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The City Philosophy

Posted on: 8 Jul 2016

A city is a large and permanent human settlement. Although there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town in general English language meanings, many cities have a particular administrative, legal, or historical status based on local law. Cities generally have complex systems for sanitation, utilities, land usage, housing, and transportation. The concentration of development greatly facilitates interaction between people and businesses, sometimes benefiting both parties in the process, but it also presents challenges to managing urban growth.

City is a place where the so called civilized mindset and people reside. City has s own thinking and framework. And thus being in a city could mean something since it shapes our thinking and beliefs and values. City by itself has its own dynamics. In this case, city has its own life style and mechanics in it operation and function, and thus the denizens in the city are sensitive to many things.

What makes any given city a city is its organized and systematized way of life in which city has its own way of thinking and addressing its own aspects and issues as per the context, nature and character of its adherents. Hence, people expect a city to be a very nice place to live not only in terms of satisfying physical and material needs and standards but also addressing psychological, emotional and intellectual needs and standards too. Hence, one is proud to be in any city since one thinks like a denizen of city, which is modern and civilized mindset and way of thinking and life too.

City minded personality starts from dressing style which reflects the thinking and emotional set up in most cases, and extends itself to talking and expression of ideas and how one expresses oneself towards to a given audience and the like. They claim that they have better standards than the countryside ones in which the have jargon and way of talking things, accents and the like. There are certain manifestations of personalities whether a given person is city minded or not. It has its own enigmatic force.

Such style in the cosmic scale is relative and contextual in which a city minded person in United States and a city minded person Africa have wide gap and differences. They both live in cities, but the thinking, belief, values and system of thinking is different since city facilities shape our thinking and values. For example, in given cities where how ice cream is made is different from one another, which has its own impact on the elixiric force it creates to the users to that given moment, thus people differ in looks, which do have an impact on the perspective they come up, inmost cases.

Being in a city means having many things, in which certain minds are invented and created, by being in the cities, they contribute many things when one lives in civilized city, which does not necessarily mean that anyone that lives in that city is civilized and thinking. This is very different and it depends on how one makes use of the resources and the available facilities. The buildings, designs, and how the roads are structured tell something in which it is the structure that shapes the thinking system of given society that lives in a particular city.

There are various circles of people in the city in which there are people who live just watching the drama, without understanding the drama that is going on all over. There are people who try to make use of such facilities and do play the game without knowing the drama and the consequences of such actions and reaction entail. There are people who know the drama and are very selective in their actions and reactions of such aspects of life. There are people who shape t the city dynamics and framework in which they are major actors on the stage.

It is quite interesting to see and observe city in state of chaos and confusion not only in term so thinking and way of life of its adherents but also in its architectural buildings, road set up and management along with the movements of vehicles moving on. Beyond such given aspects there are certain cities that are disorganized and non-systematic in their undertakings in which facilities and utilities they have is non-proportional to the number of population it contains and such cities live in state of imbalance.

While the drive and motive behind organizing any given city in state of balance in systematic and organized way is going on, one wonders as to the state of  confusions and contradiction such cities acquire as result of mismanagement and maladministration in which any given cit could be found in state of non-city mindset due to the fact that no harmony and beauty is observed in its organization , administration, settings of building complex, road management, housing faculties and lack of all other components and elements of city.

City articulates life. City gives color and odor to life. City shapes our thinking model. City delivers certain perspective about life, which could be useful; and harmful. City has its own essential dynamics of life. It is also interesting to note here that city people try to be organized and smart as there are suspicious and superstitious people in the thinking and life style of city minded people. City is a center of thinking and thinking society as there are many people who originate and shape many societies in this world. Thus, the dynamics of any given society is shaped by politicians, and their advocators in every field and every given city reflects the dynamics of such people than the dwellers since any given city is shaped by such people and their respective community and institutions.

The notion of cities is rooted in the concentration of power and capabilities within all cities. The city is seen as a container where skills and resources are concentrated: the better able a city is to concentrate its skills and resources, the more successful and powerful the city. This makes the city itself more powerful in the sense that it can influence what is happening around. Cities in today have become the source of inventions and discoveries in which human needs are addressed in scientific problem, human challenges and problems are solved in scientific way and this happen due to the way cities have been fashioned and designed in these very days.



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