The Ideology and Follower Aspects


Ideas are created at least two times and then recreated more times. The first one is in the inventor’s mind in its abstract sense. Then the originator translates to this objective reality after experimentation processes. And then when it is placed to the outside world, which can be further improved and adjusted. And so on.

The idea of Spirit, when it is channeled to something tangible, it will be oppressed and colonized. The unlimited reality cannot be fully expressed with limited reality and is still an area of research that cannot have an end.

Form is a shape. It is an appearance. It is an outward expression of “Idea”, but due to limitations and inconveniences of the media and plane of existence, most ideas gets adjusted and put to form after many corrections and trials error.

This does not mean that any given idea is perfect and has to take shape. NOT. There are ideas which are meaningful and can have outward appearance, but not take shape due to limitations of this plane of existence. They are practical and can be implemented.

These Ideas can be consistent with rules of the cosmos, Time and Space. Factors for such threats are mentioned before.

The integration of Spirit and Form…and Idea and Shape…are so interesting due to the fact, they upraise human ego and agitate the idea of identity and personality. They tell…” I am like this”…

This makes me to relate to a story I heard in Uganda. In a particular village when TV was introduced, the dwellers of that given community put an antenna on top of the roof. And one given family did not put that antenna on their roof. When the children of that given family interact with other children, they were harassed due to their parents’ financial inability to buy the TV.

The children of that given family told their parents on the kinds of harassment they faced from other children due to their inadequacy. Then the parents frankly told their children about the financial stress they are having. The children understood their parents’ condition. Then the parents came up with an idea of putting antenna like wire, which is found in their home, and put it on top of the roof. All agreed. They did put the wire as antenna like form. Then everyone who is passing by that given family home, they know they have TV. And by doing sop, they stop the harassment their children faced.

Form has a deceiving expression in which what one culture or community has developed and translated some ideas with some sort of outward actions; it could result in deceiving personalities. Such matters can happen due to many factors.

History has put us in different categories and classes of society for many reasons. One of the major reasons for our classification and existence of categories is human being’s understanding and interpretation of realities.

Hence it is customary to locate and find oneself in a particular group of society due to belief, thinking, and the like. Categorization is mostly connected to identity in which if one has wealth, one finds oneself in the rich category.

Based on likeness, and inter-relatedness, thinking or belief, one is specified in a group and practices and does what one aspires to perform. When getting organized one obtain more strength so as to perform better tasks effectively.

What could be interesting here is that when more people are getting organized under the cover of personalities, figures, here one could need more contemplation and meditation on why one follows the other.

Why do we follow others be it religious or political or professional matters? Is it to satisfy our sense of belief or faith? Is this for we have no confidence on our thinking and belief, we seek approval from others?

Is this we hate the former or existing thinking or belief, we need new ones? Is this to get more energy and connection with others so as to create change in the world? Is this because we think we are ignorant and others are knowledgeable?

The point here is that why do many people seek to follow. They prefer to follow the dictate of the mass than create the first and original ones. Though leadership requires gifts, courage, detachment, passion and the like, but many still prefer to follow.

Accordingly, there are four types of religious people. The first ones are those who inherit religion as wealth—they took from their parents and just follow.

The second ones are those who investigate independently and follow a particular religion. They assume the religion they follow has answered certain questions in life and they assume that what they follow is correct. They actively participate in the particular religion they are interested in and try to live up to it’s principle.

The third ones are those who are leaders of religion. They follow a particular dogma, but they are also leaders too. They are head and the rest follow. In this case, they held responsible for the failure and success; peace and chaos they bring in their domain and the outside at large.

The fourth ones are those who are passive—they took from their parents, or find it independently—but they are like confused; they do not know which way they are going; but they practice a particular religion as a style or a fashion.



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