The Need for Paradigm Shift

September 8, 2016

In this world, life has many exciting and depressing facets and features. And what makes life interesting and spicy in here is that it has many complex and sophisticated features as well as one goes deeper and have further investigation and research. Accordingly, there are three obvious major actors of drama of life on the earth. These are the individual, society and institutions. These three have been playing and acting on the stage of this world and performing their own characters and functions on the stage.

The health of any given individual has an impact on the institution and society level depending on the influence and involvement of that given individual has both at society and institution level. A taxi driver and a minister cannot have equal impact on the shape and form any given society and institution. Since the minister makes a decision that could have an impact on the life of taxi driver. Society is comprised of individuals and institution in a way both have a cumulative impact on the shape of a type of society is created. In this case, society has its own components and ingredients that could enable its daily routines in effective and efficient manners. Hence it is important and necessary to have a deeper look that makes or put a given society in healthy or unhealthy manner. Here, society can be considered as separate entity.

The cumulative impact of such individuals that make any given society and its institutions look great or not. The synergetic effect of such combination and integration of such individuals that do have great impact on the making of any given society.  In societies where many accountable and responsible citizens are there, the look of such society is crystal clear unlike the less number of accountable and responsible citizens should look as well.  the need for any given individual level are mainly connected to food, clothing , shelter, freedom of speech and expression and other related human and personal needs; where as the need for society at large are the need to have justice and fairness; equality of rights and abundance of freedom and the like.

For example, in the world history, there are two historic and magnificent political and societal revolutions that change the course and fate of society, not only in terms of political ideology but also in way society shapes its future too. These are the American and French Revolution. The American Revolution was a political upheaval that took place between 1765 and 1783 during which colonists in the Thirteen American Colonies rejected the British monarchy and aristocracy, overthrew the authority of Great Britain, and founded the United States of America. The French Revolution was a period of far-reaching social and political upheaval in France that lasted from 1789 until 1799, and was partially carried forward by Napoleon during the later expansion of the French Empire.

The causes for such revolutions vary as per the nature of the type of situations and condition in which societies were in that given particular period of time in their history. The former was connected to removing colonial power, freedom and liberty, are the main issues; the later was connected to shift in culture, political, financial, and economic reasons. The Enlightenment philosophy promoted a new society based on “reason” instead of traditions (Cultural); the emergence of an influential bourgeoisie evolved into a caste with its own agenda and aspired to political equality with the clergy (First Estate) and the aristocracy (Second Estate); France’s debt, which led to implement new taxation and to reduce privileges; (financial); the monarch faced virulent opposition from provincial parliaments which were the spearheads of the privileged classes’ resistance to royal reforms (political); the deregulation of the grain market, advocated by liberal economists, resulted in an increase in bread prices (economic).

While such given undertaking of life is going on, society, individuals and institutions are found within one particular domain could be found under conflict and contradictions for many reasons. Among the main reasons are lack of justice and fairness, lack of freedom and rights, freedom of expressions and  opinions and other factors that are related to such given essential and useful components of life especially for the making up of healthy and dynamic society. in this case, it is useful to contemplate on past failures and remedy such failures in way that they do not come again.

Considering society as different entity apart from individual and institution, the health of any given society is mostly determined by few individuals who could create a noise or a sound in the daily routines and interaction of people. The role of such few people in most case considered as the voice of most part of the society due to the fact that few have power and authority over the mass by the use of armaments. This is one of the traditional ways of governing society in this world.

Therefore, the health of society is mainly affected by laws, policies rumors, gossips and the like, which such few people formulate, that could create a noise or melody in many aspects of life. As things go wrong in any given social dynamics, few justify the act they do on the mass, since they use armaments in order to protect the rule of law and maintain order. When the mass protests against the few, the drama behind such story is, we do not want your rule of law, which you fabricate on us, but we can establish our own rule of law in our way and accent of life. There is clear distinction between the mass protest against the rule of law which few fabricate rule and govern. In this case, the few start another drama in which they fabricate all kinds of new laws and policies in order to divert the drama that is going on stage.

Any governing or ruling body can rule society thru the instrumentality of fear it induces within society, bu this works for sometime. Fear has limit, when it exceeds its limit, society revolts to overcome such fear so that things will not be same again as was in past. This is like, when a government orders a given society to pie by turning to the left, in which there could be a practice that many could do by turning to the right, here everything changes. People start murmuring inside until such murmurings explode and burst out to the field as time goes by.  This given policy could force for certain mental paradigm shift to a very different angle.

The conversations and practices after a given policy changes, which could have an impact on how society used to think and perceive many things in its own domain. As line is made up of combination of  many dots, in which every small to complex thinking and act has their own respective impact on the making of giant causes too, every single conversation and thinking which every individual makes will have eventual impact at sometime in the future with summed and cumulative effect it is going to bring about. When new laws and policies are formulated and put into practice, it is not only the direction that is changed here, the mentality also changes. The practice is designed with its own reasons in the past, when such new practices are designed to a different paradigm, even if there was no rational behind, people could justify and add many rationales to justify on why such new practices are required.

What is quite interesting in here could be as there are new policies or ways of doing things are come, but the society or those who formulate such changes do not even change; in this case, such quest for looking and new way of life could be paralyzed and it will be as just mere and ink than any other thing. This happen for many reasons since change is not reality that comes by drafting and designing and re-redesigning policies and regulation, but rather it is a natural process of life which an individual, society and institutions come up as result of such process of life. Change is about mental paradigm shift at every level.

What such given society or institution do when they fail in many of the undertakings they carry out, they start reshufflings many things within its own domain, they reshuffle activities and functions and authorities too. This is a sign of decomposition into the end. However the need of the age is complete transformation of the thinking machinery while it is unchanged. The kind of requirement in here is not doing plastic surgery, but transforming the entire thinking machinery to new and different undertaking.

In this case, as the existing one has already failed, failed thinking machinery cannot bring about successful thinking machinery to the future, but rather such machinery should be removed and replaced by another new and different thinking machinery so that new ones can be invented and replaced due to the fact it is not possible to bring new and dynamic thinking with an already exhausted mental settings, mindset and thinking and way of doing things. This is not about replacing old people with younger people, but it is about mental setting since such kind of societies look for paradigm shift. Past trend and way of doing things have brought forth to current unprecedented catastrophe which will not stop but rather such chaos and confusion will continue like any given time bomb that can explode at any time in the future.

For instance, there is a given building complex that can accommodate around 2000 people at a time. This building was constructed like 50 years ago. Due to current condition and need of the age, there are two aspects which the current and existing building cannot accommodate since it is already out dated in terms of design and volume as well.  The first one is the look of the building in which experts could see some sort of failure in the design aspect. The other is in terms of capacity and number of people it should accommodate.

While experts analyze the nature of the building they realize that there is much space left unused due to the mindset that exists in 50 years ago, and the current need in terms of a capacity has come to happen and the size should be raised to accommodate 10,000 people. In this given case, these two conditions should be resolved, no by changing and shifting one office to another, from one place to another or rearranging the seats that exist within the building. The building should be removed and another new and different one should come to place in that same plot so that newer and better design can be created and the size of the building should be used in way it can accommodate the required people. This does not mean that the 2000 seats should be removed, not, but another 8000 seats and additional offices should be included too.



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