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Experience as Best Advisor

Posted on: 18 Aug 2016

Experience is the best teacher and friend one can have in this world. Basically there are two broad categories of experience. One is what one faces; and the other is what one learns from the other. When people face certain experience in life, they know better since they are the ones who taste and feel that given experience.

In this case, there is no need to justify certain peculiar experiences of life unless other people pass thru such process of life since others cannot understand and feel that given experience if they do not pass thru such given experiences of life. In such circumstances of life, justifying such given different experiences of life would be tantamount to an inverted container to hold as much water  as possible thought it is inverted and it cannot hold single drop due to the fact, the front face is inverted. Such given experiences of life require quite a mindset and practical experience of such life, not educational status, cultural make up, social status and the like.

Even if people speak same language, they could not understand with each other due to the fact that they experience has its own language, not the human or machine languages, which people employ in order to make tier given life easier. In such situations of life, it  is not cultural or other make that make people to share certain experience of life, but passing thru such process of life regardless of cultural, educational, societal or other status which they obtain life and with society at large. Unless and otherwise people share certain similar experiences in life, they live quite in different world and mindset and they cannot communicate and understand well with each other too.

For example, when I say that I had strange electric shock like experience which I faced in my end of stay at Haifa, Israel, that given shock could resemble the kind of electric shock I had in here at childhood, bu it is not something as it was, since this one was quite strange. Anyone and everyone cannot understand to what I say since such given particular experience could not exist in their vocabulary and dictionary of life. I do not even expect and blame everyone for not understanding such given experience since they had no idea. This does not mean that I did not face such tragic thing and strange experience.

However, when I meet someone who face such similar experience, which I suspect there are few people like me who share similar experience at that given spot, I can communicate further, until I meet them in the future I keep on telling and sharing such given strange experience that I had at that given place without hesitation to everyone whom I meet on the road like mad man since I feel responsible and accountable to world citizens that there is some kind of drama going on. Such kinds of experiences have no tongue, they do not require wealth or educational status or citizenship, but this could be as I suspect the way people think and understand on things differently; they are given such kinds of shocks. And I will keep on telling and sharing this to rest of the world and I am not even scared of all kinds of consequences such sharing could deliver since I do not miss anything while living in this world.

The wise learns from the other, where as others learn a lesson after bitter taste. One is due to curiosity, which kills the cat in this case; the other is out of lack of trust. In such case to taste the fire will be inevitable. They also say that the foolish get the snake bite twice; the first one is unknowingly, but the second one is while one shows the place where the first snake bite takes place.

In a very fact, the knowledge gained out of experience is by far worthier and useful than the knowledge derived out of reading one thousand books. One minute experience is more important than reading of 100 books. For 100 books can be written based on one minute experience. This is like a 1 second practical experience of the burning aspect of fire and 100 days of reading on the burning aspect of fire in which the one second experience tells many things than the 100 days of reading too.

Education is part of an experience. Work is part of an experience. Other aspects of life—families, communities, and other communications and interactions are part of an experience in which one faces in life. In such experience of life, people gain certain kinds of experience which can serve as torching light to se the future and solve the next challenges and problems which people are destined to face. Hence, they help in giving certain level of maturity as per the context of the type and nature of challenges which they face in life. They are helpful tools which people are bestowed by life to acquire any given experience in life that can help themselves and others too.

Experience is a vast field and by itself is like an institution. One can formulate a kind of one’s own recipe to one’s life and can solve many problems by one’s own that go for other means and ways of life in order to seek certain solutions to a particular problem on effaces in life. Such kind of recipe has its own boundary, but may help in resolving difficulties.

Religion is an Experience. Science, inventions and discoveries, is an Experience. Politics, Leadership and Administration, is an Experience. Philosophy is an Experience. They are integral and profound tool to acquire Knowledge too. They serve mankind by delivering any given perspective for life; they solve individual and social as well as institutional problems. They help humanity to make life simpler.

A person can think abstract realities. It is an experience. In practical terms, thinking augments implementing capacity of any given individual. This does not mean that such aspects may lead to kind of superstitious and confounded situations due to lack of proper translation and understanding of such matter.

A man thinks what can be possible and impossible too; but thinking by itself is a prelude to action. I can think about the speed of airplane should be like the speed of my thinking. The moment I want to go Paris, I should be there. This is by itself one given experience in the thinking realm.

Thinking and practice has a wide vacuum in terms of time and space. This world is governed by these two Major Aspects: Time and Space. Our thinking should be consistent with these two realities and rules of the universe.

As far as our Abstractions are consistent with Rules of our Universe, it is possible that any thinking has the right and full chance to be Practical. Thus, Experience can here be re-defined in terms of practicality, where there are experiences one gains from many tools of life like Religion, Science, Philosophy, Politics, and other institution where one gains broad learning.

There is an Experience which is derived from the world of Minds, which is borne and dead in Minds. Both are Experiences. Both are Knowledge. Both are thinking.  Basically those Ideas borne and dead in Minds failed due to many reasons. The first one is, obvious, they were not practical. The second one is they may be borne before their time, and generations could not have the capacity to grasp. As we see most of them are known after the death of their respective Authors. The third reason could be envy and jealousy. The fourth reason could be due to lack of proper explanation of the Ideas by their respective Authors.

Due to lack of clarity and objectivity, misunderstanding and misinterpretations, there could be Ideas who could transform this world to better stage of levels of development, but killed without giving more chance to listening to them. This world has to re-check itself; has to re-identify those Heroes in Thinking, who contributed great deal, and find out the remedies our world is being afflicted of. We can agree to a matter that makes us happy and comfortable, this does not mean that we are correct. What makes us happy here, satisfying our own ego, which has very deceiving need? This by itself is another form of experience.



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