The Three Gods within God

September 15, 2016

Human life is a physical or material, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and other ingredients and elements of life which does give purpose and plan that make such process continuing in way one keeps contributing to the other to the world of infinity and to the end that has no end. In such process of continuum world, there are three different features of certain matters or causes that help humanity or society to have life or they facilitate the purpose of existence and they contribute something to the continuing world.

These matters or causes shape this world to date. These matters or causes are responsible and accountable factors to the failures or successes of what this world has made to date. These matters or causes are the major actors of the theater or drama which this world has demonstrated in this world to date. These matters are the primal architects and engineers of the many causes that are formulated and going on within them that guide and shape humanity to date.

The first ones are those causes that have modest or humble start at the beginning, but never ending to date since they are inclusive. They just continue with the way they are and they claim victories every year and they assume that they have succeeded in achieving their own goals and visions. The second ones are those who have a start, but they have vanished due to their given failures and they are no more existing. The third ones are vey exclusive circles that do not accommodate anything since they are close to limited circle, they live continuing and they exist to date.

In connection to the first ones are those organizations or communities that preach to enroll membership towards their given domain—be it religious, political or societal organizations—in which they incorporate many people towards their given domain since they claim that they want to bring about fundamental change to the world and to the life of human society at large. These are existing to this date since they are seen on stage that they compete with each other in enrolling greater number of membership by creating all kinds of attraction mechanism so that people enter their given domain.

Although all claims to bring unity and oneness, the entire and end result of their achievement is summed up in bringing disunity and division between people of the world since as many people join every circle, the probability of being in different line and ways of life is becoming and getting wider as people join different circles. All could claim increase in number of their given population size since the one and major factor in here is that the population of the world is increasing in every year and there is also wide shift which people make in joining one circle to the other in every year as well.

In connection to the second ones are those organizations of same kind as mentioned on the above, they have a beginning and they have also their own end since they have failed for many reasons. The first cause could be financial reasons; the second reason could be failure in their motives and intentions; the third reason could be they have failed with the entire vision they undertake as a matter of fact that reality has proven them wrong and they are found impractical and unrealistic and wrong in due course of time, consequently, members have left them away since they cannot be found as useful and helpful principles to guide their life as they stay on this world of existence too.

In connection to the third one are those empires or kingdoms or monarchs that exist to date, they have closed membership and they have their own causes and they affect the life of many people within their given domain. These kingdoms or monarchs have limited membership since they are confined to blood membership and they do not even allow anyone outside their given blood heritage and their given membership is limited to few numbers as matter of fact that they are exclusive by their given nature and character.

The third types of causes are the major contributing factors to the first or the second ones in ancient times and in past few centuries as well since they are the ones who source the finance and the funding as well. The first and second ones are under the mercy of the third ones due to the fact that third ones have longer years of existence and they are the ones who invent, advocate and promulgate both the other two kinds of causes. The drama that was going within this world in past few centuries before was between the third ones even if it is going in partial way to this date.

In fact, there are stronger and much better causes that originate from such causes of the third types, which are by their own, such as the independent states and causes, in this time as they are self-subsisting by themselves by now. They create their own kingdom within their own domain as they become the envy of the world in which they are in today considered as examples and set of standards to other many causes and matters too.

We live in world that success and failures are part and parcel of the process of life in this world as such three features are considered due to efforts and choices people make in life and will be doing same too in the future.


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