put life this world in such sheet circle of looks since it is ignorance that plays significant and major role in shaping and building any given group dynamics.

For example, a year has 365 days. one community and society can claim that a month has 19 or 20 days, others could say 29 or 30 days, others could claim that it has 30 or 31 days.This does not make any given difference since they cannot change the fundamentals of day which is 24 hours for a day. This does not make any given community or society special or better since this is about counting that do not have any given impact on the thinking machinery. When they shift from one calendar to another, it is like shifting on the arrangements of seats or chairs in any given hall than doing any other thing than determine on the fate of the entire world g as they shift from one counting to another.

The point here is not  on the nature of calendars which people practice, but rather on what and how people and think in such given days. Choosing any given calendar or changing one calendar to another is not warranty that people are truthful and correct, they are civilized or not, they change and transform in thinking, attitude and deeds too. The most important thing in here is not the number of days or months, but rather, the hours which are spent in every day. The most essential aspect of such life is on what people perform in their given daily undertakings which are beneficiary to themselves and to the society which they respectively belong.

Likewise, when people follow any given religious views and doctrines, they fast according to the time  or calendar which they abide and follow. It is not the number of days or hours that they fast which is the most important and essentials of such given aspects of life, but the amount or degree of personal transformations which they enjoy in their given life as result of such practice is the most necessary aspect of such practice and way of life. As one considers such matter, people keep on fasting in any given calendar which they practice, but, they do not even change; in fact, this world is going to bad and worse as they fast, and as  the number of people and days which they fast do increase. Hence, it is no the calendar that is the dictating factor, but the will and choice of individuals that matter.

Accordingly, there are several approaches of life in this world and they are classified and categorized under different tags and denominations in which every groups of society has an author or a founder, doctrine or philosophy, administrative make up and machinery, a place or an office, leaders and followers and the like. They have their own look and perspective towards this world, how everyone one should behave towards centers of authority, to the society and to the individual next to oneself.

One of the manifestations of civilized person is in relation to the idea thing in which that given person knows how to channel a given Idea and knows whom to share, or whom not to share since such is a working that could take years and ages. There are different layers of individuals in this regard. There are people who have original Idea; there are people who copy and paste; there are people who distort others view and idea try to complicate and the like. All are options people take.

Such spirals of people have somehow claim that they have their own way of inspiring and empowering their respective adherents in their circle and thus they claim that they have efficient and effective thinking and administrative machinery so that if their thinking and concepts are bought by everyone, it is good to the betterment and benefit of the world and humanity at large.

Although, all of them have developed certain pattern within and outside their shell, they still struggle to win the challenges they face inside and those tests that come from the outside, there is one common thing they share, which is Suspicion within and from the outside in which they lack trust or they try to be nice to others not from the perspective of having trust, but with superficial eye of trust and they have no choice since they want to undertake certain activities accordingly and they somehow have to achieve it.

Bearing this mind, such evolutionary pattern and movement of such circles and networks of communities and societies is leading the entire world to a certain direction in which all claim that the world is heading in way we see it or think and the struggle and drama is still pending. The whole world is going partially to a direction all claim, but the destiny is far from the point they all claim. They tell three nice words, these are promise and hope, in which faith is necessary requirement to reach to the destined point this world, is designed to reach in the future.

Many of the ways of life that are going on the earth to date do not claim ultimate victory, but they claim mini-victory in ever year as if they are the champions. In world all are competing, all cannot win; there must be at least one or two groups that should lose. They compete and they claim victory. They justify their given claims by the so called promises they are delivered and they have never checked the accuracy and truthfulness of such promises, but they keep living on deceiving and tricking themselves and others too.

Such promise are sown in the past by few ambitious people, they are just growing in the hearts and minds of others, but there is no such outward manifestations and reflections on how far such promises are significantly happening and growing in the objective reality. People keep on transferring from one generation to the other, even if the objective world sounds that it has no clue of what they are claiming and talking about since there is no such a thing, except, their given imaginative worlds, the mansions, and building complexes they have built, in fact, things are happening in cases contrary to what their given promises claim.

Acceptance is a nice quality in life. When certain incidents hit and occurs contrary to what people think and claim, people have to accept such occurrences since they just happen and they are truthful and there is no point of fighting back—arguing and confronting back—with fake gesture of winning mentality and getting bloodshed which are not the sign of maturity and what this century and age demands. We live in different Century and time, in which character and thinking personify one’s reality than muscle and physical power. This is not what a civilized people should think and behave.

When people fail to undertake any given task or undertaking, they should accept that they have failed than justify such failures with wrong reasons and opinions that could lead them to further wrong, disappointments, and dissatisfactions in the end.  In such case, they live in vicious circle of failures and they live on justifying failures as if they are success. This is what this world lacks and it prefers to keep on living with fake, vain and empty gesture of fake and fictitious identity as well.

Though, the world could look like empty and vacuum with ways of life underway that exist in this world since many people are helped out due to the fact that they are already shaped in way such continuity should happen, this cannot be used as means of justifying their given continuity since it should be the truth and truthful grounds in every aspect of their given undertaking that should serve as means for justification.


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