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Democracy and Fear

Posted on: 15 Jul 2016

Is democracy and fear of God like oil and water? Can they be integrated in given society or not? Do they need other ingredients such as onion, tomato, heat and the like so that they can have tasteful matter in creating the balance of any given community? Can they be coordinated and integrate or they are the type of things that should not get along and cannot be organized? If that is the case, do we need both or one of them? Or we have to choose one of them or both of them in order to create dynamic society and community with given mindset.

Democracy is mostly related with freedom of speech. People seek democracy with the intention of freedom and rights which are still ambiguous concepts and practices. A given nation is democratic since it is not only it gives full right and freedom to individuals, with the boundary and limits of respecting other entities right such as institutions and society. When a given individual starts touching the nose of one’s neighbor, there is another element which is called law that fixes such actions and interactions.

In this, the question of freedom is answered by the limits it is already set and this is what it means by democracy in which democracy has its own set of rules, procedures, policies and practices. It is like the freedom of speech and writing, or expressing one’s view, there are other aspects that should be taken into account such as the question of accountability, sense of responsibility and the like, which define and makes a given democracy to have a shape. Therefore, democracy is not only about freedom of expressions but also about limits in which such freedom is delivered with restrictions.

Fear of God is a fear that generates by the conscious of individuals which is related with the degree of relationship they establish with an entity called, God. People develop their own communion with God, and they arrive at sense of God, and such senses shape them to behave in particular manner. Religion plays significant role in shaping people to arrive at a sense of God, and thus they develop such fear of God, with the intention of not displeasing God. People try to behave in good manner toward others without rules and codes and article that are put in constitutions, but they arrive such fear with their maturity and consciousness.

Both play significant role in shaping society dynamics. Both are essential and necessary. Both are useful. When one overrides the other in given community, that given community is in danger since the balance will go to one end. When democracy and democratic rights are the one overriding such fear of God, people will be automatic and mechanical in which people function according what is written in the laws and policies institution set as democracy. They become like auto function and auto reply thing and that given society becomes stereotyping. In this case, individual’s freewill is taken by the rules and policies set in the laws institution formulate.

When people are getting more attracted toward a certain environment and community setting, attachment to that given setting is already there in. Here, it becomes formidable to think of detachment since they are already designed to live in that particular environment even if it is wrong. Thus they prefer to live in a mindset, which claims, the known devil is better than from an unknown angel since they are already happy with the comfort zone they are there in. In this regard, they are content with what they have and they are.

Courage and detachment are interrelated and connected. Both are mutually reciprocal in which one cannot live with the other. Courage is a conscious activity that comes out as result of passing certain ins and outs of life. But, it is relative and contextual. It depends on which environments and community setting one lives in, otherwise, this cannot happen.

What if what they think is wrong? What if what they have already created is imaginary one? What is what they have already designed is product of their illusory mind and fake? What if what they are working has no end, but they claim that the end is something else which they think achievable and practical, whereas when the so called the destined date is come, it is not working and there is no thing to happen. What if what they hope and are promised is like that of December 21, 2012 of the doomsday thing of the Mayan thing? What if they have failed in the year 200o, telling certain prophecies which they fail and ask their respective followers, we have to avoid the fear of failures?

We live in a time in which future has been predicted in past, but none of the predictions are as accurate as possible, but what people tend to do is, they claim it is mysterious. May be it is our interpretation that is wrong, and other justifications that put the prophecies to stay longer, in which they tend to do plastic surgeries so that their beauty and color could be safeguarded, and they extend their survival bit longer. How long this can continue?

In this case, one of the crucial aspects of life people should develop is the attitude and thinking of courage. This courage is not about taking arms to the war field, which is easier, but the courage of thinking and believing something truthful. Courage here requires detachment from the belief or thinking system people have been shaped. It is a requirement and precondition in which to have the thinking and then the belief to live in the world of Courage.

In a world where fear is the king, courage is the only instrument and method people have to overcome such fear in which the kingdom of fear can be removed. Such courage is not something than can be imported by opening letter of credit from the banks or whatever stuff, but rather it is a conscious and thoughtful activity that germinates out of the minds of men which do not accept oppression, lie, deception and the like. It is not possible to avoid fear where failures are there.  But, it is possible to remove fear by confessing and admitting to The Truth.

It is quite interesting to note the struggle people make in installing a system which was alien to the way of life before. For example, in countries where there was no democracy, it is formidable to install it since many people live in traumatic thinking and attitude of being undemocratic since the scar is very hard to remove, which could require time, may be a century. The tendency and inclination of being dictatorial in leading the world is still underway.

Democracy is about social equality, but in relation to the process of establishing system, there are always models as there are bad examples within a given system. They say Rome was no built in a day, which is an indication that tells that everything is process and nothing comes in 24 hours. However, there are few aspects that could delay such process due to excuses such system create and such excuses are justified by the process thing, but in reality they are failures.

One of the good things in here is that there is will and determinations to put in place such system although there are impediments that create obstacles to the path underway and in place. This is one good thing. The system practices it within its own boundary, which is not enlarged to greater and outside circle. One has to be member of that given group to practice such democracy since it is allowable when one is member. The point of having such democracy is from the fear of pressures or since it is life and death thing due to the way society has been structured and other factors.

The other factor in here is that they think that they are better than others in this field of democracy since they have practiced for more than few decades while others live in dictatorial lifestyle. This is one of the things one heard all over in the city in which they are heard saying that this society is till immature to have or practice democracy, but they with confidence say they are author of democracy in this nation, by showing dictatorial gesture and tones in their speech and undertakings, and this is what one calls a paradox of democracy in the society.

In societies where fear is induced in one or other means in past, to install the software of democracy is not easy since the hardware is not compatible. It needs upgrading the hardware first before it installs the latest software. Tolerance and understanding are one factor, and there are also other important elements one has to figure out before such claims are made. There is fear induced in terms of weapon, in terms of economy class and other aspects in which supporters of such system are playing casino games on the public and they are used as tool to justify such claim.

For example, there are growing numbers of those people who accumulate certain amount of capital within given system. They speak louder since it is their bank account that made them shout louder, and the rest listens to these people since they will have same amount in bank account in the future, otherwise they cannot have any means and access to have such accumulation of money in the bank. They are good examples as the installers of such system claim so, and they use them as examples too. But, they do not see the danger in the future and on the society.

In this matrix, to have democracy is not possible since fear is already induced not only in bullets, but also with psycho make and structure of society. Many people become passive and they say—I do not care—this happens it is not because such people lack concerns for their nation, but these people think that they are perceived as bad, and they prefer to see the entire system in suspicion and prepares trap to put them in jail. Such fear is everywhere; one hears such comments everywhere.

This fear can help given system run nicely, but is this beneficiary and healthier to make such fear stay longer, which could have its own consequences to the future of a system and the next generation. Here the system could need an engine overall. It is always good to copy the good from other nations, in which China is not good example in democracy, although it achieved good economic growth without democracy. Is it not possible to have economic growth with better democratic environment?


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