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A Peep Stay in Lie

Posted on: 23 Jun 2016

A lie is a statement that is known or intended by its source to be misleading, inaccurate, or false. The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar. Lies may be employed to serve a variety of instrumental, interpersonal, or psychological functions for the individuals who use them. Generally, the term “lie” carries a negative connotation, and depending on the context a person who communicates a lie may be subject to social, legal, religious, or criminal sanctions. In certain situations, however, lying is permitted, expected, or even encouraged.

Accordingly one of such kinds statements which everyone finds in everywhere is in relation to the concept of matters that are unknown, which are imaginary and fabrication of the human mind such as heaven, hell, God, Satan and the like, in which how and what people  understand about any unknown aspects of life in this world are speculations and guesses since they are not something that can be objectively proven out due to the fact their character and nature is not something that can easily be dictated and governed by the human mind except conventional agreements which people deliver.

When such speculations are communicated to others as if they are the absolute truth, such act can be treated as lie since people are becoming sure in things that they cannot be sure. The act of being certain in matters that are not know to the human mind is by itself lying due to reasons that the nature and character of such ideals cannot be certified by anyone, this can mislead many people. Agreement does not comply with the truth since it is not the agreement on the unknown that should matter but the truthful realities of such unknown maters that should really matter.

Lies can be done without any category or class of human beings in which all are not free but what could vary is the degree to which people are subjected to exercise in which few people lie as they are under certain pressure in life; others lie as means of obtaining personal advantage and benefit on others; other people lie in order to hurt people; others lie as pastime; others lie without even knowing and realizing that they are lying too. This belongs to every city and age of the human life.

What could be strange and interesting in here is that there are certain lies which are fabricate for certain purpose and agenda, and such lies are assumed as truth and they convince many people in due course of time, and such lies could be protected with huge mechanism so that many people could be part and parcel of such lie drama as time goes by, such people do not realize that they enter the  city of misleading and deception, they keep going in such city without even realizing that they are in such state of lying, and they lie as if they are living in the city of the truth.

Such people could live in lies and deception until the truth is out in its own time. The truth can be revealed in its own good time, since it has its own manifestation period. In this case, such lie could be considered as truth for years and centuries even if it is found out as lie, many people could not accept as lie since they get used to it and they have assumed that what they have is the truth, not the lie for many reasons and factors due to the fact they are human.

And, people can lie for many different reasons, and major reasons can be the following:-

1.The desire to be perfect;

2.The desire to be smart-Out of fear, and to  escape other situations;

3.The desire to satisfy personal -selfish interest [short term]-not consistent…

4.The desire to protect hidden agenda [long term]

  1. The desire to protect oneself [prestige, rank and the like];
  2. The desire to reconcile differences or conflicts;

And there can also be other reasons in which people can lie :-

  1. As an expression of disrespect or hate towards others;
  2. As a result or consequence of being deceived, to the extent in which they might not be aware of the fact that they are even lying;
  3. As a pastime or kind of games or jokes;



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