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Contentment —Why or How

Posted on: 27 Aug 2016

A dictionary defines contentment as the state of being mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are.  Contentment in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Hindu has similar definition and characteristic since it cannot change in terms of its practical translations and actions and reaction in the process of life. It is one simple way of life which make people to be happy or not since it is a choice that people make in life. Hence, it has similar characteristic due to the fact that when people obtain certain amount of things and possessions in life, it become hard to be content since they seek more and more though there is nothing wrong in seeking abundances in life too.

However, contentment is one of intricate matter to consider in poor countries where it is formidable to be happy in poor conditions of life since it is not only useful but also not necessary due to the fact that there are much less things to be satisfied with. Hard work should be the prerequisite in life no matter what kind of results it bestows in life.  This does not mean that to be content is not useful. It is good to be content while one has nothing in life since life becomes simple, but it is not advisable to be satisfied as people should seek something in life that facilitate their given way of life to go nicer and smoother unless and otherwise they are forced not to have anything or something due to varied reasons beyond their control too.

This is to argue that such dissatisfaction happen in poor countries should lead one to enthusiastic determination to change one self and others although the road and path is so stony to resist. While people get content with simple things or nothing in poor conditions of life, the desire to change themselves and their given surrounding will be under danger which could lead to some sort of dissatisfaction or disappointments at the end of their given life.

In terms of wealth, it is appropriate to be content when one accumulates reasonable amount of wealth in which lack of contentment lead to further disappointment and complication, and in this case it serves as useful and important quality. It is indeed praiseworthy to be content. Otherwise, as people are not content with what they have, they will be greedy and disappointment and dissatisfaction will be their given fate in such process of their given life.

Otherwise, in places where one have nothing and should work more to posses and satisfy one’s need, contentment may be a problem that may need a remedy. In this case, as people are content, the desire to work and posses something in their life will be less and they will be living being dependent of what other people deliver instead of the things they should obtain by their own since they are capable to posses something in life.

Place and situations of life determine for necessity of few qualities; and looking into the specific elements and ingredients before reaching to conclusion is a necessary rationale, otherwise one could end up in nowhere. Contentment could be necessary in rich neighborhoods, but it could be futile in poor neighborhoods. Why does one need it when one has nothing? Is it to kill one’s potential and intelligentsia?

Although it may be harmful for the poor man to be discontent with poverty, for in cases, it may lead to fear and frustration, and end up with wrong ends. As people are content with poor condition, the degree of happiness they enjoy in life is greater than those rich people who live with discontentment in their life but it is very much lesser than those rich people who lead a happy life too. However, poverty and poor conditions of life should not be considered as merit and a virtue as this by itself is a result of lack of virtue and is a consequence of lacking something in life too.

Greed and contentment has very interesting relationship; one can be greed when one possesses something and not; likewise one could be content while possessing or not. It does not need to be anything to tell the excessive desire one generates from tiny greed act one performed and planted in one’s mind or heart, will lead to disastrous results and complications of life. Thus, lack of contentment may also lead to greedy personality. In other case, contentment needs a mindset and require in what circumstances one needs to be content. In fact, it could be hard to start something while one is in the middle of something.

They say, “a gold in hand is considered as a copper”. Sometimes we do not appreciate the value of things since they are around us, but we start giving values the moment they are out of hand and control from us. Such things could happen from many reasons. Amongst them is greed. We do not recognize and appreciate others since we have excessive desire and love to self—self-centeredness—that lead to lack of appreciations to others.

The other reason is due to lack of contentment of one’s lifestyle—that leads to disrespect and disregard other’s contribution and efforts. These two glasses cover the eye of every human being to perceive things in biased and prejudice ways than understand in correct and true way. Thus, we need to be content, not only from the point view of self-centered approach, but also from the point view of understanding and respecting others. This does not mean that one quits the efforts one requires to make to be better.

However, it is also our knowledge that contentment is being used in preaching language and world to manipulate the mass from the desire of leading others by delivering the heaven to the poor. Such matter could be tricky here. Religion plays significant role in shaping poor peoples perception and interpretation of life in which it gives some sort of direction by making rich people to live in hell and poor people to dwell in heaven too.

Contentment and greed are inversely proportional and related, in which the more content one is, the less greed one is to be. Thus, one does not need to consider the greed aspect here, but rather be concerned about the contentment aspect. When one is content, greed does not exist; and they are like fire and water. Fire and water cannot exist in container. One ruins the other.

They say, do not wish or work hard to have money or rich or poor, but seek to be wise. Being wise has no specific ethnic group, race, color, age, education,profession and the like, but it depends on how people handle and manage their life experiences which vary on decisions they make in their given life due to the fact that it is not other peoples’ advice that is important, but their given personal exposures and experiences of life which is useful and the one should only dictate their given life. As matter of fact that everyone in this world has different lives which are the private life and the public life in which there is another life which is beyond these two, which  is a mysterious life that is far beyond the conception of oneself too.


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