The Misinformed Society  

They say wrong people lead right life and right people lead wrong life. This is one of the characteristics of wrong societies whatever political party and leadership they have and practice. This is one of the interesting comments one ever heard since the look and content of any society is mainly depend upon on how far such society manifest and reflect justice and fairness in its undertakings. In this case, the right people should have right life and the wrong people should take the wrong ones.

This does not mean that right people are not having and enjoying the right life. What could be weighty and worthwhile in the above mentioned saying is that such people outnumber the right people with the right life. In such case, such given society is busy with trivial activities and undertaking of human life in which most people become interested with cheap aspect of human lives and the interferences most people make in other peoples’ lives become normal.

This is like the number of people who intrude into others home is greater than those who enter in appropriate manner, in such case chaos and frustration become the identity of such given society. Such society is the most ugly society since most focus on trivial of people affair than ideas and thinking that change the life and thinking of society. Life gets stuck in here. This does happen within any given due to lack of correct standards and principles of life that should dictate that given society so that truthful and proper thing can be installed in every individual’s reality and household.

Accordingly, there are different types of people in relation to following certain philosophies and ways of life in incorporating to their dictionary of life. The first ones are those kinds of people who like talking things in very stereotype model in which they are fashioned in certain style and they cannot go further and beyond the world and things they know. They claim that they have standards to measure, the effectiveness and adequacy of everything but they could probably forget that what they claim is incomplete and are not even adequate for many reasons.

The second types of people are those kinds of people which do not have standards of life but they are open-minded to accept anything which conforms to their thinking which they think is right and correct. They do not have any touchstone as to reject or accept any claim, but they reject something if they do not understand or want; they accept something when they understand that it is something useful and necessary for their personal life since they think that they have enough experience and exposures in life.

The third types of people are those people who have no standards in life and they do not know what is good or bad, but they go in direction where the wind blows in which they live after few people thinking and way of life; they do not have even capacity as to set standards in life since they have no such maturity. They cannot set certain standards in life and they live in a way as to how and where the mass lives, since they cannot live outside the will and choice of the mass.

The fourth types of people are those people who do not care as to whether there is standard or not, but they live up to the condition of the time and the world in which they do not waste their time in thinking and doing the check balance of life. They just live since they have no time to calculate and tell this is in conformity with standard or not. It is not even their business and sheet since they do not care about such matter and aspect of life.

While such drama of life is going on, people interpret and misinterpret many things in life since they create some kind of understanding and misunderstanding on each other’s goal and plans in life and hence they inform and misinform each other’s activity and undertaking. Although the motive behind misinforming other people is another theatrical drama of life since there are people who intentionally distort the way they interpret data and information they receive from others as matter of fact, they want to achieve their hidden personal interest and selfish advantages on other people.

There are people who succeed in distorting information and misinforming others and they achieve their own desired and hidden goals they want to achieve on others. In such respect, there are people who risk their lives and people whose are put to court for punishment due to the fact that such given act and thinking by itself is a crime and punishable by law.

Misinforming other people could result due to two basic and fundamental reasons. The first one is due to wrong and inaccurate interpretations in which interpretations of other people thinking and act requires capacity by itself and as there are people who try to misinterpret other people due to hate factor. The second aspect is due to lack of adequate informant on the subject matter which they want to make a decision. Accordingly there are varied types of people that exist in the realm of information in which they shape and lead their own lives based on the type and quality of information which they receive in their process of life.

There are three major categories of people in this context. The first ones are those people who are well informed on many subject matters and ideas; the second one are those people who are misinformed about many subject matters and ideas; the third ones are those people who are not informed about many subject matters and ideas. And people can be detected by the words they use, information or data they deliver and the type of people they assemble and discuss ideas and share opinions as well.

When people are misinformed, they are worse than those who are non-informed since they put bias and make other people to be in bad shape. Although there are two types of people in this category, in which there are people who lack information and capacity to know about subject matter and they misinform others due to absence of capacity; there are other people in here whose primary job is to misinform people so as to mislead and deceive and tricks others, and such people are those people who work in intelligence offices and their primary responsibility and focus in most case is to bias people and make wrong judgment due to the political agenda they promote and favor a given political cause.

Why do people misinform others other than lack of capacity or adequacy they have in life is one aspect one wants to discuss further. When they lack capacity means they want to understand what they like and want to understand on subject matter what that subject matter wants to deliver. In such cases, such people became the cause of contradiction and conflict within people due to the fact they make bad choices in and within their life.

Amongst such people, who are the causes of contradiction due to such given aspect of life, misinforming others mainly are politicians. Why do politicians misinform one another objective and goals with the intention of achieving their own goals and objectives is one given aspects? They also understand and interpret other people thinking and action in distorted manner if such people deliver something contrary to what they think and believe or they are the type of people who cannot submit their given free will to their own agenda as well. They do this for one big reason since they distort each other’s objective and goals since they think that it is an already installed mechanism in creating some sort of public acceptance within the public. None is free from such biases and prejudices they make in their process of life due to the fact it is their becoming hobby and duty in performing their own tasks and undertakings too.

As people arise to engage in politics, the primal motive and interest in promoting should not be to gain personal interest and desire but rather they should fully promote and promulgate the interests of the public. When politicians are engaged obtaining their own personal agendas, they will be egoistic and self centered and life will be hard to such society since the public in here is neglected and ignored. In such case, chaos and frustration will be existing phenomena. People live in misinforming one another. Truth will be buried. Confusions and contradiction do exist in every home as good friends.

When people are well informed, they correct mistakes; they correct and prevent wrong judgments; they create healthy environment between people who discuss about a subject matter, and they add certain flavor to the discussion subject matter and the people who discuss any give subject matter since they are inputs to such people and the point of discussions. They are useful instruments for sharing opinions and perspective as well. These people are well informed due to the fact that they have better life experience and exposure, they are well and they have obtained various information on many subjects from many other people whom they meet in life.



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