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Fire and Water

Posted on: 30 Aug 2016

August 30, 2016

Life is like a fire in certain cases as it can be like water. When it is like a fire, it is to mean that few people heat it; other people get burnt out of it; others make gold out of it; others try to quench it with water; others cook their food; others look at it a distant. This depends upon circumstances and condition of life which people are in which one can use one matter for multiple purposes due to reasons that it is a perspective and how people perceive any matter that really matters than the matter itself.

Life is like a water since people use to quench it their thirst; others use to take shower and cleans their body and to wash their clothes; other use to produce light energy; others use to cook their foods and the like. To the contrary, when flood come, they are taken, their homes are destroyed and their life is distorted due to excessive amount of flow of the flood even if water in one aspect delivers life to people and is helpful to their daily undertakings.

Both good and bad, optimistic and pessimistic views and perspectives of life exist in every society and people lives. This is to point that there are certain people and societies who take the example of an airplane that flies against the law of gravity in order to soar on the sky and fly so that it carries forward another useful and important function in order to meet other people who live in other continents and parts of the world as well.

The law of gravity can her be resembled the law of attraction that pull anything to fall down to the earth since it brings anything that goes upward to downward. These can be connected customs and traditions and way any given human society functions and they are only beneficial to one group of society but they cannot bring any fundamental and significant change unless and otherwise such practices and customs are broken down and overruled by any other forces.

An aero plane can be connected to those particular activities and human undertakings that go against such law of attraction in which an airplane goes upward, going against the law of nature, in order to undertake another useful and necessary human activity and undertaking to the benefit of humanity and the world at large as well. These activities are thinking and practice that connect one given culture and society with another given culture and society.

In such process of life—fire and water—many trivial and useful activities and thinking exist as many trivial societies customs and traditions that do pull everyone to live under the mud of the earth; there are also certain thinking and ideas that come contrary to such social practices that go against the desire and comfort zones of what a society thinks and on how it behaves.

Life here becomes a struggle not only with those practice and traditional customs any give society undertakes in its daily practices but also with the keen desire and interest of translating into practical reality on what one thinks and believes so that things can be better. In such process of life, one should think of the momentum that could put such given airplane to fly and soar above the sky so that no earthly limitations and constraints should pull it down to the mud of the earth. In this case, wisdom is an imperative and critical aspect of human life.

An airplane in flight is the center of a continuous tug of war between four forces: lift, gravity force or weight, thrust, and drag. Lift and Drag are considered aerodynamic forces because they exist due to the movement of the aircraft through the air.  The weight pulls down on the plane opposing the lift created by air flowing over the wing. Thrust is generated by the propeller and opposes drag caused by air resistance to the frontal area of the airplane. During takeoff, thrust must overcome drag and lift must overcome the weight before the airplane can become airborne. In level flight at constant speed, thrust exactly equals drag and lift exactly equals the weight or gravity force. For landings thrust must be reduced below the level of drag and lift below the level of the gravity force or weight.

Silence in certain cases can be useful but it should not pass the limit since such silence could be considered as stupidity and ignorance; consultations and discussions on matters that are considered as an issue is one aspect to consider. However, as things get worse, conflicts and contradictions get worse, it is obvious that rule of law should be considered with sole intention of stabilizing and maintaining law and order so that rule of law will be the final stage of marinating law and order since certain societies could need certain strong measures in order to make them behave as airplane uses certain force in order to soar above the sky otherwise it cannot fly.

There are people who walk on fire since they use the fire for constructive purposes as there are people who escape the water floods since they know how to swim. In both cases it requires certain and different capacity and skill. One cannot swim in fire as one cannot heat the flood. Certain people escape other people life therapies that could put their given life under jeopardy since they have their own views and perceptions of life other than the society which they respectively belong. This is what they call experience and exposures in life which cannot be obtained by any schooling and certificates but as result of such given individuals perspectives and way of understanding realities and processes of life. As society do pull them to make them live under the mud of the earth, such people go beyond this world and live soaring and flying on the sky!!


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