The Duality Aspect

There is no two things that exist created, but two things emerge out of one thing since it is not possible to create two different and unrelated things at a time. This is to mean that when one considers the law and rule of creation, man and woman do belong to one category—homosapien—and they  can create a child, they cannot create two different things at a time, meaning, they cannot create human and any other thing that can destroy what they have created, unrelated to human, since what they create is mainly dependent up on nature and character of themselves.

Likewise, two things or duality come after oneness in which there must be something that exist before duality which cause the dual natures or forces to happen. This is to mean that there are two forces that exist in this world, positive and negative forces, but such forces are not naturally created as positive or negative, and they are applied and approached as positive and negative forces thru the process of life. Out of one thing, force, two things emerge as both positive and negative too.

What exists before them is just power or force, which has no name and adjective too. This force can be manipulated by two ways and methods in which the positive and negative aspects of such forces are applied and implemented by people in order to undertake something in their given life. This division of forces into two camps is reflected in people thinking, feeling, emotions and actions too. The force is originally bone in thinking that given thinking is later on further translated into feelings, emotions and actions.

We all are humans. We interact and communicate with people. In our interaction and communication with people, there are two types of objective and truthful realities we face in life. The first one is seen and the second one is unseen. We believe and think that such things do exist and they are objectively felt to our sense in our life.

In this world there are many things that go in line with duality in which there are most inseparable things that go against or in conformity with a thing. For example, when one says there is good, bad is always there on the contrary.  Likewise, holy and evil, God and devil, spirit and body, religion and politics, positive and negative, and the like are some of the manifestations of such duality in which this world has a nature which has certain form and shape as it has no form in it too.

There is always a constant struggle between motions and movements in this world. It is like when an airplane is going upward, the gravity pulls the plane to go down, but the inertia and the momentum of the plane puts the plane at higher distance going beyond the limited level of gravity that puts the aero plane to float and be not governed by the law of gravity since the airplane has reached certain maxima that laws and rules do not affect.

Accordingly, there are two types of such given thinking and perspectives. There are ideas or group of people that stay for certain period of time as we have seen from Marxism like 70 years, others could stay even longer, but vanish. There are certain ideas or thinking machinery that stay for thousand years or ages and centuries. This happens for many reasons. One is their nature and the other is the receptivity of the ideas by their respective adherents.

Religion and politics play significant and fundamental role in shaping societies daily routine, way of thinking, and way of life as well. Both are the becoming natural process of human life. They are the two most potent forces in the life of human society. Both have played important role and have profound effect on the life of human society. Hence both have many characteristics that make them resemble as they have their own peculiar characteristics too. And the life of everyone is affected by both forces, directly or indirectly, by these great forces in this world. They have positive and negative impact on every aspect of society and individual life.

In such process of life in this world, life is continuous process which never stops unlike the apocalyptic warning this world receives from various doctrines which people follow wand practice, with prime motive and intention of making their belief system and what they believe as true and valid. Can such things like the end of the world or other doomsday conspiracies that are going on in everywhere happen for the sake of making past belief and ideological system truthful or dependable or things can go to the contrary since there is mysterious force operating beyond such belief and thinking, is one of the human drama that is going on stage.

However, why are most not interested in this arena of life? What is the root cause for such diversion and lack of interest in this scope? Most are not that into prophesy thing due to many reasons. There are major and significant reasons for most people to lose interest and have trust on such apocalyptic view about our world due to many objective and practical reasons. It is not out of the blue that this world has come to such conclusion and view. The first and major reasons is, there are people who arose in the past and make predictions about the apocalyptic stuff based on the book they have a belief, but nothing like that did happen.

In fact there are people who still claim and say apocalyptic words about this world. The current view regarding May 13, 2011, which is shifted to October 21, 2011, rapture day, is one good example of those apocalyptic views regarding our planet. And thus, failure is inevitable. Failure regarding apocalyptic views which was foretold and claimed by those people becomes one of the major reasons for most people to lose trust and interest in this arena.

In another page of the book of life, there is an idea and conceptual framework that goes like God sends messengers from time to time in which few believe that there is time limit for such sending. This is one of the ridiculous concepts and thinking one used to think and believe in which the moment one is awake from the deep sleep one had been injected for years, one realize that such concepts and thinking require quite revision and they are source of confusion and contradiction.

One of the reasons is that they claim that God is the unknowable essence and it is not possible to make any claim and justification as to the time limit since it is unknowable reality which cannot be comprehended and analyzed by the limited being like human minds in which such reality is considered as abstract reality and abstract reality cannot be described in way that human mind dictate since both have varied nature and characteristics

Differences of opinions are normal. Conflicts of view are natural. What is abnormal or strange here is that when there is an effort or choice to resolve such differences in revolver pistol or with any other unacceptable means, this would be inappropriate and illegitimate. Differences and conflicts have many steps and stages of resolutions. Above all they need a mindset of change or accepting or welcoming others and different views and understanding as legitimate before one enters any stage or takes any other wrong steps. Flexibility is the precondition here.


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