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Vacuum and Thinking

Posted on: 9 Sep 2016

We came from a world which we do not know—before the zygote—we depart to the world we do not know. The time and space factors between such worlds do exist here, which is the BIG MATRIX, that define our reality in terms of time—Past, Present, Future—whose combination and end result ultimately tell after the last breath of our stay on earth, which we call, Death.

We exist in a form of the powers of the Minds—thinking, imagination, memory—of other peoples understanding and interpretation about us. Existence here has different form after we depart, but we still exist. We live being software, since our hardware is turned to dust. Our existence could have different color and flavor, which could give us a clue of existence in different forms and realities.

We live in a world which is bounded by time and space in which time and space are boundaries and measurements for many of the interactions and actions and reactions since both are the natural reality of this world, and there are certain requirements like—height, distance, length and volume—whose standard could neglect other aspects of our lives which are not measured by such aspects, but could take into account certain happenings and occurrences.

In this case we tend to proclaim that our world is becoming wholly pragmatic in much aspect as well. Any given idea is not an idea unless it is practically translated to this objective reality. For this reason, much of our reality is spent to those few ideas that get a chance to get translated into this objective world. And thus we are obliged to be confined to these limited perceptions in which this world has chosen for itself by its few powerful people.

Thinking is a potent force that emanates from the mind whose abstraction and complexity and influence vary on the potency and magnitude of the thought. Here, it is connected and related with the power it is naturally bestowed that create a unifying effect on many minds. Thinking relates to simple and complex ideas that can change how and people think in the past. Thus it is a force.

Neurologists state that every ordinary human being can think up to 60,000 thoughts per day. This means any given person thinks like from simple to complex, best to worst ideas in a given day. This is an idea like; let me wash my hands up to Einstein’s law of gravity. Such thinking activity depends on the experience and daily routines of individuals. This is mainly dependent up on activities and practices.

A doctor could think about as given patient for many times a day. A soldier could think if pone is in a war field, on how to shoot and kill others. A police man could think in most of these days on the crimes and investigation process one is carrying out. An intelligence person could think of conspiracy and sabotage. A prime minister could think on how far his plans are carried out and put himself in anxiety whether the plan is met in successful manner or not. Everyone has one’s own anxiety and nightmare in one’s own way.

There are certain aspects of life that create some sort of vacuum at an individual life in which there is an already created vacuum in natural way. There is always vacuum naturally created in life. Life is not created complete, and it is up to the individual to figure out what is missing to fill the vacuum. The means and methods one uses to fill such naturally created vacuum is what makes individual to have vary with each other, which is seen and reflected on the methods of life and approaches they have and follow in their own lives.

The second types of vacuums of life are created due to miscommunications and misunderstanding between people while interacting and communicating with each other, which is reflected in the mistakes and errors they commit and they use various mechanism to correct and resolve the types of mistakes they commit their lives. This is also depending on the maturity of individuals on how they resolve their issues and related matters.

The third types of vacuums in life are created due to desires and ambitions. Many people have their own ambitions and desires and they plan to perform such ambitions in their own fashion. In this case, they could enter in certain vacuums, which is to be figured out by their own way and styles of life. When a person becomes ambitious, pride and ego start germinating in one’s mind, and the ambitious matter gets fulfilled in a way one has visualized, both grow up and they could create some explosives in the surrounding environment and covers certain areas that could damage others which in turn could create another vacuum in life in others.

The fourth types of vacuums in life are created as result of the consequences of the ambitions or desire one has, in which such matters could touch not only the author and owner of that particular ambitions and desire, but do have an impact on the surrounding environment since this could touch others in both positive and negative aspects of their lives.

In order to fill such vacuums of life, people tend to invent or belong to any given thinking or form of belief in order to fill the space that exists in such vacuum. This space is in cases accommodated by certain form of thinking or belief that emanates from the human mind. The human mind is the author of every thinking. Such thinking can be organized and systematized in one aspect; it can also be non-systematic and spontaneous in another aspect. However, whatever form and type of thinking exist, thinking plays eminent role in filling the gap.

Any given thinking has every right and privilege to be practical in its own to this objective world. There are two types of thinking. The first ones are ideas that have objective form and spaces. For example, when Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone, the idea rang in his mind and then he came up with a device so as to translate his original idea into this practical world.

The second types of thinking or ideas are those thinking that have shape and space in one’s mind, but they do not have any outward space. They manifest themselves in peoples’ daily lives and routines. These are abstract ideas by their very nature, but they have influence over many people’s mind since they are found useful and necessary. They deserve peoples’ attention since the message they carry help people’s daily routines. These are religious doctrines and philosophers ideologies.

There are different kinds and types of philosophies in this world that humankind has been taught and practiced, and they made enormous contribution to the life of human society depending on the potency of the thought and the magnitude it covers. Philosophy is about thought and system of thoughts and beliefs that are articulated and organized in a way it can have an impact on the life of human society. Philosophy is way of thinking and way of life.

There are thinking that are sophistry, but never worked out since the motive and the drama they carry is not consistent with the need of the time and with the law of this universe. Consistency and compatibility here plays major role in making any thought working out at large, otherwise it will be considered as if it is fancy and will remain attracting certain groups of society.

Hence, there are different types of thinking and concepts that survive attracting numbers of individuals at all level. There are thinking and ways of life that survive for many thousand years having numbers of followers and advocators. There are concepts that are introduced and vanished and do not have the trace of them at this point; and there are other thinking yet to come to have the fate of others who lived before them—they vanish or survive for years.

Why does few thinking or concepts survive for years while others vanish? One of the reasons for the survival of such thinking or concepts to many number of years is the capacity and conviction of the advocators of the concepts on the concepts they abide for, in which faith plays eminent role here in which they have certain determination and conviction to the belief or concepts they follow.

The other reason is the observable facts in the concepts in which when there are certain mattes that can be translated to the practical world, it is highly probable that such thinking could obtain acceptance from others. In this case, one could think that the concept is not on the air, and something that can be translated down to the earth, though it is not possible to translate everything, but could make assume those who follow that everything is possible.

The thinking could satisfy personal interest or ambition of individuals in which when a given concept is introduced it could contain certain variables the society need. Due to the selfish aspect of human beings, certain concepts could get broader recognition. The other reasons here is due to the movement of the cadres in the system on how they are organized. Here the role of the cadres is highly critical. Every given system maintains its integrity with its own cadres. Cadres play great role in fulfilling the mission of any given concept or thought.

And the synergetic effects of such vacuums in life do have an effect on the thinking machinery that do have a direct impact on one’s reality and individuality on the approaches and mechanism one is having in filling the vacuums and spaces one has so that life becomes more enigmatic. In fact, there are quite numerous individuals who could not have a clue that they have vacuum in such things, and they live just having what is on their verandas, but this does not mean that such vacuums do not exit. Ignorance does not guarantee absence of vacuums, but as they are aware, they could see things in better look and thinking too.


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