Yes, There are Many Yet to Come!

In 1840, the American Patent Office commissioner used to think that humanity has reached to its highest point of discovery and there are no inventions and discoveries yet to come and the patent office should be closed. However, this world did not go in way experts and such professionals dictate and speculate and the patent world exhibits dramatic explosion since that given time. What people and experts speculate and conclude and how and where the world is heading in most cases are falling apart and the world seeks for its own accurate and precise prediction models and speculations though failure is one of the hobbies of this world in this given feature of the human undertaking.

A friend of mine once told me regarding an article he read about a scientist whose name I forget. That give scientist invented laser and the rest of scientific community did not know what does that mean by and as to the benefit and usage of it at that given time. in fact, they ridiculed at him and they further commented that he invented nothing. Later on, revolution in laser stuff happened in the world, and it became evident that everyone in today uses as CD, DVD, floppy, flash disk and the like.

Life in this world is interesting since ignorance and arrogance are the major actors in this world besides envy and jealousy. Life without invention and discovery is not possible. These two positive and negative forces have been fighting since the time of creation like a creature called, man. We live in both constructive and destructive forces going on hand in hand. It is inevitable that constructive ones always win and victory always goes towards them. It is matter of time.

Inventions and discoveries have triple purposes. The first one is they solve difficulties and social problem in which they make life simple. The second one is they give perspective and ideas as to how we should perceive our world and life. The third one is they shape our future and destiny too. It is customary to think that the challenges and tests they face tell the magnitude of their impact and influence. The more and stronger opposition and resistance they face can mean they have strong impact and they are true and correct too.

There are two major sectors of societies that have difficulty in accepting every invention and finding under suspicion. These are political and religious leader since they think and feel responsible about the world and the people at large. On the contrary, they failed to create a better world and they have failed in creating safety and security to this world. Everyone lives with suspicion with a neighbor and an office mate since everyone spies one on another.

As far as challenges and problems exist in society, invention and discoveries continue. Hence, Inventions and discoveries are directly related to human needs. Where there is human need for and to something, people invent and discover something. Human needs are limitless, progressive and continuing and the same is true to inventions and discoveries.  To think that there is no invention and discoveries afterwards is tantamount to denying the continuity and progressive aspect of human reality and nature.

We live in a time in which taking paracetamol (pain killer) is considered as cure in which the whole body of humankind is likened to sick body infected with malaria, in which the virus that cause the malaria is still there since paracetamol only removes the pains and fevers of the sick body. In such given world, what we see everywhere in here and all over are like short term solution than long terms ones since the administration lacks vision. Although, the claim that they are long terms ones, such long term duration as per the context of time is brief.

When time is measured in relation to human age, they can be considered as long term ones are not that long term since the human factor is the basis in which 100 years in terms of human life, value and action and reactions, is very long but in relation to eternity, this could be like as per the period of single lightning. Thus, people measure time in terms of their existence not in terms of the going concern or continuity ones as well.

That is why many of the undertakings are self-centered and egocentric since people relate to their personal interest than the time in which future is not something that can be precisely predicted, and as people solve every problem in today, every solution gives birth to another problem which are not seen or forecast-ed by the solutions themselves. Thus, problem become the routine and daily business of this world and becomes the fate of this world too.

All ideas rendered as solutions are not solutions although as they say well identified problems are half solved. If there is no adequate capacity to solve any given problem, the identification of problem does not mean anything since identifications of problems does not provide solutions although it gives clues on how to solve a given problem. When people identify given problem, but if they deliver different or incompatible solutions, problem identification and knowing the problems is not guarantee to the solutions as well. People vary here in how they deliver reliable and sustainable solution which require its own capacity.

It is not possible to say here that the people of the world will be equal at least in two things. The first one is the economy factor. The second one is the thinking element. It is indeed a chimera to think that there will be equality in this regard, but there could be similarity and differences due to past trends and make up and how a given nation is structured and organized. Thinking does no only originate from academic circle and background, but rather is emanated from the Power of Observation and Imagination in which daily routine, society and the environment play significant role than any other things though academic ground is one factor, but not a life and death aspect. This world has been shaped by thinking that emanate from those humble individuals who have never been to academic circles, in most cases.

Thus, it is important to note that there are various circle of people and thinking in these two broad categories—Economy and Thinking. Different and several circles and worlds do exist based on capacity and area of interest. This is one of the features of our world in which the balance here is created out of the Power of Understanding and Tolerance in which such circles are created as result of difference in Understanding and they live together as result Tolerance. Understanding and Tolerance are the two pillars that create the balance of this world in which such numerous people do exist in this world, living side by side, by such forces no matter how negative forces do exist.

The existing systems of beliefs and thinking machinery are like mind and eye openers. They open our minds and thinking machinery as to certain extent. We are very grateful to them since they help us to certain extent. However, they are not enough. Our thinking needs are like electricity and power in which as age and experience in life goes on, our thirst and want change. We need our different power house than the existing ones since the existing ones fail to accommodate ours need and wants too. Every age has its own want and need. Then, we add certain values and we reject certain claims which we can not accept as result of our exposure in life. Though they open our eyes, we have our own way of thinking that could be contrary to them or different the way we are shaped. This is natural and normal trend.



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