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Criticism—Theory or Practice

Posted on: 5 Sep 2016

September 5, 2016

Criticism is a pointing out faults; judging of merit, and the like. And in reality, every human being is subjected to err. In this regard, there is no point to be critic, since everyone is subjected to such matter. What is important here is that it is the degree and amount of mistake one makes, and its frequency in terms of occurrence in which when one starts touching one’s neighbor’s house hold, here it becomes an issue. This will require judicial aspects.

Minds have belly like our abdomen. The belly of the mind is a bit different. It is created with egocentric attitudes and achievements many people have in their carrier and the like. While such theatrical drama is going on, the world of pride, ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy is protected and maintained by the world of critics. They make them not to fly or be like ufo’s, or flying objects. They tell them their mother nature. Critics make these people with achieved status, people with belly, to be slimmer. Critics squeeze the belly of those personages who think that they are superior or end of everything in the things they do specialize. Here critical eye is required to keep the balance.

The interesting aspect of critic here is that it is the motive behind. Is the critic we are trying to deliver—Constructive or Destructive—and why do we give critic to certain person, society, institution, idea or topic? Are we requested by the person or any entity who claims that I have a befitting work that deserves critic and the like? Does that given work or undertaking affect or influence our life and thinking in wrong or bad way?

What is important in here is that it is not our critical look or comments that make people to have the required character in their lives, but it is their own personal drive and will that makes them to decide between set of alternatives they have in life. In this regard, our critic could be of no help and point since we are telling that we are better than you gesture look, which is not liked and regarded by anyone at this point of time. For those who tell us that we are complete and are always correct, we have to sharpen our pen and pencils in order to protect not their ego but ourselves.

People are critical since they want to perceive and interpret things in far different way than the doer or the recipient of any given matter. They see things far beyond the face value and they try to portray the truthful consequences of any given thinking within any given social dynamics.  People is delivered with one common motive which is fear of the consequences of what any given matter deliver, be it destructive or constructive. There is fear hidden within any given thinking or matter which force people to give any kind of criticism towards any given matter.

Within such fear is hidden and enrolled sense and feeling of accountability and responsibility. People are critical since they feel responsible and accountable within any given social dynamics towards any given undertaking that is going on within any given social dynamics. Otherwise, they could have kept silent and they do not act and react towards any given matter or undertaking. It is one of way of reflection of sharing common accountability though it can be accepted or not.

People are critical since they could have their own hidden agenda and desire to achieve as matter of destroying any given existing undertaking and replacing it with their own hidden agenda and undertakings. They give critic in order to make others think that the existing one has failed and it should be replaced by other mechanism with sole intention of promoting their personal best interest since the motive behind such drama is their own persona interest and agenda than the failures of the existing drama.

Does the critic giver should tell in way that I know much better things than you do or I have humble views which you have missed  in your undertaking so that if you add them in your works, your work will look much better? When there is a claim that gestures itself with I know better than you do thing by the critic giver, here, there is no need to give critics to any idea, since the eye of the perceiver is darkened by the ego centric attitude. Knowledge does not dwell in pride and arrogance.

Criticism needs quite a capacity and skill. It should be delivered in a way no to destroy anything but to build far beyond the current undertaking. In this case, such criticism can obtain acceptance by others, not for the sake and benefit of the ego of the critic giver, but with sole intention of saving the lives of others and making their own look and undertaking much better and nicer. Critic is not about removing the good, but it is about deleting the bad and unseemly.

Good critic give is like a farmer who removes the weed from the plant. A good farmer truly identifies and sort out the weed from the good plant since one has acquired the necessary and useful capacity in doing such task throughout one’s life. Critic is about removing the bad and unseemly from any given undertaking or matter and replacing such bad and unseemly with good and seemly ones.

Thus, it is not a type of undertaking anyone can carry out due to the fact that it requires two profound features of life; the first one is the motive behind such drama of delivering any given critic towards any matter or any undertaking; the second one is the matter or issue one is delivering any given critic since such given task require certain amount of practical experience and exposures of life on matters what one want to deliver such critics too.


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