The Historical Divorce or The Independence Day

June 24, 2016

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? This was one of the hottest menu item of this world has undertaken in past few days with great hope and expectation to many other European countries though such great expectation of the marriage or divorce of UK with EU—whether to remain or leave the European Union—has been concluded this morning with win over, 51.9% leave than 48.1% to remain unlike the first poll survey projection that claimed reverse was true. Why do certain significant matters of this world go contrary to expectations and plans?

Two great, but unprecedented events visit Great Britain in this current year. The first one is, in terms of importance and significance, as mentioned on the above, UK has decided to leave  and divorce from membership of the European Union. The second one is Leicester City becomes trophy winner, champion, of the English Premiere League. One unprecedented event was sign and indicator to the coming and happening of the second one. Everything has sign and one was was a sign and an indicator to the other. Such unexpected occurrences in this  world make wise and intelligent people to think a little bit further on different features of life that come to happen  as deviation from their given plan and expectation since such matters have something to deliver. Life is like that.

Those who favor a British withdrawal from the European Union—commonly referred to as a Brexit—have declared win over those who want to stay married with EU. And What does this whistle imply? What does it mean by leaving the EU is a decision of the society which vote against the ruling government? What does such matte tell to the world? Though, the leave group have own such war field without bullets and losses of lives and properties, such divorce do have its own consequences in the future, as experts state, to the nation and its people not only in its political arena but also in it economic growth and  activities too.

This vote that goes against the intent and desire of the government tells that the government has failed to implement and address those required needs of the majority of its citizens and it also fail install those important institutions that could listen and feel the joy and pains of the society at large since such given institutions should deliver the right melodies and woes of the society to its leaders at all levels before it makes and delivers any kind of stand and views in relations to its domestic affairs as such vote against its plan and thinking would not appear and happen.

This vote has failed to deliver the desired and right power and authority to the government since such decisions is wake-up call that makes this government to think and wonder on many aspects of its administrations due to the fact that it requires its own mindset and perspective in the leadership features and to thinking of ordinary citizen as well as it brings some kind of restructuring not only in terms of political and economic undertakings but also in social and psychological or emotional make up of citizens as there are certain benefits and advantages government and such citizens lose as result of its resignation.

This vote, in another aspect, also delivers a great opportunity for the government to work for the entire nation while the majority of adherents of its nation go against its intent and move as citizens do vote contrary to the wishes and dream of the government; its maturity is tested and its great plans and aspirations are challenged; such strength this given government demonstrate could serve as model to other nations on how people and the government can work together in cases while things are falling apart and such differences are used as means to develop stronger unit of nation; as it requires its citizen to be obedient, it demonstrate such obedience, which is conncnot in mere words and fake gesture, but with practical and objective undertakings and actions it shows in the process of administering the affairs of its nation at large.

Former Tory Defence Secretary Liam Fox – on the Leave side – tells the BBC David Cameron must remain as prime minister “so we don’t add political instability into the mix”, We have now decided to change the course of our history. UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who has campaigned for the past 20 years for Britain to leave the EU – told cheering supporters “this will be a victory for ordinary people, for decent people”. Mr Farage – who predicted a Remain win at the start of the night after polls suggested that would happen – said it would “go down in history as our independence day”. He called on Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the referendum but campaigned passionately for a Remain vote, to quit “immediately”.

Although it is very hard to tell, what this given “independence day” delivers to the future destiny of this nation, although the projection and actual reality of such vote tell something in its own, this gives an idea that in certain cases, when one plus one becomes less than one or equal to one, people prefer to be by the single one, since such addition or multiplications should give better and greater result than one; where as in certain cases, unity could deliver some kind of chaos and frustration when it is not managed and administered properly since it requires greater capacity and higher level of understanding too. Unity, as general concept, is good and healthy but such unity should be treated and mange in its proper character, sense and nature.

This vote in general delivers one great thing since it is going against the wind as the world is moving towards the direction of unifying its political and economic and other needs, today’s referendum tell that what politicians claim and what the majority feel and think are two different aspects of such life since such kinds of unifications needs quite a perspective than the conventional thinking and perspectives.

Unit of nations is not only political and economic aspect or it is some kind of reality that should come since it is forte told by prophets of the past, but it should be inherent thinking and feeling of ordinary citizens too though such unified nations have built high complex buildings, allocated higher administrative costs and functions, arrange numerous lavish gatherings and the like in order to facilitate such important unity which could fail when it misses to address needs of society and individual.

In such cases being by one’s own is better than seeking superficial and fake company since unity must address needs and wants of individuals, communities, societies, institutions and nations in fair, accountable and responsible manner.


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