Truth and Its Accessories

When a certain thinking appears especially to places unusual and very different, there are blasts that could come about as a result of despise and fear factors in which certain individuals could organize a public demonstration to the extent such certain thinking could not get recognition and acceptance. They try many ways and approach many people in order to discredit and defame such efforts and findings. These happen of course for many reasons.

At the beginning of such journeys, they could be called or named or identified as if they have stolen such thinking from others, in which plagiarism is the issue here. When such aspect could not be figured out in precise manner, meaning, when the thinking or the finding is not clearly and directly expressed and represented by any other person before, they assume that such thinking or finding is copied from the Western or Eastern thinker they do not know.

They try different mechanism to discredit or make invalid the finding of such people since such people [victims] could be from Africa or any other poor country they do not expect. And they allocate huge amounts of funds, not to promulgate such finding, but to kill and bury such finding. This is done when the finding has great impact and magnitude. This is not about findings that have good gesture towards their image and the like. This is a bit different here.

When the finding is something that creates beautiful gesture and image to their personality and picture, [those who have power and authority on others] they allocate huge funds and propagate in the media. But those who are put on the media are those who think that they got something. They portray beautiful images to these people since they beautiful portray them, in which tit for tat factor is the basis of such interaction.

In this regard, when a finding is come, which could have a negative impact on the sabotages and conspiracies they do and go all over, this finding is not something that can be attributed to the person who belong to the third world or whatever, such finding must have been stolen from other thinkers in the west. Thus, it is inevitable to pass certain shocks until the truth is out.

To be a thinker, one does not need to be borne in the west or east or from a rich family or royal family. Thinking is universal realm in which efforts and choices are the main ingredients than being belong to certain group or segment of society. I do not have to be borne in Israel or Iran to have communion with God and tell the world that I have a message from God, which I have no clue. There is a trend and pattern this world has shown in this regard, which becomes a play field for manipulation and deception due to location factor.

Every truth passes four stages. When this truth is something that can change how society thinks and believes in the past. This truth has an impact to the extent, it shakes everything. It puts everyone’s thinking and belief to tremble and get crackdown. It brings to the attention of the public those many things that were overlooked and neglected. The society starts reacting since there is a thinking that can grow in the minds of most that some kind of threat is going on.

The first enemies of such kinds of truth are politicians, and religious leaders. They think that everything is gone and time for their removal is come. Survival and security are the primal concern, but not safety and security of their own people. IN fact under the cover of “for safety and protection of the nation and its people” they remove those individuals who come up with different thinking that could be accepted by the mass.

Why is the fate of such personages’ removal? Why is the world suffering of such mind sickness that is inherited in the past, and is still going in the minds of those who have power or authority over others? Why do not they learn detachment and sacrifice than being obsessed with such sinful attitudes and crimes that could last for centuries and ages?

When any given and different truth appears in any given society the first reaction is ridiculing it. Those who hear it ridicule it by spreading rumors and gossips all over. When this given truth, after passing such drama, there could be few individuals who could sense it or accept it. In this regard, this given truth could face a blind and severe oppositions’ from those who ridicule it, but here the circle could enlarge its size and magnitude.

Victory and crisis goes hand in hand. Both go in simultaneous and parallel ways. This is one of the natures and attributes of this world. The more resistance coming, the more promising victories are at one’s veranda. The magnitude of such tests and challenges tell the intensity of victory one is yet to be crowned. The more and deepened crisis one faces, the great the victory one is yet to achieve. Both are directly proportional and related here.

While living in the valley of these two stages of truth, the truth gets its own shape and form, after passing different levels of tragic and joyous moments in parallel. Here the truth gets its own identity and form, in these two levels and stages of its development. These could take few years as well. The oppositions and resistance and other types of actions and reactions could give clues and tips to strengthen and have a better view on the truth one has come about rather than stopping the author of any given truth. They just give tips.

After receiving various tips, which come as oppositions and ridiculing stuffs, the person re-organize and re-consider many variables and work on further so tat one could come about to the Point of Truth one wants to reach. In this case, re-modeling inner model of reality is another challenge. Here the author of any given truth rechecks everything in one’s laboratory and work very hard so that one could develop it in stronger magnitude.

In this valley, the third stage of any given truth is opposition with arguments and proofs in which past and present could fight with the different truth until they beat it. In this case, they are too late since they forwarded many tips in terms of opposition and ridiculing in which the author of a given truth has developed a strong mechanism on how to tackle their silly and funny moves. Here they are tool late. And they think of killing or removing the author.

When they are not successful in removing the author, they start denying reality and what they were doing in the past. They could pretend as if nothing happened and they do not have even clue of such matter. They try to suppress in their own mini-world regarding the truth. In this case, they live in the comma of their own fantasy. They could be in fear and frustration. They could try to be a friend to the author, but the author knows everything and every of their move, take more precaution on them. They find themselves very silly.

In this process of life, they involve both directly and indirectly many people and the people who entered in this valley could start investigating this matter independently. There are always sincere people who try to see things in fair way. Here, rumors and gossip went all over, and it is too late for them to act on the bad idea they have what they were originally thinking. Now, they live in the city of confusion, contradiction, conspiracy and stupidity.

In this process, vast circle of people and society could be involved, and the magic drama they expect is not coming or happening. While residing in this valley, the sincere people could accept the truth, since it is evident. However, those who fight with their ego could fall in love with envy and jealousy and at last could kill themselves. When ego is combined with envy the result is murder.

The fourth stage is stage in which one’s sincerity and true reality are tested. The motive is known and the drama is over in this stage, fourth stage. One’s clear move is known and new life and new era begins in this stage. Time tells the answer. Time solves every problem and doubt. Time gives the right fruit one should bear. Time is the greatest evidence and proof.



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