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Mystery and Reality

Posted on: 14 Jul 2016

Life is both a mystery and a reality. Yes, it is. And one of the mysteries of life is Time. In a year, we have 365 days and something close to 6 hours. When such 6 hours are summed up—in four years time—we have one day, close to 24 hours. In this case, they call such extra days as leap year in which we have 6 days extra once in four years. We are also told that there is measurement of time, which claims that a day is equal to a year in which in these 6 days, we can have 6 years, since the seventh day is off in here.

The revolution of the moon around the earth takes 29 days and something hours. This makes one complete cycle. This makes to certain group of society to claim it as one month. Thus, they call the completion of such revolution of moon as month. In a month, they have 30 days, which could be equivalent to 30 years. And in a month, one lives 30 years. When such calculation is converted to the way this world is shaped, everyone gets very old. But, February, the second month, has 28 or 29 days.

When time is measured on how society formulates, how this cycle and way of life is shaped, one goes to school at age 4-6 years. One completes education between 22-26 years, preliminary stages. Or one has another way of life than the routine path of education. Then one gets job. One gets or have fun, and if possible, one gets, married in early 20’s or even later. This cycle and movement of life measure individual performances and achievements of life. This is what they call conventional approach.

As this is the case, the conventional way of life and the time that is put on the clocks, watch, and on the calendar affects my life as far as I interact with the environments, but they do not have the power, and right to influence my reality in terms of my thinking and belief, but they affect in terms of paying my bills, and meeting other social obligations. This does not mean that I can live outside them, but I live inside them, but I think beyond them. Here I become a man who live in the between world of this two giant worlds that live in this world too. Here I do no have to be biologically related to someone who is someone great in somebody’s heart and mind.

Mystery in most cases is related to those aspects of life which could have a different meaning and understanding than what we think. In this case, our minds are small to understand such aspects of life. We call them mysteries since we cannot know the true meaning and understanding of those objects of understanding or events which we try to figure out.

Secret is a different story. WE know what it is, but we do not want to share it to others. We keep it confidential. Secret is related in most cases with the freedom of sharing what one knows to others. It is a matter related with not the object or matter, but with the choice or freedom to share. Here it is related with the free will or free judgment one makes whether one passes what one know to other party or not due to fear of the consequences and other factors.

For instance, if one says this person is a mysterious figure, this is based on that person’s understanding and interpretation of certain variables. It is like you could expect someone who has certain qualities and knowledge, assuming that you read a mysterious book. In that mysterious book, there are always assumptions made in which things are not put in straight forward manner, but they are put in parables due to limitations of language and words here.

In this case you could figure out certain matters after observing your environment and variables, and you come to certain conclusion. And you could conclude that a given person is someone you expect and at last you could say that a given person, based on what you read, what you know, what you observe and think that that person is someone you think. Here someone is a mystery because it is not something that can be explained in definitive manner. Here that someone could be someone who really is, but it is advisable to put it a Mystery.

However, the moment one starts sharing this mystery to others, it stops becoming a secret, but its mysterious aspect of that someone gets extended and more people start knowing this mystery. When this data was at individual level, it was secret and mystery. The moment it gets to other peoples mind, it is still a mystery, but is not a secret. There are few lines that demarcate between them. This is like when you are fiancée and a bride like thing, being a fiancé does not guarantee that one is a husband or a wife, but it is a good step to the good end.

Culture, Science, Religion, Philosophy and Politics. they keep the integrity, safety and security. They play key and significant roles in these arenas of life. They keep the balance of such scopes of life especially to those who play key roles and dramas in such fields. They are considered as the secret of their successes and achievements.

For example, when people pay tribute to the sacred threshold of the shrines in their own respective belief system, for those who do not belong to that specific group it could sound as nonsense and useless, but for those who belong to that specific group such practice could be considered as reverence. There was someone here whom I used to know when I was in the high school, he used to go a church here, he said they told him that there is a secret inside the church and he used to go the worship thing being from the outside.

One day he got that chance of getting into the inside rooms of the church, and he was looking into that secret he was told. He found nothing. And he concluded that there is no secret. There is nothing inside. Here this person stopped following that specific belief system from the lie he found out. The point here is that such dramas of secret and mystery uphold for many people to follow a particular form of religion or system of belief.

There is no mystery and secret few people only understand and know since the author and owner of mysteries claimed by others as God is not discriminatory and racist. God has no book, except their own understanding and interpretations. When God become knowable, it stops becoming unknowable. The God they know what is in their hands, which is the result of their imagination and thinking.


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