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The Irrelevant to Relevant

Posted on: 31 Aug 2016

When the world has no activity at all levels, and there is no qualified report to be made at any given day, the Media could focus or be busy in reporting on why an ordinary man pie like this or that since there is nothing to report, by inviting all kind of experts why a given person pie like this or that, by bringing historical background on how pie starts and who started it and delivering all kinds of explanations and suggestion from all kind of cultures and walks of life. They make others to be foolish like them since they have no worthwhile news and thus they set their own priorities accordingly.

This made me remember to an interview which was conducted on a movie called “ Dave” the fake American president of one time in history in which experts deliver all kinds of serious and scientific explanations on his fake policies and strategies without realizing that they are making jokes on their life as few people laugh at them being at behind and at the corner since they already knew the fake drama which they already made on stage and the game  and trick they have played on the public and on experts too. In this case, the public follow what the few put on the Media and make all kind of good and bad comments. That is why as they say, Media shapes the world; since Media is the most powerful tool to influence and they govern most than any other means of communications.

There are many incidents of life at different levels and scales in which when such needs get crystallized in form of leadership or get institutionalized, they fall under the mercy of leaders who decide the fate of their respective society. Based on such understanding what makes a given person set that something is of top priority in one’s life is an aspect in which it is always the human natural needs or thirst towards something that does make people to formulate something as top priorities in life in which the driving factor always come from the inside and also from outside factors. In few cases, there are circumstances as to making top priority as less priority in which such deliberate move or shift towards priority do happen due to various reasons.

When top priority is considered as less important, the first reason that comes on stage is the idea of failures in which when they fail toward that something. When such failure goes on institution level, it could take the form of corruption in which people are involved in corruption and the matter could destroy their fate and destiny. By virtue of the power and authority they are endowed, they prefer to make delay or postpone such given agendas that should be on the table, since it affects their destiny and they are involved in such bad or sheet drama, which put them in bad shape, they prefer to delete or remove any matter or the person that should be given top priority, by neglecting it as if it is irrelevant and less important.

The second reason in here is that they do not understand the significance and relevance of the matter since the power of understanding and interpretation of realities are one factor. There are quite few things on this planet earth in which they  were considered as less important, nothing or void, but in due course of time, the matter have natural pattern and life cycle, and by the process of time, they appear to be more significant and useful. For example, there was a scientist who invented the laser, but the scientific community ridiculed him as if he invented nothing at the time of invention, since they did not understand or have the grasp on what to do with the invention, and in fact they said, he invented nothing. However, in due course of time, laser appear to be the need of everyone and one find in every household and everyone by now uses products of this invention such as the CD, DVD and many other electronic devices and activities of human life.

The other reason is that when power or people of authority do not like, for instance, if the matter is an idea, the person who brought the idea, in which the idea of confusing personality and the idea is another matter. When people do not like the personality of the person who brought any given idea or matter, and the person could be a type of person who does not care about their personality, authority, honor or whatever type of respect they expect from that person, and that given person neglects and does not give attention to their critics or whatever things they do on him.

When the matter that was put as irrelevant or insignificant become significant and relevant in due course of time, the funny thing in here is that, by the time the idea or invention becomes significant, the author or inventor is dead or the author lost one’s appetite of the recognition one is delivered by others since enough considerations and regard was not timely given; the author learns many thinking, behavior and characters of individuals who have significant position, and the author finds them as the most silly and garbage people on earth. They are in cases found as nasty and rubbish people who do not deserve any respect since the author become aware of the sabotage and conspiracy drama and theater that was going on behind the stage.

Pretension becomes one of the becoming characteristics of such people who fail in such undertaking and they pretend as if they do not ever heard or know about such matters which they have failed. They live in state of denial. In this case, they try to justify on matters which they fail by making blame shift towards others. They forget that it is their own choices and decisions that make them put in such given scenario of life, failure and frustrations, and they try to point fingers on others. They keep on giving priority to silly subject matters and less significant matter in setting their priories of life and they do not even learn from their past mistakes and failures. They keep making same mistakes and failures that put them in vicious circle of crisis as well.

Have you ever come across with such kinds of people who focus on such aspect of life in which their hobby or duty is to focus on such nonsense aspect and useless areas of life, in which they probably consider themselves as if they are useful or important people in life? Have you ever come across with people who are addicted to just talking, they talk about garbage things, but they consider themselves as if they are very important? Have you ever come across with people, who focus on silly aspect of life, but they ask other people not to focus on silly matters, which they confuse what is silly and what is significant? It is just matter of priority in life.

And, have you ever met people who try to consider minor things as if they are major and important, in which they focus on silly aspects of their life due to the fact that they can go up to that far, which tells that they have nothing to do, except focusing on small subject matters and areas of interest?  These subject matters could be connected to, where is Mr. x, what is he eating, where is he sleeping, with whom he is sleeping, the type of underwear, what was his dream, where is he today, what does he wear in today, and the like. They try to put insignificant and irrelevant matters as something that deserves attention in which there are people who think that minor things could be the cause for the downfall of their regime or administration in world where they leave aside significant matters and relevant matters as if it is irrelevant and nonessential as well.

When people focus on silly details, they become prisoners of nonsense ideas and thinking, and they have no even bright future to create since they are tied up with silly ins and outs of daily routines and activities. In this case, they have put identity crisis in their personality if they think that they can go up to far distant since they have already chosen a path that focuses on past and present, which is the dark side of them. When people focus on the dark side of past and present, they cannot have any nice future since they have consumed their energy. People can have dark aspect of life, but it is possible to change it since life is about thinking, not what other people think and tell. Hope is something that one can create than receive or wait as a gift from others.

Change can come with volition and determination of the individual in which it is will power of the individual along with the determinations that can bring significant change on the life of the individual. It is not religious teaching or political ideologies that have an influence, but the readiness of the individual and one’s determination for change that has major contributing factor to the change one can come about in one’s life.



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