The Human Reality Aspect

This world has different laws that go in conformity with the law of the universe and there are also other laws which sound bit interesting due to the varied aspects which is not understood. For example, marriage is a law that is created by human out of the understanding of the concept of sexes in which human beings come to conclusion with the natural attraction both sexes have undergone thru past centuries and ages, which is obvious. Interaction is the basis here.

As traditionally told, when Adam interacts with Eve, it was natural feeling that made him interact with Eve in that manner. Unless and otherwise Adam was like Eve, he would not eat that “forbidden fruit” so that the whole generation is having that bad fruit till this date. In reality, the present generation calls that bad fruit as an ice cream to this date. Everyone is having an ice cream at all age, but what is different is the flavor and the taste which is very personal and contextual. This is very natural and normal, it is not even a sin it is because it was only Eve who existed as opposite sex at that given time on earth as they told us and that feeling is created by nature. None as control over such feelings since such feelings are naturally borne and they exist within us.

When both sexes interact, it is obvious that they could sense that attraction at ages which are considered as minor. In most cases, age 18 is considered as legal or legitimate age to everyone. When a given sex starts feeling about another sex at age 13, in which nature is the factor here, and when such beings want to declare that they are married at this age, they are considered as minor and are not acceptable before the law due to the human laws. Although such institutional interferences are done for the sake of protection, but the natural laws dictates human beings to act in way human laws cannot dictate. Thus, nature and human law should be compatible.

Nature and human intelligence has very interesting and healthy and bad relationships to date. This relationship was introduced and maintained by few people who excel the rest of humanity thru the intelligence they have acquired and developed thru time as result of keen observation and perception. Thus they become successful and they helped the rest of the world to date by inventing certain matters that are useful and necessary for our daily operations and movements.

One of the interesting idea nature delivered to human reality is the idea of aero-plane in which the idea oh what makes the birds fly, which ignited sort of interest to the inventors and brothers —Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright—and they happen to invent the first airplane in 1903, which later becomes an industry and source of income and life to many people on earth, and help human society to have better, comfortable and secured life, though such aspects of life is relative and vary from society as well.

The other interesting contribution of nature to human intelligence is the idea of factory or industry in which such idea is connected to the way or the metabolism of human factor in which every human being takes in something, then process what it takes in, and ten consumes the goods and removes the bad from its body. This is what every factory or industry does. The idea of —input, process, output—works and lives in every filed to this date, and by looking how human body functions and operates, it is possible to see how nature is designed in nice way, and human reality is till makes copy and paste what nature delivers to this date, and will continue too.

Human being is not created to be a machine. Human being is a creature that is endowed with freedoms, rights, choices and free wills too. It is not possible to make one to have faith or make one think to go in certain manner unless and otherwise tat given person has willed. It is possible to force and put certain pressure, but it is not possible to change what one thinks in one’s deep inside and try to create certain catastrophic matters in one’s reality, which is not possible at this stage and time of history of this world.

To think and to believe are two different aspects of our life as human being i9nwhich thinking dictate our belief or faith, and vice versa too. When thinking exceeds the amount of faith one has in deep inside, doubt germinate s in one’s being and questions everything and the type or the amount of fait one established in one’s being. When faith or belief exceeds the amount of thinking, superstitious and irrational thinking takes the place and make the system of belief or one’s faith to be unrealistic and complicated which could create other complications and distortion in one’s being.

When thinking and faith are in balance, certitude and certainty germinates in one’s being. However, is it possible to have certitude in this world in any matter unless and otherwise one has certain grounds like scientific experimentations in many aspects of life in which one has proved certain matters with practical experimentations? This is still a question to all. Although thee are mysterious aspects of life in this world which are true and correct and cannot be proven due to in adequacy of human achievements and limitations of the tools in the laboratory, which are very relative, subjective, personal and contextual too. Such aspects of our life are subjected to manipulations and deception in which many are tricked due to the nature of such subjects and matters.

The world we live in is like THE MATRIX. Just to mean that, it has some kind of boundaries, molded and shaped according to belief and thinking systems, in which there are certain touchstones that exist as imaginary and tangible boundaries—there are also physical boundaries whose margins could be based on imaginary lines and dictations.

This world has its own Bermuda Triangle in many aspects, in terms of—social systems, intellectual aspects and the like—and we know such things exist the moment we pass the margins and limits they put and in fact and when we taste the fire of such boundaries as result of passing them; for they could have no answer or they do not know or they have no adequate knowledge after the lines.

These boundaries have basically at least four limits, in which they are all based on human perceptions and thinking, that do affect our perceptions, choices and decisions we make in our daily routines. These are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. They govern our past, tell our present condition and forecast our future as well.

For instance, when one is hungry, one looks for something to eat. However, when one is hungry and annoyed, though there is critical need for food, one could not eat since one’s emotional aspect is so down. Although the physical need is there, food for growth and hunger, but there is also another reality that brings one’s whole being not to eat, emotional, which needs another reality to fix and balance so as to continue life in normal ways.

Here emotional aspects plays major role in dictating the body that makes not to eat though the stomach is crying loud for something to eat. There is another element here which could help this situation; in which there was a probability of being not annoyed when one looked in to the condition in detail. What makes one annoyed could be silly, and if one was patient and tolerant and different way off looking at the problem, resilience, one could not be annoyed.

For the secret of human’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for. In this regard, to have could be related to material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual possessions whose manifestation and reflection on this objective plane of existence could vary from society to society, institution to institution and individual to individual.

The body is used as a tool or vehicle to entertain or help the four aspects of human reality, in which material wealth, emotional stability, intellectual and spiritual maturity are obtained thru concerted and well coordinated of the above four needs and realities. Thus the body is the mediator and the temple in which human reality is reflected.

For instance, if I bit you, it is not only my hand that bit you, but also a result of my emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity. Since I am hot tempered person, since my intellectual maturity and spirituality maturity are low, I reflect my anger towards you by beating you. There are many other possibilities that could be an outward manifestation of my anger towards you.

You did something bad on me. Then I could have many other possibilities of reflecting my disappointments toward you. The first one is to be tolerant. If not, to directly tell you that I am not happy with you. If not, to tell other people who around you so that you could be helped out. If not, I have to take the case to the court. If not, to pray and leave up to God. Each and very step I take here are reflections and manifestations of one’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional maturity and stability. They tell to one’s level of maturity and capacity.

The role of my body here is to be obedient to the instruction it receives from the Mind, which is the coordinator of my bodily and metabolism, in which the moment it receives signals, then it acts and reacts. The body here is like a tool that functions based on instructions and orders it receives from the Mind. The mind stores and integrates my reality—emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual—and processes them all, and their cumulative effect is manifested and reflected outwardly on some sort of outward actions.

Greed is one aspect of our life. Greed is a result of imbalance and coordination of human’s reality in which one tends to have more material accumulation, but tends to be more self-centered due to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual factors. Reasonable generosity is an outcome of proper coordination and balance of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual factors.

Virtues and lack of virtues are not a result of exercise of magic or holy water, but rather they are results of conscious efforts and coordination of human’s reality in whose actions and interactions are reflected based on capabilities and capacities of individuals, societies and institutions too.

In a given society basic needs could be considered as three; but in another society, basic needs could be considered as six; such aspects are dependent up on maturity and level of possessions of the above four realities, in which the more organized and harmonious interactions of them could result in better and greater level of achievements and progress and well being of society and citizens to the world, whose future is optimistic and bright.



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