Independence VS Dependence

August 12, 2016

Human reality is a summation of personal experiences and exposures in life. This means that what one has come about to date is summation of one’s educational background, work experiences, books one read, movies one watch, people and ideology one have interacted and communicated, places one had been, relationships one have with others, and beyond everything the way one understands and interprets incidents and circumstances of life.

In such process of life, one understands life and its conditions in way situations dictate. One has both enemies and friends in such way of life. Both are important since those friends give encouragement and inspiration in life and they make oneself to be good and they help in being source of inspiration so that one keep on going to live by admiring and appreciating life. They give certain kinds of flavor so that one lives with senses of astonishment and wonderment in the process of life.

However, the enemies are important not in way those friends are, but quite in different way. Without enemies, one’s life cannot look good. They always deliver wrong and negative signals and conditions of life. In such case, one strive to handle their wrong and bad plot by taking one’s own precaution in one’s daily undertaking, applying one’s wisdom and doing the right things in life. In such arena of one’s life, one looks good so that one is daily making sure that one is not becoming a victim of their and therapy and plot.

As such way of one’s life is going on, one thinks that there should not be any aid one should have or receive from others in matters pertinent to oneself unless and otherwise one is not mature enough on certain aspects of life. Elucidating this matter further, as there are people who should receive aid from whatever source which they think is helpful since they presume that they are incapable, weak or wicked enough to do or decide on certain things on and by their own. They need help.

Such way of sharing everything with others could or does lead to decide on simple things by the aid or assistance people receive from others than do things by their own with independent attitude and manner. This is like when one wants to go to the cafe, one should not seek any aid from any other party and one should do it since one likes to do it than receive comments and suggestions from others too unless and otherwise one does not have coins in one’s pocket.

For instance, there are people who do good things by the help of prayer as there are people who could chew chat or take cigar or opium in order to be funny happy or do good thing to others by the help of such substances. Although, I do not belong to these both cities of people, since I do good things due to the fact that it should be done and it is not because I receive assistance from the unknown worlds or matters. I am not a resident in both worlds and conditions of life.

In such process and way of life, both groups of people fall under the captive of some kind of matters that make them do certain things in way any given machine functions since they do not do things by the use of their own freedom and freewill. They wait for answers or what they call guidance as they are in certain moods otherwise they cannot do anything by their own since they already programmed to operate and function under certain dogmatic principle or way of life otherwise they cannot do anything without the help of a matter which they think is right.

The whole world condition and process of life is shaped in such kinds of mentality and thinking since there is no outright decision coming up. This does not include on matters and situations that should be analytically considered, taking all kinds of opinions and matters from other source and matters that need further investigation and consideration. What could be interesting in here that even such people could wait for inspirations or certain moods of life, they could be wrong and they justify their wrong and failure, by making another plastic surgery which they apply such as, there is wisdom behind; there is plan or whatever justification they do deliver.

Such a thing do happen since people have lost their confidence and faith on their own. They do not possess courage and detachment in demonstrating on certain matters that do need sacrifice. Above all, they have submitted their will to another matter and reality which could not even be worthier and greater than in way they do it by their own since there should be none who should know oneself better and greater than anyone otherwise one must be stupid and foolish to make a decision and perspective for life by the aid of other people. Independence means seeing things in one’s own than go by the passion and dictates of others.

One does not want to belong or support any group of people or organization since one does only want but also as result of one’s exposures and experience of life, there is no use and importance to belong to any given political or religious or whatever group that exist in this world and one does not want to have any group identity. One does want to think on collective manner and way due to the fact that one thinks and lives in way one wants than what other people want and choose to oneself and one wants to do things by one’s own than go by the dictates and outburst of ignorant emotions of other people. One keeps going by one’s own thinking and way of seeing the world than go by any temporal conditions and situations of life. One has enough and good experience in life and there is no point to be part and parcel of any collective thinking and way of life as it is not only useless but also unnecessary too.



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