Engine Or System Overhaul


Western society has taken the lead in terms of social revolutions many decades ago, and it is commendable that such pattern continues in this world as being a reflection and continuation such processes of life in this world. Arab world continues and the rest follows. It is a wild guess here to presume that Africa is following and taking the next step. The point here is not the revolution or seeking change, but what is going to come next? Is there any ready mindset on the side of the society? Most want and seek change, but they do not have ready mindset on what kind of change or future they are seeking, but what is in mind and they share, they are bored of the existing ones. This has its own danger.

It sounds that there is a trend in this world in which one is a reflection of the other not only in terms of given individual life, but also in terms of society and institutions too. Arab World face profound change in terms of social evolution and revolution; the public becomes the author of its own revolutions, which comes as an outburst from the oppression it faces from its leaders such as Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and the like.

The trend is clear by now. Every dictator leader and system has its own end, but it is not possible to be precise here, no matter how sophisticated military and intelligence system they have, no matter how complex satellites and spying mechanism they have, they have an end at any given point, which they even do not realize. This is definite and crystal clear. The funny thing here is that one does not take a lesson from the other; they have same fashion and style since they are dictators. They do not accept reality and thus they face crisis at last.

What is interesting here is that the Gap that exists between the public and the government is not even realized while such processes of life are going in its own way. The moment the state realizes there is such a wide gap between society and the state, the state passes away. However, the state presumes that everything is okay and fine since there is seemly peace, fake gestures of understanding and communication between people and state officials and the like. This is the trend of dictatorial leadership in which it creates fear and the psych of fear in the minds of the public, and the public remains passive in many of the functions and operations of the government.

Taking the case of Muhammad Gaddafi, it is quite interesting to observe the paradox of his life in which the vision is buried in his own shell, a man who was determined to change the world ended up in his native town, in small shell without transforming and changing the lives of his people in his own nation. Where are those hundreds bodyguards by now? Where are those gestures of pride and fake glory by now? A man who pretends all his life as “ I am king of kings” being ended up in small cell as described by one of the former leaders in the United States of America, Ronald Reagan as “mad dog”, as being a prophecy fulfilled in that given soil to that given person.

Ambition is good, but when it exceeds its limit, it consumes oneself and creates disastrous results not only to the vision one has already set, but to the surrounding society and environment in which that given vision is set. It brings disappointments and complications to one and those who are in the surroundings environment. However, the ignorant and the foolish ones could cry and shout loud since they carry ignorance which gives birth to arrogances. It is not what one says and claims that matter here, it is the trend and certain patterns of life in this world that live under universal and natural laws do matter. They are irrevocable. No force on earth can change such aspect of life in this world.


For Example, when a student fails in an exam, there are three contributing factors to such failure. The first one is of course, the student capacity and capabilities. The second one is the system of education in which the curriculum and education policy which is the reflection of any given political ideology. The third one is failure in the teacher in which the teacher failed to translate and deliver the necessary knowledge and information to the student. Thus, all have contributing factor here.

Every concept has such actors and contributing factors to its translation and objectification in which there are minimum versions to its translation as there are maximum and maxima-list perspectives as to its translation. Every concept commences with its minimum and minimalist version since it is governed by the making and functions of this world.  And there are major elements and  contributing factors to its objectification process. This is to mean that every thing has a start and process until it achieves its end.

In this case, this Process could take various form like as the embryo in the womb in which this structure gets at a time like a fish until it becomes like complete human being in which there are certain and various stages that this embryo has to take until it gets its mature form and look. Thus, it passes thru shell and cover until the final freedom of living and going by one’s own way is reached. It is a must to pass and takes certain forms and approaches in life as this world is designed and structured to pass.

Thus, when a Reconciliation Process is sown at the beginning, It has its own Authors and their respective Vision that should be operational under various strategies. In this case as far as people are working for the Original Vision, it is okay and nice. However, when there is a process underway which is tantamount to political manipulation and maneuvering, in this case, the case of the Entire Vision is put under question and jeopardy. Here, one needs to have a coffee break and work for the Original Vision in one’s own way.

In this Reconciliation Process, there comes a point where deviation and diversion is a way of life in which certain matter arise as result of ambition and corruption, in this case, though the minimum version is going on, there is required the Maxima-list View and Point has to overcome the minimalist view so as to reach the Desired Spot as Originally visualized. Thus, a Process is underway that is operational and functional that forgets and undermines the minimalist vies, but works a to the Maxima-list View which will envelope the whole into One Common Cause due to the Destiny the Ship is already shaped to do so.

Hence, the Reconciliation Process has different stages and processes as it is going in which it encompasses individuals, societies and institutions that are underway until they finally merge to a Pivot Point which is the end goal and objective the process itself in which in such cases, it is not a particular religion, political ideology, people, or whatever groups that takes the monopolization, but rather here is equivalent and equal proportion of whatever things people have to be incorporated.

Once, this is done, the unity and peace of any given social dynamics and society, is securely established so that common good and future with shared and common understanding can be established. Otherwise, going by the way things are do ruin everything until the next establishment process is come which could take years but the unity and prosperity of such of such nation is always guaranteed due to the fact that the maximal reason which is, the future of the world is bright and good!!


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