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The Writer and Writing

Posted on: 21 Jul 2016

Writing is a powerful tool and force used by individuals to share views or opinions, to pass information, and communicate with others so as to deliver life perspectives and relevant data in which others could also know THE TRUTH.

There are many reasons why people write; they have their own motive in which there are people who write to pass useful information so that others could be helped not to be deceived or lied any more, in which writing helps here as good friend so that people could be protected from the dangers they are encircled.

Writing has its own fashion and style in which few capture the attention of the mass due to exceptional writing styles they have and the potency of the ideas they entertain I their writings, which is mainly dependent upon the eye of the perceivers.

Basically why do we write and how and the like are few of the quests that goes on mind, but the moment one is on to the matter, one could not stop and it sounds to me that there is a huge force activating the world of writing.

Writing ranges from subjects like, I forget my bag yesterday and I saw someone in the coffee shop up to thoughts that change the fate of our planet; it has a wide scale and range depending on circumstances and peoples capacity and interests who share experiences using pens and pencils.

Any writer is dictated by what the senses feel and think in which eye, ear, nose, tongue and touch are basis that inspire thinking and imaginations, which connects to the inner world and reality in way that such objectively recognized aspects of human reality are expressed in form of words that give meaning and sense to others. Every write up is like building a house in which each and every paragraph and words that are constructed give meaning and sense according to capacity of the writer. There are write up like beautiful mansions, and as there are write ups like small homes too.

A good write up is a write up which can give different meaning and sense when they are arranged and rearrange in which such mysticism should be enrolled in. This is to mean that a given write up could have 20 paragraphs and when one reorganizes such paragraphs in different arrangement, they give different meaning; when one arranges to different re-arraignments, it gives another meaning. It is to mean that the 20 paragraphs write up can have at least 20 different stories and meaning, but beyond that. This is one’s dream write up.

There is an idea that is going on the table of those people who are concerned and interested in the world of writing in which there are people who claim that writing should be used for entertainment than any other matter or aspect; as there are people who claim that writer should be a teacher and should inform and inspire the mass. Although the claims are mainly dependent upon which types of community and social setting people live, such objective and mission cannot have universal and common priority since writers reflect the life of any given society.

A writer who lives in the western society could write about entertainments in which new models of automobiles, fashionable clothing and house and the like could be the concern, whereas the writer who live in poor country, if one writes about comfort and such luxurious cars, this could be considered as fantasy or abnormality since such writer does not reflect reality and is far from objective reality. What dictate the writer is the way society articulate, think and feel about life and their reflection on their life style than dictates of politicians and other people from alien world.

Hence, the driving factor for any given writer is objective reality in which those who reside in western world are correct and those who live in striving countries are absolutely correct. There is no a such recipe on how and what to write, but it is the inspiration. Inspiration does not come by chance, but what they see on the objective world drives them to write and share something in way that society could think bit different and further than the regular routine.

Writing is sharing, expressing, transmitting and communicating ideas, feelings, visions and desires—both seen and unseen—in front and behind—to the audience one wants to deliver in understandable manner. Understanding is one of the profound gifts to human beings. Hence, people share and communicate ideas, feelings, and other communicable aspects of human reality in both physical and non-physical devices.

According to my personal view, the followings are relevant qualities of a writer. These are:-

  1. Creativity;
  2. Intuitive—Inspiration;
  3. Motive based—Purpose;
  4. Melody—Tone;
  5. Powerful Expression—Thought;
  6. Clear and Clean—Language Usage;
  7. Perspective—The Angle;
  8. Freedom—Thought, Expression, Usage of Language;
  9. Style—Format and Form; conventions, rules, regulations;
  10. Medias—Print, Electronics, Web and the like;
  11. The Subject Matter—Areas of Interest;
  12. Research Skill—Thorough knowledge on the Subject Matter;
  13. Virtues—Courage and honesty; care and wisdom;
  14. Coherence—the flow of the idea;
  15. Personality—Pattern—Reflecting and Manifesting;
  16. Effect—Influence on others;
  17. Individuality—Person’s distinct characters;



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