Superstition and Speculation

Failure to be honest can lead to tragic consequences especially in matters related to the DIVINE. When one fails to be honest with his wife or in his office, the harm is bounded and limited to single family or office.

Where as, when one fails to be honest with matters related to THE DIVINE, this could lead to disastrous ends and complications. Overtime mistakes build up and tend to be considered as true since we get used to it.

In matters related to GOD, many people justify their healthy relationship with GOD since they have family, education, wealth, peoples around them, followers and the like. They incline to measure the degree of their faith and integrity with things related to material aspects of life.

However when we consider the history of those Prominent Figures in such aspects, all of them suffered and had sever complications in life. Then, one tends to derive that the standard of such aspects sounds very paradox and confused.

How do we measure our relationship with GOD? Is this because life is going in a direction we want? Is it because we are living a comfortable life?

Since GOD is unknowable essence, such measurements tends to fall under the mercy of one’s dictation and submit to few individuals’ settings could be an option. This does not mean that such stuff is correct.

For instance, I may have a poor condition in life, and at some point of life, my life tends to change and got a very comfortable life in terms of material stuff. When one has material things around, money, one gets things so easily.

When such fortune circles my life, I tend to assume that God is getting very close to me; but at the same time I may face other difficulties, in which I may be in a bad shape to know who is a real friend or not?

Every fortune gives birth to its own tests and difficulties as in every poverty does. In every situation I have my own challenges to face, but very different look I have in defining my interpretation I have with God.

When one’s relationship with God is defined in materialistic way, and one’s interpretation is put in such limited plane of existence, one tends to define God as knowable and very limited reality that could be very deceiving understanding.

If those Figures are my model in such aspects of life—the standard they set is suffering and difficulties—not mansions and the like. However, if I tend to define my healthy relationship with God with mansions I have, I might fail here.

Superstitious practices and beliefs are subjective and relative aspects as others do. There could be certain form of belief in a certain community and such belief could be considered by others as superstition. For example, a person could say that I should make a promise to certain church that I have to give a packet of candles when my life becomes great. When one’s life gets great, that person could deliver to that given church where one has already pledged out. In this case, a belief of that given person helps in making that person to obtain what that person want, but others could assume that such practice are superstitious. Both practices are going on and underway in these days.

What is important and relevant here is not the judgment and conclusion, but how and what one thinks. If this person depends on the pledge one gives without making the necessary effort, like having no means or methods or putting certain mechanism on how to change one’s life, this is useless. However when that person puts forward strategies on how to change one’s life, and makes the necessary effort, then the rest is a personal and contextual matter in which none has the right to be judgmental on one’s belief other than respecting it.

It is not possible to have a similar belief system at universal level, but it is possible to have a tolerance and understanding in terms of belief systems and beliefs at universal level. This is because human reality is complex and sophisticated in which our knowledge and conception regarding human reality is very limited. Hence expecting all human beings to behave in similar belief system could be chimera in relation to past practices and trend human beings have. It is possible to make a wish and work for it, but it is not an idea, but something equivalent to a nightmare. What matters is not on the wish and vision, but how society was formulated in past—politics, language, ethnicity, nation, practices, habits and superstitious beliefs and values.

Speculations and speculative judgments are one of the theaters and dramas operating on the earth since such life and way of understanding realities are in most cases are subjective, relative and contextual. They are not the type of objects and subjects that can be easily or logically or spontaneously proven out although such methods have no harm, but such aspects are not something that can be proven them wrong or true due to their sophisticated nature and aspects. Although people can employ scientific method in proving out the existence of God and related, which is futile, the method and the object to be found out could not be compatible and go in consistent with since it is like the chair trying to prove the existence of carpenter, and name, citizenship, color, sex, and age related aspect of the carpenter.

Faith, love, hope, fear, anger and the like are certain realities that do not need any kind of scientific laboratory to proof them out wrong or true. However, out of careful observation and perception, people can come up with certain recipe according to their personal experience and exposures they set in life. How and when they are applied and visited in one’s life are contextual and people can come up with certain universal formula, but it is wrong to assume that they have similar and universal ways for   reflections in which they can apply at any race or place or ethnicity with similar age, color and group and such realities are crystallized according to the nature and characters of object of interaction and communications.

There are aspects of realities that need experience as way of understanding and proofing them wrong or true. For example, as part of one’s personal experience in life, I used to practice a particular religion. However, as part of an experience, I am glad that I have proven out in one’s own way that such given religion is fake and hoax since experience is the best teacher one can have in life. Such aspects of life are personal, it gives me an experience and an idea to see the other side of coin and aspect of religion itself in one’ own way. It is not questions and answers, debates and arguments that are necessary. One takes a particular way at one given point in one’s life and one stops and this is experience one learns from life.

What is quite interesting on such life, there are certain realities that do not need such methods or scientific observation, justification and way of investigation on their existence, although trying to prove them out and experiment has no wrong, and this could deliver strength and color to the justification people are trying to make, it is of no value and importance to the matters to be proven out since such given aspects of life such as love, faith, and so on just exist and they do not need any justification, except experience and practice, which depend on personal experience, observations and justifications.



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