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The Individuality Vs The Personality

Posted on: 20 Aug 2016

Human being is a creature with manifold realities and qualities. Amongst them, personality and individuality are major areas of one’s quest in life. What does it mean by personality? What about individuality? Is there any connection and relationship that exist between the two? What are the differences that exist between both?

Social scientists define and identify these two major natures of human reality as distinct in which individuality is not something to be shared with one to another, but personality is something one shares with other fellow beings.

Individually is mostly associated with what they ascribe as the soul, in which one is created with distinct gift and quality. Individuality is your essential Self, your essential Being. It is that which was present before you developed a personality. And what seems to escape everyone’s awareness is the fact that this Individuality is absolutely divine. Everyone is the expression of this infinite first cause, this infinite undivided movement of the greatest mind, which they ascribe as God. And each one is best identified as Individuality.

Personality is something that is acquired which people come as they come up with certain thinking and characters in the process of life in which what and how people perceive and understand and interpret things which they face in life and as they proceed with such journey of life, they come up with certain personal identity and their given personality is summation and cumulative effect of their experiences and exposures in life. They develop certain identity as result of their perception of the world and as matter of their given interaction and communication with the world and their given relationship and communication with other people too.

A given person is borne with certain family, who share certain values; which extend its circle to another bigger circle, and the like such as community and nations. However, there comes a course of life when a person can completely change one’s value which cannot belong to any of the circles one used to belong. This is called as turning point in which any given person change in outlook and way of life and deviates from any given way of life which one used to belong due to varied reasons. In this case, this is a point where that given individuality is having cross section with the personality one has already acquired in life. Hence, few people completely become different and they create a different reality within their being than the way other people used to think and perceive them since they are now totally unique due to circumstances of life they have faced in their given life.

For example, the lives and experiences of great people are good examples in here such as Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Moses, Confucius, St. Augustine, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and other great Personages in the Planet. They have performed a life which helped many people to live with sacred and healthy life style. They delivered  useful Perspectives for many people. As human beings they share similar experiences of life as the society and community which they belong do. However, in their distinct personality, they share and insights and perspectives that are useful to many others and to the rest of the world at large in their given life.

While looking at the profound teachings, many of them have brought, they do not belong to groups they joined and/ or families and societies which they had been brought up. They were unique and different from others due to many reasons. In a very fact Most brought new teachings to the benefit of humanity at large, in certain cases, contrary to what the society used to believe in and think too, but passed hardship and difficulties.

Such trend is becoming the nature of our world. It is a must to pass certain challenges and pay some sort of sacrifices before their given thinking and idea is promulgated and widespread all over. Ridiculing, belittling, sabotaging, conspiring, and doing all kind of bad stuff on them were common difficulties all share due to the CAUSES They belong and promote, which has tendency of possessing many followers in due time.

Such Personages are believed to have certain distinct Individuality which others lack, and are considered as GOD sent Ones. Such interpretations and understandings have no problem since it is agreed by the majority. Basically, they are conventional agreements and preferences of individuals and societies. This does not mean that such people are correct since agreement does not necessarily comply with the truth. As people can agree on truthful things, people can also agree on wrong things too due to the fact that they get used to certain styles and ways of life since they already create warm and comfortable zones as well.

Basic assumption underlined here is that the cause they brought helped many people to have productive and meaningful life due to the fact that other people cannot bring such cause unless supported by extra-ordinary power. This assumption can be true and is useful due to the fact that it helped majority.

Interpretations and Understandings are subjective in nature. It is our understanding that Personality played major role in imposing and inducing interpretations into many people’s mind settings. Thus, choice they make in their given life plays a significant and major role here. And it is their given personality that contributes major role to their given unique individuality to come out at any given time in their given course of life in which it is their acquired thinking, characters and other experiences and exposure of life that enable such great personages to reflect their given individuality at any given process of life.

Our world is full of Idea Menus like restaurants and café in which one picks what one likes and lives with what one prefers. Hence, life style is something optional and cannot be considered as Absolute Path. Due to the fact that Personality is not perfect and relative in its status, our world has been shaped with such powerful interpretations that can change the mental settings and inner models of reality of a given community or society.

Accepting and submitting to such aspects of life is with no choice, but this does not mean that there could not be other alternatives to grasp realities and understanding about life as human being and the world. Society has been shaped with mental settings of few figures and prominence which controlled majority in many aspects; and the majority silence and acceptance is equally accountable to that of few figures role and approaches.

Pause, and play the music, and wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to wake up from the injected sleep society has been given, and ask certain relevant questions that should ultimately lead the whole to the bright future yet to come. Bright Future is a choice. It can be our destiny when we choose it to be. There is nothing magical. Efforts and choice play a significant role than waiting everything to happen miraculously. One has a choice at every level and point.

While people share certain aspects of life with others such as similar education or professional, belonging to similar cultural, ethnic or and traditional groups, earning similar amount of income, speaking same language, wearing and having similar types of clothes and foods, walking on similar roads and sharing all kinds of similarities, but few people differ since they think and understand on certain things very differently, in cases quite opposite to the way the norm dictates. This happens it is not because such people want to be different or unique, but it is because they are fashioned to be like that and they are bestowed by nature and life too.  For this, such people should not be blamed or cursed, but they should be tolerated and respected because of their given thinking and belief. It is natural to think differently and they should not be forced to dwell to the direction where the wind blows since it is their given right to be the way they think and like to be. When the mass goes to stupidity, they should not dwell on such stupidity due to the fact they can understand and see on matters differently to their own and by their own too.

Individuality has no color, race, ethnic group or whatever groups or class since it is something bestowed nature where as personality is something that can be shared with others by the process of life. Anyone’s personality is a summation of person’s experience of life as one lives in ethnic based or color based society and community, one’s personality is a summation of that given experience and exposure of life. Individuality cannot be destructed by any given human made thinking and way of life where as personality is made of any given human made thinking and way of life. Hence, they vary as per their given natural character since individuality is bestowed by nature where as personality is bestowed by the process of life.

Various thinking and ideas shaped our reality in past, present and future; and it is our choice and freedom to create new ones and advance our life to better beings. Why are we scared of? Why are we silent? What are we scared of?  There is nothing to be sacred of trying new and different ones since the existing ones lead the world and society to conflict and contradictions, but not by religion or politics, but totally differing from both aspects and ways of life. If people cannot have one, people can create one!!



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