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Vision and Confusion

Posted on: 29 Jul 2016

Confusion is a state of being created as matter of one’s lack of clarity in understanding something and failure in doing something. It is both thinking and implementing difficulty.

One can be found in state of confusion for many reasons. One is lack of clarity in vision. The other is due to the wrong choices in strategies and tools one does in implementing a certain vision.

The first one is related to the goal, which could be unrealistic and wrong. The second one is due to the wrong strategy and tool one chooses in implementing the correct goal.

Basically there could be options in life where one could choose a correct vision with correct tools and strategies; there could be unrealistic and incorrect visions, but correct strategy and tools; there could be correct visions and incorrect tools and strategies; and there could be incorrect visions along with strategies and tools.

In such drama, one chooses a menu from the above and live with what life has delivered which depends on the satisfaction and accomplishments one is to come about. This could be a very deceiving standard and measurement.

While such drama is going on, in the middle of the course of life, one may get confused due to one of the above four factors. These happen due to two reasons. One is due to external factors. The other is due to one self, internal.

For instance I may have a certain vision. A vision is seeing things to happen, not implementing things what I had seen as a must should happen. When that given vision is implemented with a help of a tool—religion—the vision may get personal touches and interferences. It loses its potency due to the fact that personal plans are carried on. Here I am fabricating a tool.

Any given tool can be useful and harmful. Though there could be different options for a given vision to happen if it is a true vision, for God has many ways of fulfilling any vision that is true in nature.

Vision happens whether I fabricate a tool or not. When I see the world peace at large  if my vision is from GOD in which there  is traditional assumption and common belief that it will come true. I do not need implementer.  Those who live on the earth will bring it up. I do not have to worry about when and where this should happen.

The moment I oblige myself, this should happen under my authority, leadership, and participation, though it is not bad, for all need peace, this may be in conflict with the author of that given vision, in which one has to get advice from the source; otherwise one cannot bring it up by oneself. Peace starts from oneself. It is state of being which occur as a result of one’s stability in life. Then it expands to society and institution level. To reach to the desired point—WORLD PEACE—it needs coordinated effort of all.

Basically vision is correlated with seeing the future. It is about knowing what is going to happen in the future. In this regard visions could be categorized under two kinds. The first one, the author of the vision, is the individual. The person initiates the vision and puts strategies and creates its own implementation activities. The person knows the time and the activities to react to the vision. The owner and author of such vision is the individual. He creates it and implements it.

The second kind of vision is the author and owner is unknown. In this regard the person is pure channel. In this case the person has no knowledge of time and place things. What the person knows here is the events yet to happen.

In both cases, both visions could be subjected to faults and mistakes for many reasons. In the first case, the individual could be subjected to failure since the vision could be over exaggerated or under, and thus vision adjustment here is required so that one could reduce the disappointments.

In the second situation, there could be mistakes while translating and interpreting visions in this objective world, due to subjective and human conditions., in which a person could see certain things in figurative ways, and while translating these realities to this objective plane of existence in human language, one could misinterpret and misunderstand them, and could reach to wrong judgment. In this regard, one could deceive millions of people since one could lose track and deviate from the Truth.

Basically, truth has no vote; it is just like the sun where it appears manifest thru time. The sun gives light and heat. This does not need majority vote. It is just a reality. It is manifest crystal clear as the SUN itself. In my case, the visions are both types. For the vision I had with regard to the source I had no clue, I am not the author and owner of that vision. For that vision, there is no need to form NGO.

Future is unknowable for many reason, but it is something that can be predictable and forecasted since it is not possible to go and make single walk without the desire and try to know what is going on to the future than have blind walk and wild guess since modern time needs modern way of looking at things about in this world which include the future reality as well. There is no wrong in trying to know the future, but there is bad when one sticks to speculations and predication, considering them as fact even if they are proven wrong in due course of time. This is just waste of time since there is nothing that can be changed since truth cannot be changed to falsehood at any cost and expense.


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