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Abnormality and Stupidity

Posted on: 24 Aug 2016

August 24, 2016

Everyone defines abnormality based on their own experience in life and theory which they develop in their given life. There are people who define abnormality when a person lacks motivation and aspiration to be rich. There are people who define abnormality when other people show dislike and disinterest in the belief of God. There are people who define abnormality when others show lacking in interest in life and for living. Hence people define people as per the context of their given personal interests and experience of life.

They also say, a man who does not want to live abundantly is abnormal. In other cases, the desire and inclination of seeking abundance in life make many people to be in abnormal state of being and life. While many people want many things in their life, they could end up in having nothing which could lead in frustration and confusions in their given life. As one consider such paradoxical thinking and way of life, this world is in cases shaped with confused and contradictory mentality and thinking and what one works for one person cannot work to another and the degree to which any given abnormality is considered vary as per their given experiences and exposures of their given life.

For example, I used to belong to certain community in past in which there is trend and practice, which is contradictory and confused thinking and belief that exist in that given community. The point is on how it classifies and categorizes its members according to the way they understand and think. This means that in a big circle, there are other different min circles that exist as well. Although the pivot point of belief and thinking of that given community is established on the oneness of humanity or mankind, there is a different in fact quite opposite practice that exist in its administrative undertakings and functions, and it classifies and labels its people under different tags and labels.

The good ones that it assumes are categorized as martyrs, lovers, adherents and the like where as the bad ones are labeled under covenant breakers, enemies, corrupted believers and difficult people. Such classifications and labels are done on what the individual thinks and how one behaves in which the assumption behind such drama is  not even clear though the entire drama which they claim is about oneness, but the theater that exist behind the curtain is so different and the opposite. Such given calcification and labeling do draw certain lines that separate between people and the unity of such given community is put under narrow marginalized settings that put its integrity and goals to achieve under threat and jeopardy, not by external forces and agents, by its own thinking that exist within its own circle by its own captainship too.

If there is claim that goes like about unity and oneness, such unity and oneness cannot be established without accepting and tolerating other people thinking and belief and way of understanding and interpreting such realities of life even if such people think and understand quite to the contrary since by virtue of the very being of human, people think and want to perceive realities in their given way than getting dictated by others or few people too. Freedom and free will are the most essential and useful aspect of the human life since to be free does not include being slaves to other or few people thinking and beliefs too.

Though there is claim that goes like oneness or unity, one should not confuse such oneness with sameness due to the fact the current generation human beings want to think so differently than past ages as it is also possible to think one person wants to think very differently than the other person and people should not be expected to think and behave in similar manner and way which do lead to uniformity and sameness that do have an impact on their given daily undertakings which people do in their given life and this does eventually create boring realm and boredom world.

It is not only on the color and size of nose and eyes which people should be permitted to differ, but also in terms of thinking and belief, understanding and interpreting perceptions of life as well. When such accommodating and welcoming communities and belief systems are created in everywhere, the claims which they do will be going in accordance with the goals and visions they set to their own existence and life. They also claim that diversity means beauty which should be translated not only in physical and other few features of life but also in whole and complete nature an characters of human realities too.

While I was conversing with someone who is member of such given community in relation to such matter, he said to me I am covenant breaker. I asked him, what it means by that since I already resigned from such community like many years ago and I had no idea what you are talking about; I did not break single glass in my life as well. He further said, we are asked not to say hello to you too. Then I replied to him the 100 people or 200 people hello have no value and place in my life and this cannot buy me single cup of coffee to my life as well. I am glad you have relieved me from the stress of saying hello to other people since by my nature I do not like saying hello to other people and you make my life very simple too.

It is quite funny and silly to think other people could be frustrated by such kinds of move such communities do since such people are labeled under such category. Weak people live by the mindset of other people where as confident and independent people do live by their own and to their own. One is not the type of person who could be shaken by such kinds of wicked thinking and mental setting, but rather one is the type of person who works against such given thinking and mental settings so that others could be helped out from such kinds of confused and contradictory thinking that governs many people due to their ignorance and lack of interest in investigating such matters and the drama that is going on behind with such matters, with the skill which they think they have acquired, but in reality not, which is the skill of independent investigating of the truth.

Such kinds of mentality and thinking do shape many people who are already governed by such thinking to live under their own given mental stress and confusions due their selfish and personal desire and interest to belong to certain group and identity and they prefer to dwell with stupidity and abnormality than genuinely and honestly investigate the validity and correctness of such practices and thinking. They make to add stupidity upon up surd thinking as their given way of life and they think that they are safe and secure, but in reality, they are not, since they are helping to create a hostile and non accommodating environment and world which cannot establish one village unity in appropriate manner than the entire world unity.


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