The Irrelevant to Relevant

When the world has no activity at all levels, and there is no qualified report to be made at any given day, the Media could focus or be busy in reporting on why an ordinary man pie like this or that since there is nothing to report, by inviting all kind of experts why a given person pie like this or that, by bringing historical background on how pie starts and who started it and delivering all kinds of explanations and suggestion from all kind of cultures and walks of life. They make others to be foolish like them since they have no worthwhile news and thus they set their own priorities accordingly.

This made me remember to an interview which was conducted on a movie called “ Dave” the fake American president of one time in history in which experts deliver all kinds of serious and scientific explanations on his fake policies and strategies without realizing that they are making jokes on their life as few people laugh at them being at behind and at the corner since they already knew the fake drama which they already made on stage and the game  and trick they have played on the public and on experts too. In this case, the public follow what the few put on the Media and make all kind of good and bad comments. That is why as they say, Media shapes the world; since Media is the most powerful tool to influence and they govern most than any other means of communications.

There are many incidents of life at different levels and scales in which when such needs get crystallized in form of leadership or get institutionalized, they fall under the mercy of leaders who decide the fate of their respective society. Based on such understanding what makes a given person set that something is of top priority in one’s life is an aspect in which it is always the human natural needs or thirst towards something that does make people to formulate something as top priorities in life in which the driving factor always come from the inside and also from outside factors. In few cases, there are circumstances as to making top priority as less priority in which such deliberate move or shift towards priority do happen due to various reasons.

When top priority is considered as less important, the first reason that comes on stage is the idea of failures in which when they fail toward that something. When such failure goes on institution level, it could take the form of corruption in which people are involved in corruption and the matter could destroy their fate and destiny. By virtue of the power and authority they are endowed, they prefer to make delay or postpone such given agendas that should be on the table, since it affects their destiny and they are involved in such bad or sheet drama, which put them in bad shape, they prefer to delete or remove any matter or the person that should be given top priority, by neglecting it as if it is irrelevant and less important.

The second reason in here is that they do not understand the significance and relevance of the matter since the power of understanding and interpretation of realities are one factor. There are quite few things on this planet earth in which they  were considered as less important, nothing or void, but in due course of time, the matter have natural pattern and life cycle, and by the process of time, they appear to be more significant and useful. For example, there was a scientist who invented the laser, but the scientific community ridiculed him as if he invented nothing at the time of invention, since they did not understand or have the grasp on what to do with the invention, and in fact they said, he invented nothing. However, in due course of time, laser appear to be the need of everyone and one find in every household and everyone by now uses products of this invention such as the CD, DVD and many other electronic devices and activities of human life.

The other reason is that when power or people of authority do not like, for instance, if the matter is an idea, the person who brought the idea, in which the idea of confusing personality and the idea is another matter. When people do not like the personality of the person who brought any given idea or matter, and the person could be a type of person who does not care about their personality, authority, honor or whatever type of respect they expect from that person, and that given person neglects and does not give attention to their critics or whatever things they do on him.

When the matter that was put as irrelevant or insignificant become significant and relevant in due course of time, the funny thing in here is that, by the time the idea or invention becomes significant, the author or inventor is dead or the author lost one’s appetite of the recognition one is delivered by others since enough considerations and regard was not timely given; the author learns many thinking, behavior and characters of individuals who have significant position, and the author finds them as the most silly and garbage people on earth. They are in cases found as nasty and rubbish people who do not deserve any respect since the author become aware of the sabotage and conspiracy drama and theater that was going on behind the stage.

Pretension becomes one of the becoming characteristics of such people who fail in such undertaking and they pretend as if they do not ever heard or know about such matters which they have failed. They live in state of denial. In this case, they try to justify on matters which they fail by making blame shift towards others. They forget that it is their own choices and decisions that make them put in such given scenario of life, failure and frustrations, and they try to point fingers on others. They keep on giving priority to silly subject matters and less significant matter in setting their priories of life and they do not even learn from their past mistakes and failures. They keep making same mistakes and failures that put them in vicious circle of crisis as well.

Have you ever come across with such kinds of people who focus on such aspect of life in which their hobby or duty is to focus on such nonsense aspect and useless areas of life, in which they probably consider themselves as if they are useful or important people in life? Have you ever come across with people who are addicted to just talking, they talk about garbage things, but they consider themselves as if they are very important? Have you ever come across with people, who focus on silly aspect of life, but they ask other people not to focus on silly matters, which they confuse what is silly and what is significant? It is just matter of priority in life.

And, have you ever met people who try to consider minor things as if they are major and important, in which they focus on silly aspects of their life due to the fact that they can go up to that far, which tells that they have nothing to do, except focusing on small subject matters and areas of interest?  These subject matters could be connected to, where is Mr. x, what is he eating, where is he sleeping, with whom he is sleeping, the type of underwear, what was his dream, where is he today, what does he wear in today, and the like. They try to put insignificant and irrelevant matters as something that deserves attention in which there are people who think that minor things could be the cause for the downfall of their regime or administration in world where they leave aside significant matters and relevant matters as if it is irrelevant and nonessential as well.

When people focus on silly details, they become prisoners of nonsense ideas and thinking, and they have no even bright future to create since they are tied up with silly ins and outs of daily routines and activities. In this case, they have put identity crisis in their personality if they think that they can go up to far distant since they have already chosen a path that focuses on past and present, which is the dark side of them. When people focus on the dark side of past and present, they cannot have any nice future since they have consumed their energy. People can have dark aspect of life, but it is possible to change it since life is about thinking, not what other people think and tell. Hope is something that one can create than receive or wait as a gift from others.

Change can come with volition and determination of the individual in which it is will power of the individual along with the determinations that can bring significant change on the life of the individual. It is not religious teaching or political ideologies that have an influence, but the readiness of the individual and one’s determination for change that has major contributing factor to the change one can come about in one’s life.



Fire and Water

August 30, 2016

Life is like a fire in certain cases as it can be like water. When it is like a fire, it is to mean that few people heat it; other people get burnt out of it; others make gold out of it; others try to quench it with water; others cook their food; others look at it a distant. This depends upon circumstances and condition of life which people are in which one can use one matter for multiple purposes due to reasons that it is a perspective and how people perceive any matter that really matters than the matter itself.

Life is like a water since people use to quench it their thirst; others use to take shower and cleans their body and to wash their clothes; other use to produce light energy; others use to cook their foods and the like. To the contrary, when flood come, they are taken, their homes are destroyed and their life is distorted due to excessive amount of flow of the flood even if water in one aspect delivers life to people and is helpful to their daily undertakings.

Both good and bad, optimistic and pessimistic views and perspectives of life exist in every society and people lives. This is to point that there are certain people and societies who take the example of an airplane that flies against the law of gravity in order to soar on the sky and fly so that it carries forward another useful and important function in order to meet other people who live in other continents and parts of the world as well.

The law of gravity can her be resembled the law of attraction that pull anything to fall down to the earth since it brings anything that goes upward to downward. These can be connected customs and traditions and way any given human society functions and they are only beneficial to one group of society but they cannot bring any fundamental and significant change unless and otherwise such practices and customs are broken down and overruled by any other forces.

An aero plane can be connected to those particular activities and human undertakings that go against such law of attraction in which an airplane goes upward, going against the law of nature, in order to undertake another useful and necessary human activity and undertaking to the benefit of humanity and the world at large as well. These activities are thinking and practice that connect one given culture and society with another given culture and society.

In such process of life—fire and water—many trivial and useful activities and thinking exist as many trivial societies customs and traditions that do pull everyone to live under the mud of the earth; there are also certain thinking and ideas that come contrary to such social practices that go against the desire and comfort zones of what a society thinks and on how it behaves.

Life here becomes a struggle not only with those practice and traditional customs any give society undertakes in its daily practices but also with the keen desire and interest of translating into practical reality on what one thinks and believes so that things can be better. In such process of life, one should think of the momentum that could put such given airplane to fly and soar above the sky so that no earthly limitations and constraints should pull it down to the mud of the earth. In this case, wisdom is an imperative and critical aspect of human life.

An airplane in flight is the center of a continuous tug of war between four forces: lift, gravity force or weight, thrust, and drag. Lift and Drag are considered aerodynamic forces because they exist due to the movement of the aircraft through the air.  The weight pulls down on the plane opposing the lift created by air flowing over the wing. Thrust is generated by the propeller and opposes drag caused by air resistance to the frontal area of the airplane. During takeoff, thrust must overcome drag and lift must overcome the weight before the airplane can become airborne. In level flight at constant speed, thrust exactly equals drag and lift exactly equals the weight or gravity force. For landings thrust must be reduced below the level of drag and lift below the level of the gravity force or weight.

Silence in certain cases can be useful but it should not pass the limit since such silence could be considered as stupidity and ignorance; consultations and discussions on matters that are considered as an issue is one aspect to consider. However, as things get worse, conflicts and contradictions get worse, it is obvious that rule of law should be considered with sole intention of stabilizing and maintaining law and order so that rule of law will be the final stage of marinating law and order since certain societies could need certain strong measures in order to make them behave as airplane uses certain force in order to soar above the sky otherwise it cannot fly.

There are people who walk on fire since they use the fire for constructive purposes as there are people who escape the water floods since they know how to swim. In both cases it requires certain and different capacity and skill. One cannot swim in fire as one cannot heat the flood. Certain people escape other people life therapies that could put their given life under jeopardy since they have their own views and perceptions of life other than the society which they respectively belong. This is what they call experience and exposures in life which cannot be obtained by any schooling and certificates but as result of such given individuals perspectives and way of understanding realities and processes of life. As society do pull them to make them live under the mud of the earth, such people go beyond this world and live soaring and flying on the sky!!

The Misinformed Society  

They say wrong people lead right life and right people lead wrong life. This is one of the characteristics of wrong societies whatever political party and leadership they have and practice. This is one of the interesting comments one ever heard since the look and content of any society is mainly depend upon on how far such society manifest and reflect justice and fairness in its undertakings. In this case, the right people should have right life and the wrong people should take the wrong ones.

This does not mean that right people are not having and enjoying the right life. What could be weighty and worthwhile in the above mentioned saying is that such people outnumber the right people with the right life. In such case, such given society is busy with trivial activities and undertaking of human life in which most people become interested with cheap aspect of human lives and the interferences most people make in other peoples’ lives become normal.

This is like the number of people who intrude into others home is greater than those who enter in appropriate manner, in such case chaos and frustration become the identity of such given society. Such society is the most ugly society since most focus on trivial of people affair than ideas and thinking that change the life and thinking of society. Life gets stuck in here. This does happen within any given due to lack of correct standards and principles of life that should dictate that given society so that truthful and proper thing can be installed in every individual’s reality and household.

Accordingly, there are different types of people in relation to following certain philosophies and ways of life in incorporating to their dictionary of life. The first ones are those kinds of people who like talking things in very stereotype model in which they are fashioned in certain style and they cannot go further and beyond the world and things they know. They claim that they have standards to measure, the effectiveness and adequacy of everything but they could probably forget that what they claim is incomplete and are not even adequate for many reasons.

The second types of people are those kinds of people which do not have standards of life but they are open-minded to accept anything which conforms to their thinking which they think is right and correct. They do not have any touchstone as to reject or accept any claim, but they reject something if they do not understand or want; they accept something when they understand that it is something useful and necessary for their personal life since they think that they have enough experience and exposures in life.

The third types of people are those people who have no standards in life and they do not know what is good or bad, but they go in direction where the wind blows in which they live after few people thinking and way of life; they do not have even capacity as to set standards in life since they have no such maturity. They cannot set certain standards in life and they live in a way as to how and where the mass lives, since they cannot live outside the will and choice of the mass.

The fourth types of people are those people who do not care as to whether there is standard or not, but they live up to the condition of the time and the world in which they do not waste their time in thinking and doing the check balance of life. They just live since they have no time to calculate and tell this is in conformity with standard or not. It is not even their business and sheet since they do not care about such matter and aspect of life.

While such drama of life is going on, people interpret and misinterpret many things in life since they create some kind of understanding and misunderstanding on each other’s goal and plans in life and hence they inform and misinform each other’s activity and undertaking. Although the motive behind misinforming other people is another theatrical drama of life since there are people who intentionally distort the way they interpret data and information they receive from others as matter of fact, they want to achieve their hidden personal interest and selfish advantages on other people.

There are people who succeed in distorting information and misinforming others and they achieve their own desired and hidden goals they want to achieve on others. In such respect, there are people who risk their lives and people whose are put to court for punishment due to the fact that such given act and thinking by itself is a crime and punishable by law.

Misinforming other people could result due to two basic and fundamental reasons. The first one is due to wrong and inaccurate interpretations in which interpretations of other people thinking and act requires capacity by itself and as there are people who try to misinterpret other people due to hate factor. The second aspect is due to lack of adequate informant on the subject matter which they want to make a decision. Accordingly there are varied types of people that exist in the realm of information in which they shape and lead their own lives based on the type and quality of information which they receive in their process of life.

There are three major categories of people in this context. The first ones are those people who are well informed on many subject matters and ideas; the second one are those people who are misinformed about many subject matters and ideas; the third ones are those people who are not informed about many subject matters and ideas. And people can be detected by the words they use, information or data they deliver and the type of people they assemble and discuss ideas and share opinions as well.

When people are misinformed, they are worse than those who are non-informed since they put bias and make other people to be in bad shape. Although there are two types of people in this category, in which there are people who lack information and capacity to know about subject matter and they misinform others due to absence of capacity; there are other people in here whose primary job is to misinform people so as to mislead and deceive and tricks others, and such people are those people who work in intelligence offices and their primary responsibility and focus in most case is to bias people and make wrong judgment due to the political agenda they promote and favor a given political cause.

Why do people misinform others other than lack of capacity or adequacy they have in life is one aspect one wants to discuss further. When they lack capacity means they want to understand what they like and want to understand on subject matter what that subject matter wants to deliver. In such cases, such people became the cause of contradiction and conflict within people due to the fact they make bad choices in and within their life.

Amongst such people, who are the causes of contradiction due to such given aspect of life, misinforming others mainly are politicians. Why do politicians misinform one another objective and goals with the intention of achieving their own goals and objectives is one given aspects? They also understand and interpret other people thinking and action in distorted manner if such people deliver something contrary to what they think and believe or they are the type of people who cannot submit their given free will to their own agenda as well. They do this for one big reason since they distort each other’s objective and goals since they think that it is an already installed mechanism in creating some sort of public acceptance within the public. None is free from such biases and prejudices they make in their process of life due to the fact it is their becoming hobby and duty in performing their own tasks and undertakings too.

As people arise to engage in politics, the primal motive and interest in promoting should not be to gain personal interest and desire but rather they should fully promote and promulgate the interests of the public. When politicians are engaged obtaining their own personal agendas, they will be egoistic and self centered and life will be hard to such society since the public in here is neglected and ignored. In such case, chaos and frustration will be existing phenomena. People live in misinforming one another. Truth will be buried. Confusions and contradiction do exist in every home as good friends.

When people are well informed, they correct mistakes; they correct and prevent wrong judgments; they create healthy environment between people who discuss about a subject matter, and they add certain flavor to the discussion subject matter and the people who discuss any give subject matter since they are inputs to such people and the point of discussions. They are useful instruments for sharing opinions and perspective as well. These people are well informed due to the fact that they have better life experience and exposure, they are well and they have obtained various information on many subjects from many other people whom they meet in life.


Contentment —Why or How

A dictionary defines contentment as the state of being mentally or emotionally satisfied with things as they are.  Contentment in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Hindu has similar definition and characteristic since it cannot change in terms of its practical translations and actions and reaction in the process of life. It is one simple way of life which make people to be happy or not since it is a choice that people make in life. Hence, it has similar characteristic due to the fact that when people obtain certain amount of things and possessions in life, it become hard to be content since they seek more and more though there is nothing wrong in seeking abundances in life too.

However, contentment is one of intricate matter to consider in poor countries where it is formidable to be happy in poor conditions of life since it is not only useful but also not necessary due to the fact that there are much less things to be satisfied with. Hard work should be the prerequisite in life no matter what kind of results it bestows in life.  This does not mean that to be content is not useful. It is good to be content while one has nothing in life since life becomes simple, but it is not advisable to be satisfied as people should seek something in life that facilitate their given way of life to go nicer and smoother unless and otherwise they are forced not to have anything or something due to varied reasons beyond their control too.

This is to argue that such dissatisfaction happen in poor countries should lead one to enthusiastic determination to change one self and others although the road and path is so stony to resist. While people get content with simple things or nothing in poor conditions of life, the desire to change themselves and their given surrounding will be under danger which could lead to some sort of dissatisfaction or disappointments at the end of their given life.

In terms of wealth, it is appropriate to be content when one accumulates reasonable amount of wealth in which lack of contentment lead to further disappointment and complication, and in this case it serves as useful and important quality. It is indeed praiseworthy to be content. Otherwise, as people are not content with what they have, they will be greedy and disappointment and dissatisfaction will be their given fate in such process of their given life.

Otherwise, in places where one have nothing and should work more to posses and satisfy one’s need, contentment may be a problem that may need a remedy. In this case, as people are content, the desire to work and posses something in their life will be less and they will be living being dependent of what other people deliver instead of the things they should obtain by their own since they are capable to posses something in life.

Place and situations of life determine for necessity of few qualities; and looking into the specific elements and ingredients before reaching to conclusion is a necessary rationale, otherwise one could end up in nowhere. Contentment could be necessary in rich neighborhoods, but it could be futile in poor neighborhoods. Why does one need it when one has nothing? Is it to kill one’s potential and intelligentsia?

Although it may be harmful for the poor man to be discontent with poverty, for in cases, it may lead to fear and frustration, and end up with wrong ends. As people are content with poor condition, the degree of happiness they enjoy in life is greater than those rich people who live with discontentment in their life but it is very much lesser than those rich people who lead a happy life too. However, poverty and poor conditions of life should not be considered as merit and a virtue as this by itself is a result of lack of virtue and is a consequence of lacking something in life too.

Greed and contentment has very interesting relationship; one can be greed when one possesses something and not; likewise one could be content while possessing or not.

It does not need to be anything to tell the excessive desire one generates from tiny greed act one performed and planted in one’s mind or heart, will lead to disastrous results and complications of life. Thus, lack of contentment may also lead to greedy personality. In other case, contentment needs a mindset and require in what circumstances one needs to be content. In fact, it could be hard to start something while one is in the middle of something.

They say, “a gold in hand is considered as a copper”. Sometimes we do not appreciate the value of things since they are around us, but we start giving values the moment they are out of hand and control from us. Such things could happen from many reasons. Amongst them is greed. We do not recognize and appreciate others since we have excessive desire and love to self—self-centeredness—that lead to lack of appreciations to others.

The other reason is due to lack of contentment of one’s lifestyle—that leads to disrespect and disregard other’s contribution and efforts. These two glasses cover the eye of every human being to perceive things in biased and prejudice ways than understand in correct and true way.

Thus, we need to be content, not only from the point view of self-centered approach, but also from the point view of understanding and respecting others. This does not mean that one quits the efforts one requires to make to be better.

However, it is also our knowledge that contentment is being used in preaching language and world to manipulate the mass from the desire of leading others by delivering the heaven to the poor. Such matter could be tricky here. Religion plays significant role in shaping poor peoples perception and interpretation of life in which it gives some sort of direction by making rich people to live in hell and poor people to dwell in heaven too.

Contentment and greed are inversely proportional and related, in which the more content one is, the less greed one is to be. Thus, one does not need to consider the greed aspect here, but rather be concerned about the contentment aspect. When one is content, greed does not exist; and they are like fire and water. Fire and water cannot exist in container. One ruins the other.

They say, do not wish or work hard to have money or rich or poor, but seek to be wise. Being wise has no specific ethnic group, race, color, age, education,profession and the like, but it depends on how people handle and manage their life experiences which vary on decisions they make in their given life due to the fact that it is not other peoples’ advice that is important, but their given personal exposures and experiences of life which is useful and the one should only dictate their given life. As matter of fact that everyone in this world has different lives which are the private life and the public life in which there is another life which is beyond these two, which  is a mysterious life that is far beyond the conception of oneself too.

The Need for New and Different Aspect

August 25, 2016

We live quite in blissful century of hope and light than the former days and centuries besides the challenges and threats which humanity faces in its daily undertaking and routines. Both light and dark events are happening in our earth as they are created by humans and they result in optimist and pessimistic views on the perceptions people have come about in their process of life. Both hopeful and desperate events are the results of the products of the human mind, which results by the choices people make in their daily undertakings and goals which they set for life.

Comparing to past centuries and ages—times of horses and mules—people were forced to spend most of their time in their lives in travelling than to this current age and century in which people spend less times that limits to not very long days, but to less hours depending on the places which they travel. It is also a time where people can use their time in efficient and effective manner in which they do not have to use other people in order to send their personal and private messages to people or relatives whom they live in other places, due to the fact personal phones and other products of information technology are helping them so that they could not be victim of other peoples conspiracies as result of passing their their private information too. Thanks to Information Technology !!

The good old times are not good old times since the good new times are better in many aspects of the human undertakings. The way human reality lives and thinks in former time is changed into these very days due to the fact that new and different ways of thinking and thinking are established and come since they are the exigency of the time.  In such fast fleeting moments of life, it is not possible to choose retardation or regression since the way forward and going forward is not only an alternate way of life but also it is inevitable to come.

Hence, people always seek new, better and different thinking and way of life in order to make their life spicy and interesting as result of the fact they are bored of the existing ones which they respectively belong. We do not have to blame for the making of such peoples choices and their search for newer and better ones due to the fact that it is very natural. Otherwise, progress will not come. When people and society get bored of the existing ways of life and thinking, confusion and frustration take place in such people and society’s mind which need to be fixed by remedying or solving their current stresses or frustrations which they face in their given life or it should cure with new, better and different thinking which should happen within their given mental setting and thinking machinery.

Otherwise, boredom and stressful conditions of life will be the fate of such people and society and it will keep on taking few amounts of drugs or opium to perform its daily routines in normal way, which are results of the failures of existing ways of life which could not deliver energy and power that make their given daily undertaking to be performed without the use and help of drugs too. Hence, such paradoxical settings and ways of life become normal way of life in which, it in one aspects, forbids to take usage of drugs, but it in another aspect permits its citizens to take certain amount of drugs in daily manner as legal.

For Example, in the Czech Republic, until 31 December 1998 only drug possession “for other person” (i.e. intent to sell) was criminal (apart from production, importation, exportation, offering or mediation, which was and remains criminal) while possession for personal use remained legal. On 1 January 1999, an amendment of the Criminal Code, which was necessitated in order to align the Czech drug rules with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, became effective, criminalizing possession of “amount larger than small” also for personal use (Art. 187a of the Criminal Code) while possession of small amounts for personal use became a misdemeanor.

The judicial practice came to the conclusion that the “amount larger than small” must be five to ten times larger (depending on drug) than a usual single dose of an average consumer. On 14 December 2009, the Government of the Czech Republic adopted Regulation No. 467/2009 Coll., that took effect on 1 January 2010, and specified what “amount larger than small” under the Criminal Code meant, effectively taking over the amounts that were already established by the previous judicial practice. According to the regulation, a person could possess up to 15 grams of marijuana or 1.5 grams of heroin without facing criminal charges. These amounts were higher (often many times) than in any other European country, possibly making the Czech Republic the most liberal country in the European Union.

The drug policy of the Netherlands is based on 2 principles: drug use is a public health issue, not a criminal matter; a distinction between hard drugs and soft drugs exists. Cannabis remains a controlled substance in the Netherlands and both possession and production for personal use are still misdemeanors, punishable by fine. Cannabis coffee shops are also illegal according to the statutes. However, a policy of non-enforcement has led to a situation where reliance upon non-enforcement has become common, and because of this the courts have ruled against the government when individual cases were prosecuted.

In Norway, on 14 June 2010, the Stoltenberg commission recommended implementing heroin assisted treatment and expanding harm reduction measures. On 18 June 2010, Knut Stroberger, Minister of Justice and the Police announced that the ministry was working on new drug policy involving decriminalization by the Portugal model, which was to be introduced to parliament before the next general election. Later, however, Storberget changed his statements, saying the decriminalization debate is “for academics”, instead calling for coerced treatment. In early March 2013, minister of health and care services Jonas Gahr Støre proposed to decriminalize the inhalation of heroin by 2014 as a measure to decrease drug overdoses.

In the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, advocacy for drug legalization has increased in Latin America. Spearheading the movement Uruguayan government announced in 2012 plans to legalize state-controlled sales of marijuana in order to fight drug-related crimes. Some countries in this region have already advanced towards depenalization of personal consumption. Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos proposed the legalisation of drugs in an effort to counter the failure of the War on Drugs, which was said to have yielded poor results at a huge cost. On 25 May 2016, the congress approved the legalization of marijuana for medical usage.

In August 2009, the Argentine supreme court declared in a landmark ruling that it was unconstitutional to prosecute citizens for having drugs for their personal use – “adults should be free to make lifestyle decisions without the intervention of the state”. The decision affected the second paragraph of Article 14 of the country’s drug control legislation (Law Number 23,737) that punishes the possession of drugs for personal consumption with prison sentences ranging from one month to two years (although education or treatment measures can be substitute penalties). The unconstitutionality of the article concerns cases of drug possession for personal consumption that does not affect others.



Abnormality and Stupidity

August 24, 2016

Everyone defines abnormality based on their own experience in life and theory which they develop in their given life. There are people who define abnormality when a person lacks motivation and aspiration to be rich. There are people who define abnormality when other people show dislike and disinterest in the belief of God. There are people who define abnormality when others show lacking in interest in life and for living. Hence people define people as per the context of their given personal interests and experience of life.

They also say, a man who does not want to live abundantly is abnormal. In other cases, the desire and inclination of seeking abundance in life make many people to be in abnormal state of being and life. While many people want many things in their life, they could end up in having nothing which could lead in frustration and confusions in their given life. As one consider such paradoxical thinking and way of life, this world is in cases shaped with confused and contradictory mentality and thinking and what one works for one person cannot work to another and the degree to which any given abnormality is considered vary as per their given experiences and exposures of their given life.

For example, I used to belong to certain community in past in which there is trend and practice, which is contradictory and confused thinking and belief that exist in that given community. The point is on how it classifies and categorizes its members according to the way they understand and think. This means that in a big circle, there are other different min circles that exist as well. Although the pivot point of belief and thinking of that given community is established on the oneness of humanity or mankind, there is a different in fact quite opposite practice that exist in its administrative undertakings and functions, and it classifies and labels its people under different tags and labels.

The good ones that it assumes are categorized as martyrs, lovers, adherents and the like where as the bad ones are labeled under covenant breakers, enemies, corrupted believers and difficult people. Such classifications and labels are done on what the individual thinks and how one behaves in which the assumption behind such drama is  not even clear though the entire drama which they claim is about oneness, but the theater that exist behind the curtain is so different and the opposite. Such given calcification and labeling do draw certain lines that separate between people and the unity of such given community is put under narrow marginalized settings that put its integrity and goals to achieve under threat and jeopardy, not by external forces and agents, by its own thinking that exist within its own circle by its own captainship too.

If there is claim that goes like about unity and oneness, such unity and oneness cannot be established without accepting and tolerating other people thinking and belief and way of understanding and interpreting such realities of life even if such people think and understand quite to the contrary since by virtue of the very being of human, people think and want to perceive realities in their given way than getting dictated by others or few people too. Freedom and free will are the most essential and useful aspect of the human life since to be free does not include being slaves to other or few people thinking and beliefs too.

Though there is claim that goes like oneness or unity, one should not confuse such oneness with sameness due to the fact the current generation human beings want to think so differently than past ages as it is also possible to think one person wants to think very differently than the other person and people should not be expected to think and behave in similar manner and way which do lead to uniformity and sameness that do have an impact on their given daily undertakings which people do in their given life and this does eventually create boring realm and boredom world.

It is not only on the color and size of nose and eyes which people should be permitted to differ, but also in terms of thinking and belief, understanding and interpreting perceptions of life as well. When such accommodating and welcoming communities and belief systems are created in everywhere, the claims which they do will be going in accordance with the goals and visions they set to their own existence and life. They also claim that diversity means beauty which should be translated not only in physical and other few features of life but also in whole and complete nature an characters of human realities too.

While I was conversing with someone who is member of such given community in relation to such matter, he said to me I am covenant breaker. I asked him, what it means by that since I already resigned from such community like many years ago and I had no idea what you are talking about; I did not break single glass in my life as well. He further said, we are asked not to say hello to you too. Then I replied to him the 100 people or 200 people hello have no value and place in my life and this cannot buy me single cup of coffee to my life as well. I am glad you have relieved me from the stress of saying hello to other people since by my nature I do not like saying hello to other people and you make my life very simple too.

It is quite funny and silly to think other people could be frustrated by such kinds of move such communities do since such people are labeled under such category. Weak people live by the mindset of other people where as confident and independent people do live by their own and to their own. One is not the type of person who could be shaken by such kinds of wicked thinking and mental setting, but rather one is the type of person who works against such given thinking and mental settings so that others could be helped out from such kinds of confused and contradictory thinking that governs many people due to their ignorance and lack of interest in investigating such matters and the drama that is going on behind with such matters, with the skill which they think they have acquired, but in reality not, which is the skill of independent investigating of the truth.

Such kinds of mentality and thinking do shape many people who are already governed by such thinking to live under their own given mental stress and confusions due their selfish and personal desire and interest to belong to certain group and identity and they prefer to dwell with stupidity and abnormality than genuinely and honestly investigate the validity and correctness of such practices and thinking. They make to add stupidity upon up surd thinking as their given way of life and they think that they are safe and secure, but in reality, they are not, since they are helping to create a hostile and non accommodating environment and world which cannot establish one village unity in appropriate manner than the entire world unity.

Superstition—Past Vs Future

August 23, 2016

German authorities are set to introduce a new state defense plan that would make citizens stockpile food and water, enough to last for at least ten days, in the event of a major disaster or an armed attack, local media revealed. “The population will have to hold an individual food stock that is to last ten days,” the document titled “Concept for Civil Defense” reportedly said.

Few people ask, why not for five or three or seven days, why not for one month and the like. And they relate such warning based on the belief and thinking machinery society and nations have been devised in past for centuries and ages in which they are arranging and preparing for the advent of something coming which they expect in their life. However, when politics is integrated with religion, it cannot see the other side and full truth of reality in its complete since it is already shaped with one given mindset due to the form of belief and faith such kinds of societies have demonstrated in its own history.

It is written on the New Testament, under Revelation that, fear none of those things which thou shall suffer: behold, the devil shall cast [some] of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

This world lives in state of sleep in which the deep sleep which was injected in the past makes other and the next generations yet to come in state of sleep than being awake. The whole world is structured in way to expect something in which such unending expectations and hope is endless and unending. They tell us, someone is coming for the second time, until then be awake; some will come after 1000 years, until then be awake; someone will appear from the heaven after 1000 years, but before 6000 years, again be awake, and the like.

One of the interesting aspect of life in this world is the expectation of someone from the heaven or the sky in which many people expect something or they expect someone after few thousand years, a person who comes with a message he/she has no clue from what they claim God, which is bit strange and funny since all expect someone from the world they do not know, but what they feel and think. If that someone does not meet their imaginations and expectations, they claim, he/she is not, but in fact, it is till him. But in most of the books they read, it is written that, they claim they know me, but I say to them I do not know all.

What is quite fascinating here is the drama that exist between those who think they know, with those who think they do not know, in which those who think they know are always in state of mistakes and sins, since this is what history has proved and witnessed. They think they know, but what they know what they want to know and what they want to understand and thus, they make huge mistakes and mislead those people who follow them; those people who think they do not know.

Researchers in the field indicate that, the number 10 is used 242 times in the Bible. The designation “10th” is used 79 times. Ten is also viewed as a complete and perfect number, as is 3, 7 and 12. It is made up of 4, the number of the physical creation, and 6, the number of man. As such, it signifies testimony, law, responsibility and the completeness of order. In Genesis 1 we find the phrase “God said” 10 times, which is a testimony of His creative power. God gave the 10 Commandments to man. Ten therefore represents man’s responsibility to keep the commandments. A tithe is a 10th of our earnings and is a testimony of our faith in the Lord.

The Passover lamb was selected on the 10th day of the 1st month (Exodus 12:3), as was Jesus, the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world (John 12:28 – 29; 1Corinthians 5:7). The 10th day of the 7th month is the Holy Day known as the Day of Atonement. This unique day of fasting pictures the removal of Satan, the author of sin, before the Millennial reign of Jesus begins (Revelation 20:1 – 2). The last great world-ruling kingdom of man under Satan is symbolized prophetically by the 10 toes of Daniel 2 and the 10 horns of Revelation 13 and 17.

Others relate two days as days of torment in which people keep having stocks for two days in cases of emergency. And we find the following statements in the Old and New statement in relation to the two days. “You know that after two days the Passover is coming, and the Son of Man is to be handed over for crucifixion.” Now the Passover and Unleavened Bread were two days away; and the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how to seize Him by stealth and kill Him; So when He heard that he was sick, He then stayed two days longer in the place where He was.”See, the LORD has given you the sabbath; therefore He gives you bread for two days on the sixth day. Remain every man in his place; let no man go out of his place on the seventh day.” Whether it was two days or a month or a year that the cloud lingered over the tabernacle, staying above it, the sons of Israel remained camped and did not set out; but when it was lifted, they did set out. “He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, That we may live before Him.

Is it possible to trust all those things that are written in the book should be translated into reality in these very day in which many people start questioning the authenticity and integrity of the books as well? Those who are formed under title before “I am the promised ones” are liars and deceivers, which could be considered as beasts since they deceive and misled many, heads of states due to the fact that their organization and community exist in every land, their books are translated in every tongue by now.

Here what they use is their given superstitions as weapons and killing instrument since the public lives with many superstitions that are created by belief systems, but they did not give chance to analyze their own values and how far their belief and superstitions they have are correct and truthful. Both religions that do exist in here have their own superstitions, and when people get educated, it get even worse, it has form and structure, and is considered as part of the belief system, but it is just one of the balloon concepts, when small needle is put, it is just nothing, it is vain, fake and empty. They have no effect and impact.

Reality proves that religion influence in the life of human society is getting weaker as not in the case old olden days which was life and death matter. Today there are alternatives that can replace religion and its way of life. In fact it was life and death thing in past. But things are very different now. The number of people who follow religion will be decreasing in the future sine religion cannot fill and quench the thirst of individuals. It’s not even possible to replace the existing religion by forming different and newer ones since people do not like to be told of what to do or not. The numbers of individual who think like, “who cares”, “so what’ will be greater in number which will put the integrity of any religion under question.

There is no mystery and secret few people only understand and know since the author and owner of mysteries claimed by others as God is not discriminatory and racist. God has no book, except their own understanding and interpretations. When God become knowable, it stops becoming unknowable. The God they know what is in their hands, which is the result of their imagination and thinking and their given understanding and interpretations too, which cannot be touchstone to validate or disprove any given reality or matter that comes to happen outside their given circle and compound and thinking due to the fact that they are corrupt and they have already corrupted way of looking at their on given books and the world at large too since the public have already heard them officially declaring their own wrong doings and corruption that exist in their given administrations in the Medias.