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The Sacrifice Realm

Posted on: 7 Jul 2016

We live in a time in which taking Pain remover, paracetamol, is considered as cure in which the whole body of humankind is likened to sick body infected with malaria, and the virus that causes the malaria is still there since pain killer (paracetamol) only removes the pains and fevers of the sick body. In such given world, what we see everywhere in here and all over are like short term solution than long terms ones since the administration lacks vision. Although, the claim that they are long terms ones, such long term duration as per the context of time is brief.

Most of the complications are man made and they require man made solutions. It is an experience that people are good at creating complications and difficulties, but they are bad in delivering productive and healthy solutions that do not lead to further disappointments and dissatisfaction since such aspect of life require different capacity. Most solutions by themselves are problems or cause to other unforeseen problems thus they are not reliable and dependable since they do not last too long.

People make sacrifice in many ways and conditions to the good of people, goals they set in life and in fact to the betterment of the world as well. In fact, what is sacrifice; is this something that people do part of what they have or losing what they have? Is this something they do in leisure time or as regular and daily activities of their life? Why do people sacrifice for others? What is the driving factor that makes people to sacrifice what they have in relation to their life, knowledge, property, rime and the like?

Responsibility has two aspects. The first one is a responsibility that is assumed and official. It has structure and public recognition. It has its own rules and regulation, and policies too. It takes and assumes office out of appointment and election by the concerned offices and agencies in this world. This is one of the responsibilities most people are aware and recognize; acceptances are offered by the public as nature of the gesture it bestows to others due to its form and shape. They are paid and the earn something for the responsibility they assume since they are accountable to it.

The second type of Responsibility is very different in which it does not have structure and form; there is neither election nor appointment in here. Few people take and move on such responsibility out of the concern, determination and conviction they have for something. There is no salary or any fee paid on this aspect, in which neither the public nor those who assume office could not have clue of what they do or think, but such people think and do something with the motive and concern they have for something. Such people who assume such responsibility does not seek round of applause or recognition from others since their motive is different.

For example, when any given person faces certain experience in life, does that mean that it is irrelevant or not an issue until it hits certain amount or number of individuals due to the fact that such experience is considered as issue or a hoax. None knows and realizes a given person in better manner than the person oneself, and it is not possible to claim here that a given person is lair and deceiver since such practice is done in way objective evidences are put although there are certain matters that can be justified in that manner. And as far as that person’s request is protection, not even funding, as ordinary citizen, there is no point to threaten or gossip all over as if one is mischief maker or deceiver.

Based on such personal experience, one comes to definitive idea that the touchstone of defining and measuring The Truth of any given reality in this world is based on numbers, by the voice of the majority. And even if others come to justify such numbers, they are denied because they are few; there are other factors like, power, money, prestige and the like. In this case, one waits for the numbers and money related matter until such Truth is realized, this does not mean that what one faces and know is wrong and a lie, but not the case in here.

We live in world where measurements in certain cases are biased and mistaken since Truth cannot be measured by numbers, money, and power and so on since all are fakes. They are vain and empty. They work for certain period of time, and they have expiry dates as medicines do. When their expiry dates come, others will replace them and take same vicious circle of activities. Various thinkers and scientist of the world are testimonies. They know truth of realities ahead which are not liked by those who are in power and authority and thus they suffer; they face difficulties since measurements were biased and mistaken. Time and reality testifies to their truth in later times. When a person faces difficulty for purpose, it delivers joy and happiness than sorrow.

Whatever definition and conceptual understanding is delivered, the trend we see on our world in relation to such concept of sacrifice, in which people sacrifice animals or human beings for redemption of their sins exist as in idea, but whatever sacrificial elements are done, people keep on making sins and many mistake in life in which such acts are reflected in form of regret and those who have sense of shame could ask forgiveness or ask an apology and those who do not have sense of shape keep on making same mistake and sins of life, due to the fact they do not understand whom to seek such forgiveness since there is biased or illogical way of telling, when they ask, whom they should ask, and the like, for many possible and convincing reasons.

Basically, the idea of candle is good example and illustration in relation to sacrifice in which there are two types of candles. The first ones are those candles who are used when the power cut off is there, in which they give light and they help those people who are in the power blackout areas. The second ones are those candles who are used to decorate anniversaries, birthday parties and the like. Both candles exist in every system and society, since power cut off exists everywhere due to natural disasters and other unforeseen condition, and people lit candles so that they can cook their food, do few things they should so that the operation should continue in a way it should. Every system and society celebrates its anniversary and other events, by lit candles. The crux is on the nature of the function of the candle.

When people sacrifice, is this like to be for birth day and anniversary celebration or when the power is cut off, which is left to those who can see things in their own way in which those candles who are used when those people are in dark, they consume themselves to the good of others. Unfortunately, when one opens an eye, most people like to be birthday and anniversary candles in which they prefer to be next to huge cakes in which they like the company of those cream cakes than any other aspect of life.



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