Ego and Human Reality

Ego is a very interesting nature of human reality. Ego is never extinguishable, but what could be possible here is one could compress it to down level to the extent one could assume that it is gone away. Ego manifests itself in pride and ambition the moment accomplishment and achievements are on our verandas; but those who think that they could do more could not be affected by the agitation and propaganda ego itself come up so that one could be void after a simple accomplishment.

Ego is one of the most intricate elements in our interaction with the community and the environment at large. It manifests itself in different levels and stages.  Basically, ego manifests itself in six different aspects. The first one is interacting with oneself. The second one is interacting with another person. The third aspect is while interacting with a group or community or society, whom one belongs. The fourth one is while interacting with Institutions. The fifth one is while interacting with strangers or another being or community whom one never met before, in which one tries to portray in different manner than the rest. The sixth aspect is while interacting and acting with one’s own expectations and plans and situations that one could face in the future.

Most leaders—who arise originally as a liberation movement leaders or advocators of different kinds of movements in the society—they forget many things the moment they are put or they assume Offices or some kind of leadership roles in their respective domain and put under jeopardy on those freedom fighters who fight against their oppressions they come about as a result of their egoist personality.

There are many reasons why such situations come to place. The first one is the sense of insecurity within themselves that could trigger certain anxiety and stresses telling them that one day they are gone at any point as those before them are gone. Thus, protectionism becomes the primal agenda and motto than being open and submissive to others. Here, survival and security is the agenda, but not those principles and doctrines they advocate.

The second reason is the system they create could not be that welcoming to all or unique or as they aspire while they were in the fields. They could probably—in the middle of their power or leadership—confess why they went for fields to fight the system before or whatever in which they resist to accept since they could have many resemblance in wrong doings due to the nature of the system and social framework—leadership—this contingent world is shaped and the like.

What they criticize as wrong doing in past could be justified in their new system as correct since they are doing it, but no other special reasons. There could be no such new or unique thing but they could justify their doings as a special activity since such activities are performed under their leadership and the like. Whatever thing they perform is unique or is for the first time in history since the activity is performed under their program or system, but in reality this activity could be done like for 100 times in the history of the society.

The other reason here is that the despise they come about as result of certain achievements they accomplish, which could put their given system under great jeopardy that could make them forget that what they were saying in the fields could be gone or fade away due to egoistic attitudes. Ego is an interesting human nature and manifests itself in many aspects. It is appropriate to feel achieved and accomplished when one obtains certain achievements and it is healthy, but this could create certain complications with others on the methods and applications of such achievements being communicated to others.

When an individual is egoist, the DANGER or harm one covers is limited to certain degree, but when a group of people are egoists, such action could burn the whole society or even the mass under wildfire that could not be quenched in few years, but could even last for centuries and ages. This is dangerous.

For instance, I could be the leader of certain nation; and I want to bring more freedom to those tribes within my domain that I think are deprived of many thing before and I let them get many things and here I could assume that they would be more faithful and obedient to what I say. Can this be true? Here I could forget one thing. They are human beings. They are like everyone who could think that they can be leader of any nation as I did before since they have obtained more things and they need more and more. In such cases, they could get organized behind so that they could take power and be leaders.

Here I gave them authorities like the police officer-ship, and the like in which they could easily have many gangs allover for any motive and the like. Who is going to stop them, Since they are agitated by promotions and the like? Ego here manifests itself in more powerful ways and means.  The point here is that everything is relative, and the more I get one thing to day the more I aspire many things tomorrow since today’s achievements could lead to better things yet to come, in this case one could think and deduce that ego is a reality that resides in nay situations, but what could be different here is the amount and volume and size of the ego that matters.

Ego gives birth to two things—one is ambition and the other is pride—and both needs care and maturity and otherwise they could destroy those who carry the and around since they need different way of handlings and the like.

Death is the worst enemy of egoistic personalities and minds and the fear of death make such people to live fretful life since ego makes people to think that they are center of everything than they live at the corner side of life. Ego manifests in abundant such as in fame, rank, position, money and power with excessive emotional make ups and thinking. The easiest way to accommodate ego nicely is die before you die so that one cannot find death anymore; the fear of death cannot exist anymore since one is already dead in the psycho makeup.

Most people are egoistic since they neglect present, but they dwell in past or future although present conditions are equally important. Ego is mostly created with possessions, the thing you do, social status, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special talents, relationships, personal and family history, belief systems, and also with political, nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you. You create them and you can delete them since they are created out of choices and efforts people make in their daily routines and undertakings.

And any given person could change one’s title or name which one is identified from other objects or people. Changing one’s title or hiding one’s title cannot truly mean that one’s reality is changed. A person who has cancer cannot be cured or be free from such illness since one has changed one’s name or title. Although such title or name changes do have an impact on the person’s psycho and emotional make up of the individual, but they do not significantly change the height or color or facial stricture of that person since they are just a means of identifying an object, but they do not truly tell who that given person is since the person is very far and different from the title or the name one carries on.

However, ego truly describes a person’s reality than the name or title one carries since ego in most cases tell the reality of person due to the fact that it is inner and core aspect of one’s reality and it is not something that one can hide. Although it is possible to oppress ego, but it manifests itself in many aspects of one’s life since it is central and internal reality which springs from and within self. None cannot deny and reject such aspect of human reality.



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