Understanding Vs  Interpretation

The most important thing in life as a human being is communication. In such vast field of life, people communicate with each other to send and receive messages, thoughts, feelings and the like.  Hence communication and interaction with other people is an integral part of the process of human way of life. In such actions and interactions, people understand and misunderstand, interpret and misinterpret with each others thinking and actions for many different reasons.

In such process of life, there are people who communicate and understand with each other in smoother way and manner as there are people who are quite on the contrary , who cannot even communicate and understand wit each other even if they speak similar languages and cultures too. This happen for many reasons since being human is not only about sharing history, language or culture or other natural bond, but rather being human is about thinking and understanding. When people perceive things differently, such people do understand with those people who perceive in similar manner.

While dwelling in places and societies where culture and traditional mindset are the governing ones, life for those people who want to perceive differently will not be easy. Life becomes hard since it is not only possible  but also oppressive to think differently. As most people go to the direction where the mass abide, life  to those people who perceive things differently will not  be not same. Therefore, life here is not about anything but it is about understanding. To find one person who think in similar manner is worthier than to have coffee with millions of people who live by the norm, in fact to be lonely in such world is worthier and wiser than to live with ignorance amidst millions.

Hence, understanding and the power of understanding will be the governing mindset to such people and they live by the way such power dictate. In this case, there are highly dogmatic and traditional people who could try to hinder and obstacle on the way of life, and they want to burn anything such different people would like to practice and do; they still have no impact since they have bad motives behind. When they override their limit, it is appropriate to use the rule of law, the governing principle for everyone. Understanding differs from person to person since it is result of peoples’ exposures and experiences of life in which such such given experience is base upon what people face and practice than any other natural or artificial connections which people establish.

Why do we need to communicate with other beings? When shall we need such communication? How do we communicate? What shall we communicate with other people? Is anything and everything should be communicated to others. Why do we keep things for ourselves than communicate them outwardly to others? Does anything require certain amount of maturity in sorting out things to communicate or not to communicate? Why?

While considering the above quests in life, there are certain amount of spaces and gaps that are created in the process of communication between individuals, societies and institutions which evolve due time for many reasons. And such spaces and gaps are causes of contradictions and conflict between them due to the fact that there is a misunderstanding and misinterpretations in life which is becoming very natural  in the course of such life as result of ego centered and ego oriented personalities they develop in their give process of life. Such thinking and attitudes are developed within individuals, societies and communities and institutions too.

Why do such gaps exist is a question of all? Is it natural or a result of failures in communication and understanding? Both can be true. People vary as per the context of natural process of life and they also vary as per the context of experiences and exposures they pass in life. In both circumstances and conditions of life, people have different experiences and exposures in life. However such gap and spaces should be managed and handled in matured manner as they grow up in such process of life otherwise this could lead to confusion and contradiction that could put everyone in chaos and frustration in their given process of life.

When people grow in experience and exposures in life it is like a plant that is coming out but the weeds within it. The weed is a plant that looks and resembles the way and the plant looks like. So it has deceiving personality that could make others or the farmers think that it is part of good plant since it could resemble like the plant, in cases, it could be quite different. Both the good and the bad things grow together. Unless and otherwise such weeds are removed, the health and survival of that given plant is under jeopardy.

The same is true in the human kingdom since both good and bad things grow together I the process of time. When the fixed time is come and people are not aware of such bad that do resemble like the good they have within them, the security and safety of such individuals and societies will be under danger. In such cases, this require quite skilled farmer as to removing the weed, and quite matured and skilled people who are able to sort out such things since there could be people who could remove the good plants instead of the weeds as well.

Besides the natural and obvious process of life which people undertake and as result of such interaction and communication, gaps and contradiction exist, there is  one different saying that goes like, thieves cooperate while they do their job, the stealing, but they fight when they divide their given share since one group wants to take lion share and the other could be deprived. Such kinds of conflicts and contradictions are irreconcilable since the motive and agenda behind such drama is unclean and bad. Most of the cases and causes of such conflicts and contradictions, especially those that exist  in political arena are such types and kinds. Most people are not aware of the drama behind, but they go by the dictates of few people and few people manipulate and maneuver the pains of the mass into their given hidden goals, agenda and theater too.

Understanding and reading peoples and societies thinking and behavior is a priceless skill. It is no easy matter. It is a consequence of many conflicts and issues that are still going on. Failures to understand and interpret individuals and societies thinking and behavior can create disastrous catastrophes in the way of life such individuals and societies undertake.

When one lacks something, one misunderstands and misinterprets others.  In such undertaking ego and ambitions are few of the causes of such gaps and spaces for such miscommunication which people come about in their given course of life.

Misunderstanding and misinterpretations are results of gaps and spaces created in due course of communication between beings. It can be resembled to a mirror. When the mirror is clean and proportional in size, it correctly shows an image in its rightful picture. If a mirror is not, same will happen.

While turning this analogy to human beings, though, it is not as simple as cleaning and putting mirror, but it is one of the challenging and difficult tasks one performs.

For example, when one performs an act of silence, that given silence could be interpreted in many perspectives according to the way people know and understand. One’s silence could be understood as “silence is gold”, “silence means acceptance”, “silence is the answer”, and the like.

In reality in times one needs to talk and share ideas, silence can be considered as copper. In places where there is no freedom, silence can be considered as opposition and rejection. In places or situations one faces where one is not sure, silence can be considered as confusion or pausing a question.

Basically what people do understand and know others is based on their own experiences, which is not free from biases and mistakes. In such cases, gaps and misunderstandings are inevitable and are normal things to happen.

The point here is that the consequences that appear as a result of such matters is devastatingly frustrating to many, and could end up in bloody wars. Major reasons why people misunderstand others is egoistic personalities and attitudes which individuals and societies have come about for centuries and ages too. Most people are ego centric and self centered. They think that they are the center of everything.

In such cases, they will be in difficult shape to understand and interpret others’ point of view and acts correctly. If one assumes that one knows things better than others, the measurements start getting spoiled and disturbed originally. The safe approach to understand and interpret matters correctly is detachment for one’s own thinking and standards. If one is detached from one’s own interpretation and understanding, then it will be simple to understand others.

Understanding and interpretations are result of the powers of the Mind. The Mind listen things on what is spoken and comes to the listening faculty. The further processes are related to sorting and filtering, which requires skills of detachment.

There was a given family that tries to practice a culture set by their fore-parents and relatives for a century. That given family set a culture and tradition of dinning together especially in lunch and dinner.

All family members should meet and dine together in one table with same dish. All has to wait for one another except forced measures occur to one and in such cases one should inform ahead of time. While all are set to dine, the benediction starts by plunging a hand to the food by the husband and taking parcel of the food, and putting it to the wife’s mouth so that the wife tastes first.

I asked the husband; why did he do that all the time? He replied that it is part of our culture. And in another place I got another reply about that particular act which is an expression of the husband’s love and respect to the wife. However, another man explained as if that expression is some other’s person, it could be, the husband might be suspicious against his wife and he is making sure that the food is not poison.



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