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Who Made God

Posted on: 11 Jul 2016

History furnished us about the nature and character of GOD in a power beyond our comprehension, the Creator, the Unknowable Essence and the like. Such understanding is a basic underlined common ground for many people on defining and interpreting what many assume GOD is to them.

People say, God is not the author of confusion. However, the primal responsible and accountable factor for the division and conflict that exist on the idea and application of God in this world is the existence of God—God—none can accuse or blame such matter since it is not possible; the second factor for such contradiction and confusion that exist between people of the world is those who represent or claim that they represent and reflect God and the like. The third accountable factors are those advocators of such concepts that create division, conflict, confusion and contradictions in this world to date.

Is God a scientist that operates in scientific approach or a power that works with magical operation? Is there definite recipe to perceive and understand GOD? Basically what we know about GOD up to now is what we think we know that may not be the case. Since we have a ground that all agree that GOD is unknowable, the moment we think we know, GOD becomes stopping the real GOD, for it is unknowable.

What we think we know is our own perception and understanding, which is a description and expression of limited reality, thus it is the reflection that we know in our minds. One knows the ray since one receives it, but not the entire sun. Due to past trend and experience, there could be people who could come with some kind of recipe about an entity they do not know. This is like manufacturing a medicine with a prescription from an engineer or a lawyer or a film actor.

Bearing this in mind, although it is not possible to claim and state the God that exist in this world has different features and is derived from politics, it can be classified and recognized that God in this world has four aspects. The first one is the God that is already and generally defined in religion as whole. The other is the God that is defined by thinkers and philosophers, which goes contrary to what the religion defines and agrees and the like. The third is the God that does not belong to both camps. The fourth is the God itself.

The God that exist in all religions is defined by few chosen individual who claim that they have authority and receive the holy spirit in different forms and they claim that they are messengers and manifestation of God, they represent God amidst human kind and tell those who follow them to go this way, go that way, do this, do that, and so on. This is done base on acceptance of their claim and station, in which they define God in most similar manner, but the method and application is different.

To illustrate further on this matter, it is good to use the analogy of most people since it gives clear sense and idea than being vague. The idea of carpenter and chair relationship is a good example here. The chairs are related to followers, adherents, lovers, servants, rebellious, apostates, enemies and the like; and the carpenters are related to founders of religions. In this view, most chairs are different due to the fact that they are made by different carpenters. The knowledge, skill, creativity of carpenters are reflected on the types of chair made although the purpose is same, but what matter is the beauty—form, size, strength, value and quality of raw materials and accessories applied, time it takes and so on.

There is a big difference between the God that is created in this world by the mind of such people, and the real God since what they tell and describe in most cases is going in way contrary to what those people think and how they perceive. The God that is real is totally different from the God that is created by men on the earth for many reasons.

The first reason is that the God that is created by men is masculine. It gives priority and top positions to men since he/she likes men. It is men oriented God since it is dictated by culture. The culture in the Middle East or those place such prophets dictate the mind of God. It allows men to be perceived as upper ones in life.

The other reason is that it likes to give commandments such as do this, do not do this, go this place or do no go this place. It is eastern oriented God in which it never went to the western part of the planet since it has been originate by the thinking of the eastern mindset. Righteousness has no direction and place since it reigns in everyone who acts or wants to be righteous, b it east or west.

At one point in history, God was warrior, in another God becomes forgiving and forbearing, in another time, God arranges court justice to punish people. When one sees how God is perceived by three generations, one does not think that God changes in thinking from time to time, but it is people understanding, perception of realities and understanding differs. This does not mean that God sends different messengers to tell humanity in such manner, but people change their perception as they mature and understand things. Thus, they shape their thinking and belief accordingly.

The idea and concept of God is derived from beliefs and ways of life that was articulated in past, whose origin is not known, but most attribute the idea and sense of God with religion. Although religion is the best actor in ideas and matters related to God, politics has joined partnership with religion in shaping peoples belief and identity in determining values and beliefs in many nations and societies. Politics in most cases support beliefs and ways of life that go in conformity with its ideology no matter how neutral it wants to be and it claims, as religion plays eminent role in shaping the politics.


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