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Change—Natural and Inevitable

Posted on: 1 Sep 2016

Human reality is such an interesting enigma. This is because there are certain natures which one could not be aware, but the moment certain matter hit our life, they manifest in terms of certain reactions. And in this case, one could say to oneself in one’s private conversation that is this I or another person. This is a normal process, but could cause many normal and abnormal acts and reacts depending on circumstances and situations one is passing thru. Hence, one could claim here that one does know oneself in limits and in many cases, but circumstances do shape our reality and tell who we are too.

In places where freedom of every things are restricted, one tempts to do even worse things it is not because one is attracted to that worse conditions, it is from the temptations of the deprivation of one’s freedom; meaning, if you ask me not to visit any illegal site, since you did instruct me to do so, one may go to those websites it is not only one likes them, but also you or any leadership ask do not go there and you instructed me like a child in the kindergarten; one could violate such rules since they put one’s freedom of choice in life to ground zero or under question.

In this case, it is no easy tasks to create free society due to the fact that leadership plays an eminent role in creating stable and vibrant community and society. When there are true and good leaders, such society lives stable and balanced life; whereas when such leadership is going wrong and confused, such society lives confused and frustrated life. In this case, true and good leaders should exist at all levels. Society needs profound leaders since it demands change in its undertaking. Change is one of the natural processes of life.

When great visions are carried by self centered and egoist people, the fate of such kinds of visions are paralyzed since change cannot come by selfish and self centered thinking and characters but by selfless activities and attitudes too. In such process of life, great people are born which can make such given undertakings possible. Otherwise, in places and societies where self centered personalities exist in everywhere, confusion and contradiction will be the fate of such kind of societies as well. In this case, such kinds of societies demand for leaders, but not mangers at all levels.

The primal purpose of any manger in a business or firm is to make the company profitable. One uses different mechanism to increase productivity and profitability of the business in many ways. The motto here is to make a firm have its own vision and profits and gets expand and have greater resources. Here one could combine both human and financial resources so as to create wealth to the company one is working for. It requires capacity and capabilities too.

The primal purpose of a leader is to bring change to the society. The motto is bringing about transformations in the life and thinking machinery of any given society. It requires a perspective and an idea which is compatible with the capacity and capabilities of any given society dynamics otherwise its achieve-ability and translation would be under question. It is an integration process between idea and society in which a leader is required to be a model in showing how one’s idea could be translated into practical world.

When any given leadership fails to bring fundamental change and transformation in the life of human society by the economic growth it claims, there is something missing and wrong in such leadership. There must be something or mechanism that should make any given member of society to feel and enjoy such given growth in their given life. Otherwise, such growth is a good actor in a fiction book or in a movie.

Society demands change for two purposes. The first one is to free itself from the bondage of slavery or oppression it faces from its governors. The second one is it always seek change in its life and undertaking as natural process of life. The first one is related to failures of administrators and rulers. The second one is due to the fact that change is the natural fate of life in this world. In both conditions, society could revolt since it cannot get to the point by will and choices. Governors are always attached to power and those benefit that come out of gaining such power.

Responsible leadership does not go against the interest of society at large. But, it listens and tries to understand what society wants and seeks. Responsible leadership does no abuse of rule of law with the abuse of power and force. Responsible leadership does not confuse a rule of law against the public quest for freedom and justice. Responsible leadership doe not play with the value of peace and security at the expense of society’s seek and quest for freedom and justice. Responsible leadership cannot compromise with its own its own values and undertaking and as it acknowledges its failures in its undertaking, it should leave its place and authority to other citizens who can take over such given responsibility.

For example, the recent referendum of Britain whether to remain or exit in the European Union is good example in here. David Cameron leaves his office since he cannot discharge his responsibilities and functions as he fails in his position to make British people remain in the EU. This is what it means by being responsible and this is a sign of civilized and matured leadership. When the society seeks new leadership, such leadership should leave its office so that others can function with better and new energy.

However, such way of thinking and doing in African leadership is not found in their given dictionary of life since there is something wrong and missing in their given thinking machinery. Unless and otherwise, any given leadership is overthrown by force by others, the leader is dead or pensioned, most of them prefer to assume in power and they assume office for decades. This is not good and true leadership quality since they lead society by the instrumentality of fear as they induce fear through armaments. It is fear that manipulates the relationship that exist between leadership and such society than love and respect.

Silence will be the balance that tries to normalize the entire environment and atmospheres of such kinds of leadership and society at large. But, such silence is like a time bomb since it can explode and can be turned into chaos and frustration at any given time. Egypt, Tunisia, and others are related nations are good examples of such kinds.

They say, when you want to see the real character of man, give him a power. It is good to give chances and opportunities to other people since such leadership has already failed to achieve its own goals and visions and undertakings than prefer to shout loud like barking dogs in everywhere; society could be tired of listening useless and powerless speeches such kinds of leadership make in every time as it has already given its back and there is no way that it can be turned right. Such violence and chaos that come in process of life in any given social dynamics by society are cumulative effects of past processes of life and they could lead to worst ends.

This can be remedied in sustainable manner, not by making plastic surgeries to its leadership, but completely changing and transforming the entire thinking machinery of such leadership to quite anew and  different setting and aspects of life. Otherwise same sheet will be going on in which does not benefit the leadership and society and the future dynamics of any give society at large.


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