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Privacy Vs Friendship

Posted on: 6 Sep 2016

September 6, 2016

People establish and make different kinds of friendship with different objects of friendship. The first one is a friendship they establish with people. The second one is friendship which they establish with ideas and thoughts. The third one is a friendship which they establish with animals. The other one is a friendship which they establish with plants and nature as whole. All vary as per the context and nature of object of friendship which they establish.

Accordingly, everyone has at least four or five features of life and identity while one interacts with other people and such given personality and individuality is one big factor when people interact and communicate with other people. These are what the person thinks who one is, what the person practically is, what the person dreams, aspires to be, or wishes to be, and what the person is perceived and understood by others and what and how the person understands and perceive them as well.

Most people define their status and personality with the types of friendship they establish with other people. In such cases, many people have many kinds of friends which vary as per the context and character of understanding and level of understanding with each other. Friendship is by itself has its own culture and language. People become friends with other people since they are compatible with thinking and character otherwise they cannot be friends.

All types of friendship they establish have an impact on the types of personality and reality they want to come about in which those people who come up with friendship with different objects of friendships tell their reality and the degree of their nobility and   the type of life objective and visions they set for their reality. They shape their personality accordingly. Although it is very hard to find people who have created certain intimacy with ideas and thinking, all kinds of friendship people establish with people are important and useful.

There are people who look great with the types of friendship they establish as there are people who are lost and found in the middle of nowhere since they have got wrong company and intimacy with other people. One is not found in both cities since one approach other people for purpose and there is no such special intimacy one wants to establish with other people. This does not mean that one does not have confidence in life or other people are bad since one has one’s own purpose in living in the city of loneliness.

When friendship has noble purpose, it becomes nobler. However, when friendship is created for the sake of chatting and talking matters, it is good, but is not life and death thing since such ways of life are observed in most cases in failures and frustrations once most people never stay long as being friends forever due to the fact they are attracted towards others because of material and other personal benefits which they obtain from one another.

A good friend comes on stage as people promote noble purpose in life and in this case, friendship is not an end point, but rather it is a useful tool and a cross section and a process by which people meet at a point of life towards the achievement of noble purpose which make them lead nobler life. Good friends do not go away from or come to one’s place but they meet at a juncture and a point where they seek something in common in life.

If one does not like to join specific circle of friendship or intimacy, this does not mean that one wants to hide oneself or be secretive. This could mean in one aspect that that one wants to get achieved by one’s own way since one does not need any help from others. The other aspect is that is from such major point of view, one does not want other peoples’ help in ones’ life since one wants to do it by one’s own—from the fear of being tricked and deceived, from the thinking of staying way from sabotage and conspiracy things people do on others—one prefer to stay away from other people since staying away from people is tantamount to staying away from trouble.

One does not like to be remote controlled by other people since independent life is what one seeks in life. This is the sign of confidence one has in life than lacking such confidence in life. Such independence does not come by magic or holy water, or by being dependent upon others, but by following one’s own instinct, dream and keeping an eye of what others think and do. When one wants to undertake something in one’s life in one’s own way such as—one’s own belief and thinking and method—other people are useful but they are not  life and death things due to the nature and character of undertaking.

In general, it is any given matter that causes or is the first cause to friendship than people create such friendship by their own. To elucidate further, when people undertake something, that undertaking creates some kind of common ground to be with and they add other flavors to such bond in which their given character and thinking do make that given bond better and stronger. There are people who perform or belong in forwarding similar cause, but they cannot be friends since they cannot get along in terms of thinking and character.

For instance, there are people who belong to cause to promote unity of people. In such unity of people cause thing, there are people who understand such unity with having coffee in the café, other staying at restaurant or going to picnics, others sharing views and perception in occasions and the like. In this case, those people who think that such unity should come by every day hugging and going to the café cannot be in harmony with those people who like to share views in occasions. Hence, people differ though they have similar identity and belong to same cause.

In this case, getting along with other people cannot be considered as sign of strong and healthy life as there are people who are destroyed by the company which they have established with other people too as the vice versa is in cases also true. What is quite interesting is that this world is in most cases shaped by the thinking and belief of those lonely people, who are stigmatized and discriminated by society, who have no friends, but they have followers.




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