Two Cities of Knowledge

June 20, 2016

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, information, descriptions, or skills, which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning. Knowledge can refer to a theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Accordingly, one can click such basic definition of knowledge on what is going on around and within this world due to the fact that there are quite interesting aspects of knowledge which people claim since ignorance in cases is considered as knowledge as knowledge is knowledge too.

Presumably, one can categorize such city of knowledge in two broad camps in which there is a knowledge claimed and founded upon ignorance; the other one is there is knowledge that is claimed and founded upon true knowledge. In this case, the knowledge that is founded upon ignorance is like a building that is founded upon ice basement since it can be seen standing as there is freezing weather but as the strong sun that delivers huge energy and heat comes out, the building is not there and it will be destroyed since objective reality will speak louder than what is existing.

Whereas, as in the case of those knowledge that is founded upon true knowledge, meaning, such foundation is mainly based and founded upon the truth and it will be self evident since it is true and goes in conformity with the objective reality and nothing can shake and destruct such knowledge; the basement is strong and unshakable. And such kind of basement and building could have even earth quake preventer systems and other building management systems due to the fact that they have mechanism to control both natural and artificial disasters that could happen to destroy such given building and they live for longer years since they have strong foundations.

The knowledge that is derived out of ignorance is the cause of divisions, conflict and contradiction. It in certain cases could make people to end up in bloodshed, it could create hostile social environment , in which people live with sense of fear and insecurity due to the fact that anything can happen at any point  since it is not possible to be in agreement or be in harmony while living in the world of ignorance.  In such world, those who know too little are considered as kings as there is customary saying that goes like, one eyed person is treated as king in the world of the blind. In such city, any given agreed truth can be fabricated or agreed, but it is not something than can be proven out.  Such people could be the type of people, when they are asked, what is the capital city of Italy, they could answer it is France, since they live with wild guess and mere speculations in their given undertakings.

The knowledge that is derived out of truthful grounds and truth, harmony, unity and reconciliation processes are underway since there is nothing to argue and put anything under vague perception or ambiguity due to the fact that everything is proven out in scientific method and arguments and every stage and processes of such life is something that can be practically and objectively tested out and proven put. There is nothing to argue or contradict unless one is ignorant since in such city there is common measurement and standard which all trust so as to verify the truthiness of any given matter which people claim. In such city of life, when such people are asked, what is the capital city of France, they do not say, Algeria or Belgium, but Paris.  They should not only live or visit in Paris, but they just know it is Paris.

Basically, religion and politics in most cases fall under the first category and kind of knowledge since they are formed and established with balloon type concepts. Religion that deals with the idea and claims on authority and power in relation to God is based and founded upon ignorance since it is not possible to tell about the knowledge of God since God is unknowable reality and claiming authority and accountability in relation to God is tantamount to ignorance since one aspect of ignorance in this world is to be in harmony or conflict in matters pertaining to the unknowable and unreachable.

Scientific findings and others information and learning obtained in relation to such matter are categorized in the category of knowledge based upon truth and knowledge since such findings and facts are matters that are established out after objective experimentations and various research processes are undertaken before they are recognize as something deserving to be shared and they cannot be accepted as legitimate and truthful unless and otherwise they are fully tested and checked their conformity to reality and practicality and they are compatible with the truth and reality.

When knowledge is based upon ignorance, it has spontaneous nature and character since it is not something that can be proved by experimentations and different stages of research methodology; it strut and legitimacy can be checked and verified by majority vote than the truth since it is the conventional and traditional approach that dictate such give aspect and way of life; it helps society to function and communicate nicely; it creates some kind of comfort zone to the way of life underway; and it is agreement that dictate such given way of life than the truth.

When knowledge is founded and base upon truthful grounds, it takes years and processes before it is realized as true, it is not a result of an outbreak of dull thinking and emotions; it goes on slowly and it could in cases be oppressed since it is affected by the way of life society undertakes, in which the conventional way and such convention could override such knowledge due to the fact that there are scientific findings and observations could remove and reject those claims made by spontaneous knowledge and way of life and hence it has its own linear approaches in its application and methods and it take its own different way and path in the life of human way of life and undertaking.

While taking particular case in the realm of politics, those political systems that rule society for three or four decades are found collapsing due their ignorance and lack of truth and they try to dictate and govern society by the use of force and armament, but  they are found breaking down into pieces and they get demolished within few weeks or days of unprecedented social upheaval and as they are not legitimate and truthful and society could destroy them since society could be tired of their lies, tricks and deceptions. This is one of the fundamental and irrevocable natural and social law and truth this world has exhibited and undertaken in its history. If they are established with good and truthful knowledge, they could have established healthy and safe social system and citizens as well.

Those systems that are established with good and truthful knowledge do prosper and flourish since they live up adding ingredients as generations pass by and they have solid foundations to accept such changes that come in due course of time to the extent that they become the envy of the world as matter of genuine and truthful conviction and determinations they demonstrate.


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