Vision and Confusion

Confusion is a state of being created as matter of one’s lack of clarity in understanding something and failure in doing something. It is both thinking and implementing difficulty.

One can be found in state of confusion for many reasons. One is lack of clarity in vision. The other is due to the wrong choices in strategies and tools one does in implementing a certain vision.

The first one is related to the goal, which could be unrealistic and wrong. The second one is due to the wrong strategy and tool one chooses in implementing the correct goal.

Basically there could be options in life where one could choose a correct vision with correct tools and strategies; there could be unrealistic and incorrect visions, but correct strategy and tools; there could be correct visions and incorrect tools and strategies; and there could be incorrect visions along with strategies and tools.

In such drama, one chooses a menu from the above and live with what life has delivered which depends on the satisfaction and accomplishments one is to come about. This could be a very deceiving standard and measurement.

While such drama is going on, in the middle of the course of life, one may get confused due to one of the above four factors. These happen due to two reasons. One is due to external factors. The other is due to one self, internal.

For instance I may have a certain vision. A vision is seeing things to happen, not implementing things what I had seen as a must should happen. When that given vision is implemented with a help of a tool—religion—the vision may get personal touches and interferences. It loses its potency due to the fact that personal plans are carried on. Here I am fabricating a tool.

Any given tool can be useful and harmful. Though there could be different options for a given vision to happen if it is a true vision, for God has many ways of fulfilling any vision that is true in nature.

Vision happens whether I fabricate a tool or not. When I see the world peace at large  if my vision is from GOD in which there  is traditional assumption and common belief that it will come true. I do not need implementer.  Those who live on the earth will bring it up. I do not have to worry about when and where this should happen.

The moment I oblige myself, this should happen under my authority, leadership, and participation, though it is not bad, for all need peace, this may be in conflict with the author of that given vision, in which one has to get advice from the source; otherwise one cannot bring it up by oneself. Peace starts from oneself. It is state of being which occur as a result of one’s stability in life. Then it expands to society and institution level. To reach to the desired point—WORLD PEACE—it needs coordinated effort of all.

Basically vision is correlated with seeing the future. It is about knowing what is going to happen in the future. In this regard visions could be categorized under two kinds. The first one, the author of the vision, is the individual. The person initiates the vision and puts strategies and creates its own implementation activities. The person knows the time and the activities to react to the vision. The owner and author of such vision is the individual. He creates it and implements it.

The second kind of vision is the author and owner is unknown. In this regard the person is pure channel. In this case the person has no knowledge of time and place things. What the person knows here is the events yet to happen.

In both cases, both visions could be subjected to faults and mistakes for many reasons. In the first case, the individual could be subjected to failure since the vision could be over exaggerated or under, and thus vision adjustment here is required so that one could reduce the disappointments.

In the second situation, there could be mistakes while translating and interpreting visions in this objective world, due to subjective and human conditions., in which a person could see certain things in figurative ways, and while translating these realities to this objective plane of existence in human language, one could misinterpret and misunderstand them, and could reach to wrong judgment. In this regard, one could deceive millions of people since one could lose track and deviate from the Truth.

Basically, truth has no vote; it is just like the sun where it appears manifest thru time. The sun gives light and heat. This does not need majority vote. It is just a reality. It is manifest crystal clear as the SUN itself. In my case, the visions are both types. For the vision I had with regard to the source I had no clue, I am not the author and owner of that vision. For that vision, there is no need to form NGO.

Future is unknowable for many reason, but it is something that can be predictable and forecasted since it is not possible to go and make single walk without the desire and try to know what is going on to the future than have blind walk and wild guess since modern time needs modern way of looking at things about in this world which include the future reality as well. There is no wrong in trying to know the future, but there is bad when one sticks to speculations and predication, considering them as fact even if they are proven wrong in due course of time. This is just waste of time since there is nothing that can be changed since truth cannot be changed to falsehood at any cost and expense.


Yes, There are Many Yet to Come!

In 1840, the American Patent Office commissioner used to think that humanity has reached to its highest point of discovery and there are no inventions and discoveries yet to come and the patent office should be closed. However, this world did not go in way experts and such professionals dictate and speculate and the patent world exhibits dramatic explosion since that given time. What people and experts speculate and conclude and how and where the world is heading in most cases are falling apart and the world seeks for its own accurate and precise prediction models and speculations though failure is one of the hobbies of this world in this given feature of the human undertaking.

A friend of mine once told me regarding an article he read about a scientist whose name I forget. That give scientist invented laser and the rest of scientific community did not know what does that mean by and as to the benefit and usage of it at that given time. in fact, they ridiculed at him and they further commented that he invented nothing. Later on, revolution in laser stuff happened in the world, and it became evident that everyone in today uses as CD, DVD, floppy, flash disk and the like.

Life in this world is interesting since ignorance and arrogance are the major actors in this world besides envy and jealousy. Life without invention and discovery is not possible. These two positive and negative forces have been fighting since the time of creation like a creature called, man. We live in both constructive and destructive forces going on hand in hand. It is inevitable that constructive ones always win and victory always goes towards them. It is matter of time.

Inventions and discoveries have triple purposes. The first one is they solve difficulties and social problem in which they make life simple. The second one is they give perspective and ideas as to how we should perceive our world and life. The third one is they shape our future and destiny too. It is customary to think that the challenges and tests they face tell the magnitude of their impact and influence. The more and stronger opposition and resistance they face can mean they have strong impact and they are true and correct too.

There are two major sectors of societies that have difficulty in accepting every invention and finding under suspicion. These are political and religious leader since they think and feel responsible about the world and the people at large. On the contrary, they failed to create a better world and they have failed in creating safety and security to this world. Everyone lives with suspicion with a neighbor and an office mate since everyone spies one on another.

As far as challenges and problems exist in society, invention and discoveries continue. Hence, Inventions and discoveries are directly related to human needs. Where there is human need for and to something, people invent and discover something. Human needs are limitless, progressive and continuing and the same is true to inventions and discoveries.  To think that there is no invention and discoveries afterwards is tantamount to denying the continuity and progressive aspect of human reality and nature.

We live in a time in which taking paracetamol (pain killer) is considered as cure in which the whole body of humankind is likened to sick body infected with malaria, in which the virus that cause the malaria is still there since paracetamol only removes the pains and fevers of the sick body. In such given world, what we see everywhere in here and all over are like short term solution than long terms ones since the administration lacks vision. Although, the claim that they are long terms ones, such long term duration as per the context of time is brief.

When time is measured in relation to human age, they can be considered as long term ones are not that long term since the human factor is the basis in which 100 years in terms of human life, value and action and reactions, is very long but in relation to eternity, this could be like as per the period of single lightning. Thus, people measure time in terms of their existence not in terms of the going concern or continuity ones as well.

That is why many of the undertakings are self-centered and egocentric since people relate to their personal interest than the time in which future is not something that can be precisely predicted, and as people solve every problem in today, every solution gives birth to another problem which are not seen or forecast-ed by the solutions themselves. Thus, problem become the routine and daily business of this world and becomes the fate of this world too.

All ideas rendered as solutions are not solutions although as they say well identified problems are half solved. If there is no adequate capacity to solve any given problem, the identification of problem does not mean anything since identifications of problems does not provide solutions although it gives clues on how to solve a given problem. When people identify given problem, but if they deliver different or incompatible solutions, problem identification and knowing the problems is not guarantee to the solutions as well. People vary here in how they deliver reliable and sustainable solution which require its own capacity.

It is not possible to say here that the people of the world will be equal at least in two things. The first one is the economy factor. The second one is the thinking element. It is indeed a chimera to think that there will be equality in this regard, but there could be similarity and differences due to past trends and make up and how a given nation is structured and organized. Thinking does no only originate from academic circle and background, but rather is emanated from the Power of Observation and Imagination in which daily routine, society and the environment play significant role than any other things though academic ground is one factor, but not a life and death aspect. This world has been shaped by thinking that emanate from those humble individuals who have never been to academic circles, in most cases.

Thus, it is important to note that there are various circle of people and thinking in these two broad categories—Economy and Thinking. Different and several circles and worlds do exist based on capacity and area of interest. This is one of the features of our world in which the balance here is created out of the Power of Understanding and Tolerance in which such circles are created as result of difference in Understanding and they live together as result Tolerance. Understanding and Tolerance are the two pillars that create the balance of this world in which such numerous people do exist in this world, living side by side, by such forces no matter how negative forces do exist.

The existing systems of beliefs and thinking machinery are like mind and eye openers. They open our minds and thinking machinery as to certain extent. We are very grateful to them since they help us to certain extent. However, they are not enough. Our thinking needs are like electricity and power in which as age and experience in life goes on, our thirst and want change. We need our different power house than the existing ones since the existing ones fail to accommodate ours need and wants too. Every age has its own want and need. Then, we add certain values and we reject certain claims which we can not accept as result of our exposure in life. Though they open our eyes, we have our own way of thinking that could be contrary to them or different the way we are shaped. This is natural and normal trend.


The Writer and Writing

Writing is a powerful tool and force used by individuals to share views or opinions, to pass information, and communicate with others so as to deliver life perspectives and relevant data in which others could also know THE TRUTH.

There are many reasons why people write; they have their own motive in which there are people who write to pass useful information so that others could be helped not to be deceived or lied any more, in which writing helps here as good friend so that people could be protected from the dangers they are encircled.

Writing has its own fashion and style in which few capture the attention of the mass due to exceptional writing styles they have and the potency of the ideas they entertain I their writings, which is mainly dependent upon the eye of the perceivers.

Basically why do we write and how and the like are few of the quests that goes on mind, but the moment one is on to the matter, one could not stop and it sounds to me that there is a huge force activating the world of writing.

Writing ranges from subjects like, I forget my bag yesterday and I saw someone in the coffee shop up to thoughts that change the fate of our planet; it has a wide scale and range depending on circumstances and peoples capacity and interests who share experiences using pens and pencils.

Any writer is dictated by what the senses feel and think in which eye, ear, nose, tongue and touch are basis that inspire thinking and imaginations, which connects to the inner world and reality in way that such objectively recognized aspects of human reality are expressed in form of words that give meaning and sense to others. Every write up is like building a house in which each and every paragraph and words that are constructed give meaning and sense according to capacity of the writer. There are write up like beautiful mansions, and as there are write ups like small homes too.

A good write up is a write up which can give different meaning and sense when they are arranged and rearrange in which such mysticism should be enrolled in. This is to mean that a given write up could have 20 paragraphs and when one reorganizes such paragraphs in different arrangement, they give different meaning; when one arranges to different re-arraignments, it gives another meaning. It is to mean that the 20 paragraphs write up can have at least 20 different stories and meaning, but beyond that. This is one’s dream write up.

There is an idea that is going on the table of those people who are concerned and interested in the world of writing in which there are people who claim that writing should be used for entertainment than any other matter or aspect; as there are people who claim that writer should be a teacher and should inform and inspire the mass. Although the claims are mainly dependent upon which types of community and social setting people live, such objective and mission cannot have universal and common priority since writers reflect the life of any given society.

A writer who lives in the western society could write about entertainments in which new models of automobiles, fashionable clothing and house and the like could be the concern, whereas the writer who live in poor country, if one writes about comfort and such luxurious cars, this could be considered as fantasy or abnormality since such writer does not reflect reality and is far from objective reality. What dictate the writer is the way society articulate, think and feel about life and their reflection on their life style than dictates of politicians and other people from alien world.

Hence, the driving factor for any given writer is objective reality in which those who reside in western world are correct and those who live in striving countries are absolutely correct. There is no a such recipe on how and what to write, but it is the inspiration. Inspiration does not come by chance, but what they see on the objective world drives them to write and share something in way that society could think bit different and further than the regular routine.

Writing is sharing, expressing, transmitting and communicating ideas, feelings, visions and desires—both seen and unseen—in front and behind—to the audience one wants to deliver in understandable manner. Understanding is one of the profound gifts to human beings. Hence, people share and communicate ideas, feelings, and other communicable aspects of human reality in both physical and non-physical devices.

According to my personal view, the followings are relevant qualities of a writer. These are:-

  1. Creativity;
  2. Intuitive—Inspiration;
  3. Motive based—Purpose;
  4. Melody—Tone;
  5. Powerful Expression—Thought;
  6. Clear and Clean—Language Usage;
  7. Perspective—The Angle;
  8. Freedom—Thought, Expression, Usage of Language;
  9. Style—Format and Form; conventions, rules, regulations;
  10. Medias—Print, Electronics, Web and the like;
  11. The Subject Matter—Areas of Interest;
  12. Research Skill—Thorough knowledge on the Subject Matter;
  13. Virtues—Courage and honesty; care and wisdom;
  14. Coherence—the flow of the idea;
  15. Personality—Pattern—Reflecting and Manifesting;
  16. Effect—Influence on others;
  17. Individuality—Person’s distinct characters;


God—Author of Confusion

They say God is not the author of confusion. In reality, God becomes the cause of confusions and contradictions on the subject matter pertaining to God.  If there was no such God, such conflict, contradiction and divisions and the idea of categorizing and labeling people as friend and enemy would not exist on this world and plane off existence. Such thinking and feeling of specialty, in one aspect, or goodness such as being chosen, holy; and the other side of the coin as and the theater of labeling of other people such as satan, evil, demonized, devil and the like are originally created by such confusion and dilemma people have on the concept and idea of God.  If there was no such God, the idea of being good and bad in relation to God will not happen.

Most people in this world think that the idea and sense of God is not possible without Religion. Is this perception complete and accurate, not really!? Religion is helpful tool and instrument that help humanity to arrive to a sense and idea of God. Religion shapes humanity as to the color, height, width, appearance and other features of God by its great founders in historical past. However, in today, humanity has reached to different evolving thinking and higher stage of maturity, compared to past, which oblige everyone to make inquiries and investigation about such given aspect and practice of the human way of life since it is high time to question the integrity of such given claims of history, and to believe and follow footsteps of people who tell us about the unknowable and unlimited essence and reality in very knowable and limited way of perception which is hard to accept and trust since what they tell is their  imperfect and shallow perception of God they have due to reasons that they are shaped by particular belief system, thinking and group ideology.

Bearing this in mind, given the fact that this is also a limited understanding of one’s own by one’s own based on one’s experiences and exposures in life, one has already observed from discussions, readings, and interaction and communication with many other people in relation to the subject matter pertaining to God, one has come with one’s own thinking and perception due to the fact that such God is something that cannot be easily defined, but can be perceived by people as per their given capacity and cup of want which is a process as they enter in the valley and city of search for something in life. Accordingly, one can derive one’s own perception of God, whose underlining fact is from the point view of infinite and unknowable aspect of God.

Whatever claim is going on, it is just reflection of peoples’ own fantasy, wishes, imagination, comprehension, emotions, thinking and understanding of God. Why do many people prefer to practice superstitious beliefs or have a belief like this? This is unclear reality. There are many practices and beliefs that do have certain influence on the life of human society in which societies could not deliver rational, but all claim that they are practices held in past, continue with same practice in today. In very fact, they end up being one of the superstitious beliefs and values which people develop in life and people live tricking themselves and others too.

For example, when rainbow is seen on the sky, certain societies formulate an idea that good things are going to happen. In reality good things can happen whether there is a rainbow on the sky or not. It is not the rainbow that has direct link and thing that make good things to happen. It is peoples’ good will and good moral choices that make such good things to happen. Rainbow could serve as signal or a kind of indicator for something that is going to happen. There is an assumption formulated here out of certain observation of reality. And such given assumption could be true or not. Time provides the answer.

In this case, a given society could formulate its own practice based on its own experiences and practices. This does not guarantee that what one claims here is the end of everything. This could imply that what one practices may be superstitious and needs certain correction and adjustment. This depends on how society formulates its own inner models of reality. Here, it is not possible to say one has the grasp on how this whole cosmos is operating and working out.

Another example, people attach certain umber as if they are highly significant and represent God. The idea of number four or three in which most assume that four or three is considered as holy thing. This is quite interesting since any one can manipulate society by putting certain aspects that is in relation to four and make society to think that one is a holy figure. In reality four or three is just a number; 7 or 9 is a number; 19 is just a number; 21 is just a number; 12 or 13 is a number; 40 is just a number;  144 is a number; 444 is a number; 666 is a number; 101 is a number, 303 is a number. When certain forms of values or beliefs are attached to such numbers, society tend to incline its thinking to superstitious ways and thus few could manipulate and deceive the rest as result of how society formulates its own values, and beliefs that will eventually be end up as superstitious reality. The fault goes to the belief system.

If this is the case in life, meaning, everything is written in black and white in certain books, and the numbers attached in those books are the end of everything, there are countless things and happenings that did not match with what is written in books and in fact quite contrary to those recorded in the books. Such trend of life could make our life on the earth boring since this has an inclination and tendency that human being like machine or computer stuff. When life becomes predictable, it is boring. What makes life on the earth an enigmatic thing is its unpredictability. Although they give us certain clues to certain aspects of life, one could reach to deceptive conclusion by correlating numbers and books, which could end up with another superstitious aspects of life.

It is indeed appropriate to think on why such beliefs affect us today in bad way since such beliefs have their own consequences in our thinking and belief systems. There are many communities and belief systems that are working to eradicate such superstitious beliefs, though they create their own superstitious way of looking at things by their own, but there are yet many beliefs that are still taking place and have certain space in the life of society. When one form of superstitious belief is diminished in one place and the other types germinate somewhere else. This is quite interesting.

God has no religion; God has no even secret number; God has no color; God has no group; God has no particular culture; God has no race; God has no leader; God has no nation: God has no bias and prejudice against human kind; God is not narrow-minded and discriminatory; God does not belong to any particular and specific ideology. God is not dividing; God is not boastful and prideful and ego oriented; What humanity have to date is human way of perceiving God which is mere reflections of individuals even if there is claim that goes far beyond human way, the moment God become knowable by any human figure, it becomes the cause of corruptions, misunderstanding and misinterpretations of such given aspect that cause division and differences and it stops becoming God since God is not knowable by any human and limited entities.


Truth and Its Accessories

When a certain thinking appears especially to places unusual and very different, there are blasts that could come about as a result of despise and fear factors in which certain individuals could organize a public demonstration to the extent such certain thinking could not get recognition and acceptance. They try many ways and approach many people in order to discredit and defame such efforts and findings. These happen of course for many reasons.

At the beginning of such journeys, they could be called or named or identified as if they have stolen such thinking from others, in which plagiarism is the issue here. When such aspect could not be figured out in precise manner, meaning, when the thinking or the finding is not clearly and directly expressed and represented by any other person before, they assume that such thinking or finding is copied from the Western or Eastern thinker they do not know.

They try different mechanism to discredit or make invalid the finding of such people since such people [victims] could be from Africa or any other poor country they do not expect. And they allocate huge amounts of funds, not to promulgate such finding, but to kill and bury such finding. This is done when the finding has great impact and magnitude. This is not about findings that have good gesture towards their image and the like. This is a bit different here.

When the finding is something that creates beautiful gesture and image to their personality and picture, [those who have power and authority on others] they allocate huge funds and propagate in the media. But those who are put on the media are those who think that they got something. They portray beautiful images to these people since they beautiful portray them, in which tit for tat factor is the basis of such interaction.

In this regard, when a finding is come, which could have a negative impact on the sabotages and conspiracies they do and go all over, this finding is not something that can be attributed to the person who belong to the third world or whatever, such finding must have been stolen from other thinkers in the west. Thus, it is inevitable to pass certain shocks until the truth is out.

To be a thinker, one does not need to be borne in the west or east or from a rich family or royal family. Thinking is universal realm in which efforts and choices are the main ingredients than being belong to certain group or segment of society. I do not have to be borne in Israel or Iran to have communion with God and tell the world that I have a message from God, which I have no clue. There is a trend and pattern this world has shown in this regard, which becomes a play field for manipulation and deception due to location factor.

Every truth passes four stages. When this truth is something that can change how society thinks and believes in the past. This truth has an impact to the extent, it shakes everything. It puts everyone’s thinking and belief to tremble and get crackdown. It brings to the attention of the public those many things that were overlooked and neglected. The society starts reacting since there is a thinking that can grow in the minds of most that some kind of threat is going on.

The first enemies of such kinds of truth are politicians, and religious leaders. They think that everything is gone and time for their removal is come. Survival and security are the primal concern, but not safety and security of their own people. IN fact under the cover of “for safety and protection of the nation and its people” they remove those individuals who come up with different thinking that could be accepted by the mass.

Why is the fate of such personages’ removal? Why is the world suffering of such mind sickness that is inherited in the past, and is still going in the minds of those who have power or authority over others? Why do not they learn detachment and sacrifice than being obsessed with such sinful attitudes and crimes that could last for centuries and ages?

When any given and different truth appears in any given society the first reaction is ridiculing it. Those who hear it ridicule it by spreading rumors and gossips all over. When this given truth, after passing such drama, there could be few individuals who could sense it or accept it. In this regard, this given truth could face a blind and severe oppositions’ from those who ridicule it, but here the circle could enlarge its size and magnitude.

Victory and crisis goes hand in hand. Both go in simultaneous and parallel ways. This is one of the natures and attributes of this world. The more resistance coming, the more promising victories are at one’s veranda. The magnitude of such tests and challenges tell the intensity of victory one is yet to be crowned. The more and deepened crisis one faces, the great the victory one is yet to achieve. Both are directly proportional and related here.

While living in the valley of these two stages of truth, the truth gets its own shape and form, after passing different levels of tragic and joyous moments in parallel. Here the truth gets its own identity and form, in these two levels and stages of its development. These could take few years as well. The oppositions and resistance and other types of actions and reactions could give clues and tips to strengthen and have a better view on the truth one has come about rather than stopping the author of any given truth. They just give tips.

After receiving various tips, which come as oppositions and ridiculing stuffs, the person re-organize and re-consider many variables and work on further so tat one could come about to the Point of Truth one wants to reach. In this case, re-modeling inner model of reality is another challenge. Here the author of any given truth rechecks everything in one’s laboratory and work very hard so that one could develop it in stronger magnitude.

In this valley, the third stage of any given truth is opposition with arguments and proofs in which past and present could fight with the different truth until they beat it. In this case, they are too late since they forwarded many tips in terms of opposition and ridiculing in which the author of a given truth has developed a strong mechanism on how to tackle their silly and funny moves. Here they are tool late. And they think of killing or removing the author.

When they are not successful in removing the author, they start denying reality and what they were doing in the past. They could pretend as if nothing happened and they do not have even clue of such matter. They try to suppress in their own mini-world regarding the truth. In this case, they live in the comma of their own fantasy. They could be in fear and frustration. They could try to be a friend to the author, but the author knows everything and every of their move, take more precaution on them. They find themselves very silly.

In this process of life, they involve both directly and indirectly many people and the people who entered in this valley could start investigating this matter independently. There are always sincere people who try to see things in fair way. Here, rumors and gossip went all over, and it is too late for them to act on the bad idea they have what they were originally thinking. Now, they live in the city of confusion, contradiction, conspiracy and stupidity.

In this process, vast circle of people and society could be involved, and the magic drama they expect is not coming or happening. While residing in this valley, the sincere people could accept the truth, since it is evident. However, those who fight with their ego could fall in love with envy and jealousy and at last could kill themselves. When ego is combined with envy the result is murder.

The fourth stage is stage in which one’s sincerity and true reality are tested. The motive is known and the drama is over in this stage, fourth stage. One’s clear move is known and new life and new era begins in this stage. Time tells the answer. Time solves every problem and doubt. Time gives the right fruit one should bear. Time is the greatest evidence and proof.


Communication and Miscommunication

The most important thing in life as a human being is communication. In such vast field of life, people communicate with each other to send and receive messages, thoughts, feelings and the like. Why do we need to communicate with other beings? When shall we need such communication? How do we communicate? And the like are answered by today.

What is left over is the gap created in the process of communication between individuals, societies and institutions which evolve due time for many reasons. Why do such gaps exist is a question of all? Is it natural or a result of failures in communication and understanding? Both can be true. Understanding and reading peoples and societies is a priceless skill. It is no easy matter. It is a consequence of many conflicts and issues that are still going on.

Why do people misunderstand and misinterpret with each other besides the ignorance and arrogance they have in their respective worlds? In most cases it is the question of faith and trust…since they do not trust with each other that is why they prefer to dwell on the other side and aspects of life—Suspicions.

Misinterpretation and misunderstanding between people of same background and diverse background arise for many reasons. Besides the culture and family backgrounds individuals could have, the other major factor is due to contradictions they could have in their daily routines.

When one lacks something, one misunderstands and misinterprets others. Misunderstanding and misinterpretations are results of gaps and spaces created in due course of communication between beings. It may be resembled to a mirror. When the mirror is clean and proportional in size, it correctly shows an image in its rightful picture. If a mirror is not, same will happen. While turning this analogy to human beings, though, it is not as simple as cleaning and putting mirror, but it is one of the challenging and difficult tasks one performs.

If I hate you due to certain cases and reasons, the probability of understanding you or accepting you on what you say and do will be close to zero. Hate and bias are poisons that kill the powers of reason and thinking.

Trust is an element that comes after experience and practice, meaning if two parties do not know each other, how can they trust each other? In this case, they should check each other based on giving opportunity, but if the case is no trust to give even an opportunity, this is something else, which could have another motive behind.

One of the ways of life that goes on the whole world is misunderstanding in terms of many aspects of human life. This is becoming a norm in human life. This exists between an individual within self, two people and the many other aspects of human life in terms of community, society, institution, nation, continent and the entire world as well.

What this world has undergone and learned thru the process of time and its evolving stage of process of life, creating and accommodating such misunderstanding, by peaceful mechanism than the use of force and armaments. The type of solution people deliver tell who they are than the nature of misunderstandings since such aspect has two broad ways of resolving, which is useful and harmful mechanism.

The root causes for such misunderstandings in this world are beliefs, and belief systems besides ambitions and self-centered and ego centered attitudes by, individuals, societies and institutions that exist in the world— past, present and future too. Quests have possible answers based on what type of belief people have than any other matter.

In order to create understanding and better environments in this world, there are different systems that are employed amongst many endeavors going on the earth. There are also few individuals who are motivated and initiated by such challenges and misunderstandings, and come up with possible ideas and suggestions with the motive of filling such gaps and misunderstandings. When quests reach to its zenith, misunderstandings take place and people seek for possible answers in their own way.

Misunderstandings are opportunities for people and other segments of societies to work harder and make them busy in finding out possible mechanisms and ways so that they can come up with new and different views and perceptions. This is not about quarrels and conflict between two individuals and other silly details and ins and outs, but rather is about concepts, beliefs and perceptions that affect the daily routines of many individuals, systems, societies and institutions too.

And thus, people communicate with people in various means and they understand and misunderstand with each other on the type of interpretation and misinterpretation they deliver on the objects of understanding, interactions and communications. And they develop their own conclaves based on such given mindset since people live as being social animal and circle as part of their nature and needs of life. Everyone needs another for many different purpose and reasons.

The first style of communication that exists between people is the use of speech and writings that is dependent upon letters and words. Such given communication and interaction media exist in every language and society. But, what matters are the type of language and the structure of that given language beside the rules and regulation that exist within a given language that make people to communicate and understand in easy and simple manner. Here one is required to know that language, which can be acquired by birth, which is natural, and by training since there are people who are interested to know particular language other than their mother tongue for many reasons.

The second style of communication is the sign language which can be done between certain groups of people who cannot communicate in speech, due to many reasons, and there is also a need to develop particular group of people who are interested in such given communication style even if they use speech, in order to pass specific message which others could be deprived. They develop certain communication language by using their body and objects of body, movements and the like so that they deliver particular message besides the speech they are making use of.

The third style and types of communication style is the hidden or secret writing in which Cryptography, art and science of preparing coded or protected communications intended to be intelligible only to the person possessing a key. Cryptography (Greek kryptos, “secret”; graphos, “writing”) refers both to the process or skill of communicating in or deciphering secret writings (codes, or ciphers) and to the use of codes to convert computerized data so that only a specific recipient will be able to read it using a key. Steganography, Code and Codebooks, Ciphers, shorthand writings and the like are part of such given communication and interaction styles in which people make use of such way of communication base on their knowledge, skill and interest and mission and purpose they have in life.

The fourth types of communication style in which people can have in everywhere is the belief or thought in which when people belong to particular system of thinking and belief, they communicate and understand with each other in which such given spirals of people are formulated as result of the common belief and thinking people have which is developed as result of accepting and practicing a particular form of belief or system of life. This does not require the knowledge of or the belonging to a particular race or ethnicity, it encompasses all those who accept given form of belief or thinking, which is mainly dependent upon perception, observation and thinking.

The fifth types of communication style are those people who communicate and understand with each other out of similarity in the skills, professions and educational and other activities they perform in life. For example, footballer, artist, engineers and the like communicate and understand with each other by virtue of similarity in profession and activities they perform. They have way and media to communicate in which the education and skill they possess besides the international conventions that make them communicate in better manner as result of such given similarity.

The sixth types of communication style is between people is the power of understanding in which people form particular conclave out of the type of understanding they have on many aspects and realities of life on the earth. These kinds of people could belong to different belief systems, professional backgrounds and the like, but they have similar or closer understanding on many subjects of life and they understand and communicate with each other in simple manner

The seventh type of communication style is the communication style which people could formulate based on the above experience and exposures of life in which feeling or senses which people develop are means and ways of communication between people. Thus, such given exposures along with their personal gifts and skills, people make use of certain faculties within their own reality and they communicate and understand with each other, without even talking, writing, using any given language or thinking. It is silent communication style which is observed in the action and reactions people have in their daily routines.

There could also possibly other communication style between other people based on the actions and reactions they undergo, as per the need and desire people have in life and the type of challenge they face in life. Whatever communications style people have, people communicate with people to understand with each other. By doing so, they remove misinterpretations and misunderstandings and they make on others and their life and stay on earth simple and nicer. When any given object of communication creates with its adherents as means of hatred or division between its adherents, it needs re-thinking even if one person is victim of such given object of understanding. Although majority could be well satisfied, this is not healthy sign for its future prospects since certain deviation of now are indications future mass deviation.

People communicate with people in order to make life simple and simpler. When the object of communication becomes a doubt to many of those who try to communicate by it, this is not a good sign and such given object of communication has to be remedied by others due to the fact that such given communication has failed due to the controversial aspect of its doctrine and basic principles of communication. In this regard, people could find their own object of communication when the existing ones are consequences of conflicts and divisions between people.



The Philosophical Realm

Diversifying the demography of philosophy will bring with more diversity in obtaining deeper and better philosophical understanding and interpretation of life that do add certain perspective and value on the existing way of life which society is undertaking, so that life to any given society will be life of consciousness and rational that augment peoples keen desire for life and people can live with knowing things than ignorance.

When people enter into city and valley of philosophy, they add certain quality and flavor to the way of life they possess since one of the common ideas that exist in the world of philosophy is asking on how we should live our life, on the methods and approaches, critically seeing things in clear manner and way, it is not just living a life of having food, wearing nice clothes and talking about what is on the face value on things that happen in peoples surrounding.

This means that when people are philosophical, they go far beyond the ordinary, but they do not enter into the city of delusion and illusion. They live in the between worlds of reality and imagination in which going far beyond the regular routine and the ordinary should not lead and be confuse with entering the city of imaginary  illusions. There is a thin line that exists between creativity and madness as in the case of the art, as there is a thin line between going far beyond the ordinary and living in state of delusion.

Hence, philosophy encourages on the investigation of questions on how people should lead and live their lives and such way of thinking do add certain quality of life to the existing ones since in such area of the valley of quest, it is clearly understood that an eye is an eye, not an ear, but the quest lies on how far an eye can go forward, not on how eye become an ear or on how to convert an eye to an ear or a nose since such part of quest is already answered by nature and life and there is no need to waste one’s time and energy in this regard.

One of the failures of philosophy is that it is not experimental in which such new and different ideas are not investigated further in the laboratory due to the controversial aspect of the concepts and lack of adequate tools in the laboratory too, in which ideas are released without experimentation and further processing hence it become subject and fields of controversy due to the fact that nature of the field dwells in unraveling secrets of the unknown and mysteries of life and people do try to research in the process of life as few could succeed and others could fail as such ides and thoughts contain in any given philosophical ideology is practically experimented.

There are different kinds and types of philosophies in this world that humankind has been taught and practiced, and they made enormous contribution to the life of human society depending on the potency of the thought and the magnitude it covers. Philosophy is about thought and system of thoughts and beliefs that are articulated and organized in a way it can have an impact on the life of human society. Philosophy is way of thinking and way of life.

There are thinking that are sophistry, but never worked out since the motive and the drama they carry is not consistent with the need of the time and with the law of this universe. Consistency and compatibility here plays major role in making any thought working out at large, otherwise it will be considered as if it is fancy and will remain attracting certain groups of society.

Presumably, the two distinctively philosophical types of inquiry are analytic philosophy, which is the logical study of concepts; and synthetic philosophy which is the arrangement of concepts into a unified system. For example, the Pythagorean taught and practiced that the soul is the prisoner of the body, is released from the body at death, and reincarnated in a higher or lower form of life depending on the degree of virtue achieved. They made important contribution to musical theory mathematics and astronomy.

To be a philosopher here is not to explain or to argue about matters one has no clue or to make the right to left or to talk about subjects that are not consistent and compatible with the laws of nature and social beings. However, philosophy is about seeking certain territories which are not discovered or not known before; or get hide from the mass, but it must be true or real. A philosopher is one who discovers virgin territories and make known to others. This is in terms of idea or truth, not about physical spaces or lands too.

By definition, philosophy is love for wisdom, or truth. A truth lover is a philosopher. In this regard, there are instruments or tools that help one to arrive at certain definitive conclusion about certain aspects of life that are abstract or ambiguous through taking certain variables and elements that help one to arrive at certain conclusion. Otherwise, when one cannot reach to certain conclusions, the instruments have defects or a problem. Conclusions can be true or false.

The sense organs we have along with our power of reason have helped us in communicating certain information with one to another in helping us to communicate or excommunicate with each other. We communicate based on our understanding and perceptions. When one likes others, one creates a network and creates one’s own world so that our network interacts with certain magnetic field, and we live with common understanding.

When complex ideas or matters arise in terms of connecting society or group of people, here there are many divisions or schism since many people can not agree on such aspects of life due to the power of reason and nature of ideas. Let us take the idea of Unity. Unity is required in terms of many levels. Today, I could say, it is family unity, and then tribal unity, and then nation unity and then global unity. Unity is a progressive idea and changes its aspects in terms of need of the time and the age. If I say, in a world no family unity is established and there are many broken families and I explain facts about global unity, here this could sound a paradox. I would wonder that this could be about another world.

Ideas are not nightmares. They are torching lights. They give ways and are perspectives. Life without ideas is impossible. It is impossible to live with out ideas. This world would be a lifeless body without ideas. The very existence of this world is Ideas. Ideas create and recreate this world. Ideas are not only architects of this planet, but also creators of this world. Many worlds in here are created by Ideas. Ideas divide people. Ideas unify people. Ideas are the core existence of life on this world. Life without idea is a chimera. Idea is source of life. Idea is the main purpose and cause of existence on the earth.

Who originates ideas? Who observes well and come up with certain perceptions and perspectives to the many? When the magnitude and potency of any given idea expands and the number of people that comply with a given idea increases, here we call the authors of such ideas as philosopher, leader or whatever according to the nature of idea. When the idea is related to divinity, we call them prophets or religious leaders and we claim that they are inspired by God; when it is related to politics, we call them activist, revolutionary, or political leaders.

However, in relation to those ideas and thoughts which are practically translated but they do sound illogical and subject of controversy, but they just create some kind of comfort zone to the mass, should be replaced and adjusted by other truthful, logical and plausible ideas and they should be translated with their give correct version. In this case, this world seeks tinkers that correct such practices and beliefs and fake ideologies and their given interpretations.

Such vacuum should be filled with courageous thinkers and brave philosophers who come up with new and different perspectives and thinking, which help this world to look nicer and better. In such given undertaking, such thinkers should be appreciate and respected than be cursed and blamed since they are the eyes and ears of the world, they see and hear far beyond the ordinary and the regular routines of life  due to the natural gift they are bestowed by nature and life. They pave a way of life useful, helpful and essential to the benefit of the world at large.

Every society has such gaps and vacuums in its own undertaking and such vacuums are detected by such few thinkers who see things in critical and clear manner and they address their give society in way they feel and think appropriate. The maturity and greatness of any given society is measured on how they respond to such thinkers since they are not doing such undertaking to satisfy their own selfish interest and desire, but sense of accountability and responsibility they have for life and to the benefit of the mass and well being of society at large.